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Jeep Grand Cherokee



  • Im looking for a new car. Its either the toyota 4 runner or the Jeep Cherokee. I wanted the jeep, for one its cheaper but all I see are reviews about the brakes and the problems. I dont see that with the 4 runner.
    I guess what I'm asking is that I need a vote of confidence that the 2001 grand cherokee is ok to purchase. I will get a used one with 45k. Do these cars stink after 75k?
    I'd enjoy some feedback if possible
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    Are you comparing an '01 Grand to what year 4runner? The Grand is a hands down better vehicle than the older 4runners, regardless of reliability. The newest 4runners ('03 and up) are much nicer and compete better. If you were talking new, I'd look very seriously at a 4runner.

    The 4runner has better resale value, although the difference is mainly in the first couple years. If you're looking at used models, the resale difference isn't a major concern. The current price difference between similar year/models will likely always be the same.

    I don't think anyone would argue that the 4runner might be a more reliable vehicle, however the gap is not as wide as it may seem just from reading forums. Keep in mind the grand cherokee has typically outsold the 4runner 3-1 over the past 10 years. 3 times more people out there to have problems and complain about it, even if they had identical reliability. I have some relatives with a '99 Grand ltd. V8 with over 110k miles. Brakes gave them some problems at first and the driveshaft was replaced fairly early on. Beyond an occassional goofy outside temp indicator, it's been flawless since the early repairs.

    They've been looking around at newer vehicles but have't bought anything yet just because they haven't been satisfied with anything they've found. They didn't care for the interior of the 4runner, thought the RX330 was too "minivanish", and the the GX470 was too big. I wouldn't be surprised if they keep the grand a little longer.
  • I have been driving a '96 JGC and was planning to buy a new one (despite having huge repair bills since hitting the $100K mark), but I reviewed the recent crash test ratings and found them to be worse for the GC than for similar 4WDs like the Toyota 4Runner. How concerned should I be about this?
  • dgluthdgluth Posts: 49
    My wife wants an SUV w/leather and a sunroof, and my wife thinks a 2002 JGC would fit the bill. I was wondering which is the engine to look for, 6cylinder or the 8cylinder? Any other advice on packages or styles to look for would be appreciated.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    V8. Similar mpg as the 6cyl in the real world and a lot smoother/powerful.
  • I have just purchased a used 2001 GCL w/Quadra Trac II. Everything on this vehicle is almost new condition. The engine compartment looks brand new and the interior was never used except for the driver's seat. 1 owner, older gentleman,garage kept. It has 50k miles on it. I have only had it about a week but I am hearing a grinding type noise under the 4 HI/4 LO shifter lever. It only makes the sound when braking. Otherwise its quiet as a mouse. No vibrations or shifting problems. Anyone have any ideas what could be making the noise and why?
  • As it only occurs when braking I would look first at the brake pads.
  • I had the brakes completely reworked but the sound is still there.......and its absolutely coming from right under the shifter...its almost like you could see the problem if the shifter cover was removed.
  • My 2001 JGC required full brake job at 15k, and second full brake job at 34k. My wife's 2001 Sport made it to 20K before needing complete brake job (calibers, rotors, pads). I contacted Chrysler to log complaint since no recall has been made on this issue. In conversation with other Jeep owners that I work with (10), each have similar tales to tell. Question for this forum is whether this is a universal problem and one that Jeep should address via recall. Secondly, here's hoping that the 05 redesign looks closely at the 4WD system and the burden it places on the current brake system design.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    A good friend has a 99 JGC, with the 6, 2WD. The car overheats intermittantly, with no provocation at all, just goes to a boil, generally when under some load, but nothing serious. Has 40,000 miles on it. Other times, it just sits there right at the normal temperature with no fluctuation. Thermostat, fan clutch (twice), temp guage, & water pump have all be replaced. (So has the transmission and the rear end). Dealer is scratching their head now. Any advice out there?
  • faujifauji Posts: 1
    I have a98 GCL, 5.2L, V8, so far have loved this jeep, ride is smooth and have done 101k on it. Except for routine maintenance nothing so far. Recently i screwed up front passenger side door switch assy and replaced it with an aftermarket part. It works ok but the security system does not work when armed by the remote. However if i use door lock switch the LED starts blinking on closing the door (I am thinking the System is armed now. Any thoughts? Does the security system need a reset?
  • I have a friend who is going to buy a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee that has 75,000 miles; it has the in-line 6. I just want to know if this was a good engine and transmission. Also, how long would one expect this vehicle to last.

    Your help would be great.
  • Very reliable engine but a bit rough at idle. Make sure that reg oil chgs have been made, Have had 4 of these from 93 on and never had a problem.

    Now have 2001 8. A lot more fun and no diff in gas milage.
  • I've got a '98 with over 160K on the original I6 and tranny. I did have a tranny scare at about 125K, and most shops and the stealership said i'd need a new tranny, but then i found an honest shop, and they fixed it for $160. I've been very, very pleased with mine. The infinity system sucks though.
  • leo948leo948 Posts: 38
    my experience.. bought '01 ltd new. had rotors turned at 12k and again at 30k. replaced rotors and pads with aftermarket parts: powerslot rotors and performance friction carbon metallic pads at approx 49k. left side caliper started dragging this past sunday and just about clamped completely shut. calipers were covered under warranty and replaced. curiously, the old ones were silver and these new ones are black. i believe there is a tsb (tech service bulletin) regarding the brake calipers so you may be able to take it into a jeep service dept and have them replaced for free.
  • aqbqcqaqbqcq Posts: 14
    Anyone have any experience with it? DVD or CD based? Can you listen to music while in use? Any experiences would be greatly appreciated.
  • janzjanz Posts: 129
    that the rotor problem is REALLY a caliper problem. There is a TSB on the issue. The bad calipers do not disengage from the rotors causing them to get to hot and warp. For that reason replacing the rotors may not necessarily solve the problem.

