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Jeep Grand Cherokee



  • This occured on my '02 Overland...a mixing door in the dash was the culprit...and after a $800 repair bill, it was quiet for about a month and is now driving me nuts again.
  • I have a '94 Grand Cherokee. It has appx 220,000 miles on the original 5.2L V8. I recently found an oil leak on the passenger side of the motor, I cannot however pinpoint exactly where it is coming from. I've changed my vavle cover gaskets(I don't know how I did it) but that did nothing. I've heard that it could be the Oil Pressure Switch. However, I own the Haynes Repair Manual and it has nothing in it about the oil pressure switch or an oil sending unit. If anyone happens to know or have had a similar problem and know the solution PLEASE let me know.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Is the oil leaking towards the rear of the passenger side? If so, it could be your rear main seal. This repair is costly. Just on edmunds some people were paying $1500-$3000 for the repair. Some shops say its this much because they have to pull the tranny. Go figure
  • Yes the oil is leaking in that general area. I've pretty much ruled out the rear main. B/c it is coming from a place high than that on the back of my block. But however if it is the rear main, I plan on doing it myself. Thankfully in the '94 Grand the tranny isn't that much of an obstacle. I've heard that the oil pressure switch on the 318 in bored into the back of the block and if it goes bad it will give symptoms similar to mine. AND, its not that costly a repair so I will try that first and foremost. Thanks for your help and input. Any more suggestions?
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    The only other thing I can think of is if it's not the oil pan gasket, then it must be the switch
  • janzjanz Posts: 129
    So, did you get the Jeep?

    I have a '99 V8 QDII and the tow package and a few years ago we towed our 18" trailer on a 6 hour trip. Traveling the freeway, especially as we passed the semi trailers, we noticed quite a bit amount of sway and pull from the trailer. The Jeep has a fairly short wheelbase and a fair amount of body roll with out a trailer on the back, and towing only increased this. And although I've read posts from those who say they have no problem, my husband swore he'd never tow with the Jeep again and hasn't. We use our Chevy truck for that now.

    Just our experience. Good Luck!
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    I hope you meant to say 18 foot trailer. Because 18" isn't a whole lot to tow. And as far as your husband having swaying problems from the trailer, he could've been overloaded. Remember these things can only tow about 7200 pounds, including the trailer. The Chevy was built for towing high-cap loads. I personally wouldn't use the Chevy to tow my doghouse. I found my Dodge to be the best tow vehicle in the pickup world. That aside, the Jeep w/V8 makes a great tow vehicle for loads under 7k. I have used my JGC to tow my boat with nary a problem. Sorry that your Jeep didn't work for you.
  • I believe I found it! I was looking in the Haynes Repair Manual this morning, I was flipping through trying to find the oil pressure sending unit, and I found it! I didn't not know on the 5.2 where this little gadget was at until then. I went out to my truck and felt around for it and it was COVERED in oil. I felt around else where and all the oil seemed to be coming from there. So, I'm in the process of changing it(its pouring rain now, plus I need the socket for it). SO I should be able to know if that has got it as soon as I get it on.
  • YES!!! That was it! I pulled the oil pressure sensor off in 2 pieces! So that has my problem taken care of.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Good job, jeepinjoe. Glad it worked out for you.
  • I did upgrade my stock swaybars both front and rear to the Addco's which stopped alot of the body roll. I also tow various items under 7k and have had no problems.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    I did the exact same thing to my Overland and actually the ride is much better. No sway. No roll. No secondary body motions even in just normal driving. The highway ride is about as good as a car.
  • Has anyone experineced a ticking noise during idle, (it is not a bomb) it does it all the time during idle,and has done it since I bought it new. When the engine is under a load it does seem to go away, when I say load, I mean setting the P-brake with it in "Drive" and reving the engine to about 1000 RPM.

    And one other noise, only happens in cold weather (Philly, winter) but there is this valve under the hood near the left shock mount that has a wire connector going to it, and two; what I would assume are vacuum lines, that makes a heck of fast tapping noise when sitting at a stop light or at idle, it does not do it immediatley after coming to a stop but about 30 - 45 seconds. It is load and I have ispolated it and it is coming from this valve, any ideas why?