    My calipers, rotors, etc. WERE replaced for a $50 copay AFTER 36 mo, because I was under the mileage AND had previouly had a warranty/service replacement for warped rotors.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    So if you are out of warranty and you have the issue, what calipers do you replace them with? Is there a new design in the brake system or a new part for new calipers I can use to replace them? Is this something I should be able to do myself?

    If you have the TSB number too that would be good. My dealer is new to the Jeep side (my old dealer sold out to them) and the more info I have, the better I'll be doing and ensure I get the right work done.

    I have a 2000 JGC Limited with 4.7V8.

  • Hey all. First post here. I almost bought a new 2004 JGC today. It was the "freedom" package with the 4.7 HO engine. I have a couple of questions. First, does the HO engine REQUIRE premium fuel? If not, will the performance or mileage suffer greatly? Secondly, I heard that a new model of JGC is coming out in about 6 months. Is it a bad idea to buy a $30,000 vehicle in the last 6 months of production? Also, has anyone seen pics of the new JGC? Lastly, what major problems have been popping up on the 2002 and up JGC? I have seen a lot of posts on brake problems. Thanks for any and all info! It will help greatly on my decision to purchase or not.
  • Has anyone "lifted" a newer JGC? I would like to add an inch or two of lift and thought maybe bigger springs would do the trick. Also, I really like to have wider wheels/tires on my vehicles. Has anyone put on after market rims? Something aroung 16x9 or 16x10 would look nice IMO. I would just keep the stock tires/rims in storage for when I sold it down the line. Again, thanks for any info & advice. I really want to know what I am getting into with this vehicle BEFORE I buy it. Whether it is good or bad I want to know it!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
  • I just bought a 1999 Grand Cherokee Limited. The left brake light works properly when lights are off. When the lights are on, however, putting the brakes on causes the tail light to go out, and the brake light does not come on. All other lights work fine. Replaced bulb with the one from right side, but same problem. Also tried using a different socket, but still have problem. Dealer was unaware of any common problems. Has anyone else had this problem, or any ideas? I do not have a tow package.

  • jglackinjglackin Posts: 164
    so far, the official release date as we were told in a market meeting w/ corp execs this week for the new 05 GC is Fall 04. I dont know if 10 months makes any difference to you.
  • We have the RB1 system in our new JGC and love it. I am so impressed, that I am strongly considering adding it to my Ram 1500! I have the Sirius radio in the Ram and will also be adding it to the new Jeep. And yes, you can listen to the radio while in the navigation mode; the steering wheel controls work the nav. system, also.
  • atls4atls4 Posts: 8
    Hey, I also have the RB1 Nav radio but have the Sirus option activated. The Nav part works VERY well, I've used two other such system and this one works the best. Kudos goes to DB for using the NAVTech system that IMO is the best in the mapping industry.

    The wheel controls work very well with the Nav and Sirus options, if any potential buyers are thinking about it do it.
  • I have a 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with Full Time 4WD. In cooler temperatures, transmission refuses to shift into 3rd until transmission warms up. Once warm, shifts just fine. Dealer recommends new or rebuilt tranny. Says that seals are hardening. Suggests as a temporary fix to add transmission seal softener additive. Different dealer last year said sensor needs replaced. Who to believe?
  • leo948leo948 Posts: 38

    go to the tsb section, then to 05-Brakes. alot of other interesting & useful info there.
  • tloke1tloke1 Posts: 185
    "...It was the "freedom" package with the 4.7 HO engine. I have a couple of questions. First, does the HO engine REQUIRE premium fuel?"

    NO, absolutely positively not. It is only recommended for "maximum" performance (i.e., power). I have been driving an GC with the HO quite awhile and use Regular fuel. I have tried Premium and cannot tell the difference.

    "If not, will the performance or mileage suffer greatly?"

    No, no difference whatsoever in the mileage, and as mentioned the performance hit is slight, experts have estimated no more than 3-5% power loss.

    "Secondly, I heard that a new model of JGC is coming out in about 6 months. Is it a bad idea to buy a $30,000 vehicle in the last 6 months of production?"

    The new 2005 Grand Cherokee starts production next July and will be in showrooms in October 2004. I don't think it's a "bad" idea to buy now, the 2004 models are great vehicles. But they will always change, year after year after year, you'll never be "caught up" unless you buy a new one every year.

    "Also, has anyone seen pics of the new JGC?"

    Only some computer generated images but nothing that has been confirmed as being exactly what it will look like. For the latest info on Grand Cherokees see this website:
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    I have a 2000 JGC and want to get XM in it. I already have XM in another car and don't want different vendors in different cars (multi car discount for XM).

    Does anybody here know if the 2000 stereos (Grand Cherokee Limited with Infinity systems (with 10 CD changer) has connections on the back to allow inputs or would I need to go the FM modulation route?

  • dgluthdgluth Posts: 49
    Posted this on the problem board but I'll try it again here.

    she really likes it. Now the other day, the MIL light came on and the dealer read the error code as a problem with the torque converter. My question is this, Wouldn't that be covered under the 7/70 mile powertrain warrenty? She does not have the warrenty book so I was hoping some one here would be able to help.

    Thanks in advance
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