  • It's the V8 with only 23,000 miles on it, has a tinny rattle sounds like a loose heat shield. All shields have been checked, the dealer has replaced the Catalytic converter, exhaust system, completely rebuilt the front differential, (new bearings etc.) replaced the transfer case with a new one. The rattle is on light acceleration from 10 mph to 30mph. It's louder when the motor is cold. Even after warm up sometimes it is louder then other times. The dealer has thrown their hands up.
  • horst1horst1 Posts: 33
    I am shopping for a SUV and the Jeep Grand Jerokee fits my size.
    Does anyone has enough information to give a honest opinion about gas millage and liability. 5.7L Hemi vs. 4.7L V8. perhaps also towing ability. Any comments are very much appreciated.
  • As far as gas mileage goes... The 4.7 wont be much different from the 5.7 HEMI. This is because of the Jeeps size. So if you wanted something for power just go with the 5.7 Hemi and get a few mpg less(1-3mpg). But on the flip side...the 5.7 is a newer motor and setup, if you want a little more reliability go with the 4.7. Thats just my experience, I used to work at a Dodge/Jeep dealership so this is what I've seen.
  • wlm1wlm1 Posts: 2
    That has to be a typo. The rear seat isn't changing at all. My problem is the driver's seat. I'm trading in my 05 JGC next week after purchasing it this past July and only putting 5,000 miles on it. I find the driver's seat completely uncomfortable (leather), and the seating position is too high (probably due to the higher belt line that Chrysler is working into its models). My 60-mile roundtrip to work each day feels like I've driven 500 miles due to the uncomfortable seat.
  • tobintobin Posts: 6
    Have searched boards and not found this issue.
    My 98 GRC Laredo won't start when not driven for two or more days. Battery is brand new. Mechanic said there is a draw on the fuse that controls power for items that need to be on when car is turned off, radio, remote locks, alarm etc. Mechanic said to take it to Dealer to run tests and resolve issue. Mechanic unable to find anything. Dealer checked it and said everything is good. I even left it there for a weekend and they said it still started when not driven. I can charge battery and car runs..

    This has been going on for months. Any ideas?
  • tobintobin Posts: 6
    I drove for a half hour to appointment and parked for 45 minutes. Came back to car and it would not start. Starter would turn over and car ran for a few seconds and stopped. Had towed to mechanic, on a flat bed. Car started. They cleaned the fuel injectors and throttle body. Nothing wrong found. Starter has been replaced. Electrical system worked fine at time.

    Has this happened to anyone and is there a fix?
  • tobintobin Posts: 6
    When I drive at a constant speed on the freeway or surrface streets for about ten minutes the Jeep will loose power. The tach will drop about 300-500 rpms for a couple of seconds and bounce back to where it was. It will happen a few times in a row for about five minutes spaced a couple of minutes apart.

    The fuel injectors and throttle body have been cleaned. Issue not resolved. The fuel pump has not been replaced.

    Has this happened to anyone and how did you fix it?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Sounds like a mess. While waiting for responses in here, browse through the "No Start" Problems discussion; maybe you'll get some ideas. Good luck!

    Steve, Host
  • tobintobin Posts: 6
    Thanks! I'll check it out.
  • lem9lem9 Posts: 1
    I had a 1998 JCG 4X4 with an inline 6 which got between 17 to 22 mpg; traded that for a 2001 JCG V8 not 4x4 and averaged 16 mpg. Once again just traded in - after MUCH agonizing as I LOVED the past two jeeps. . .but was not so fond of the new body style. . Ultimately went for it and got the 2005 JGC Rocky Mountain V8 4x4. . .i am averaging like 10.4 MGP!!!!! And I am not driving crazy or spending too much time in a lot of traffic. I DID NOT get the Hemi for fear of the low gas mileage. . I might as well have. I thought that the 2005 V8 was the same engine as I had before. . .but apparently I am mistaken? There's been what? some new "german engineering" added that has lowered the mpg? Are other people getting mileage this low? Or have I maybe acquired a lemon?? I am BUMMED. :(
  • tobintobin Posts: 6
    I believe I found the problem. The under the hood light had become detached and dangled remaining on. There is evidence on the plastic cover that the light has been on for extended periods of time. The plastic is burned and melted.

    I removed the light and had not driven the Jeep for a week. Battery shows no drain and car starts quickly.
  • Since my current 03 JGC lease is ending soon, I am beginning to look into my next vehicle. On the wk jeeps website, there is a news update (from September) that states in December 05, Jeep will begin producing the JGC Laredo with the Hemi option.

    Does anyone have any info on this? Thanks, Steve.
  • I have the same problem with my 98 GRC Laredo. It only lasts for about 20 seconds then it kicks back in and starts driving Ok for a while. I was told that it was the fuel injectors and then I was told that it was the fuel pump, but nothing has been fixed yet. I am taking it to the shop soon to get it checked out. Did you ever get your issue resolved?
  • tobintobin Posts: 6
    I have not resolved the issue. I have found posts from other boards that suggest it is the fuel pump too. It was mentioned that the behavior occurs when the tank is half full or less. I haven't driven to the half tank level and below yet.
  • I have owned a 2000 GC Ltd, a 2002 Overland, and a 2004 Overland. They have all had relatively low mileage when I traded them; however, I never had any problems with them and I really enjoyed driving them all....especially the 2004 which I thought (and still think) was (is) one of the best-looking SUV's on the market...

    ...I am very curious about the 2006 Overland and I am wondering if any current owners could comment on their driving experience with it compared to the earlier versions (if they did own earlier versions of this model)...

    ...also I would be interested in hearing from any current owners of the 2005/06 GC (any model) on their likes/dislikes and driving experience...
  • jeep4jeep4 Posts: 1
    I bought a brand new 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited any haven't had any problems besides the power window motors. 3 out of the 4 window motors have already been replaced !!!and they keep replacing them with the same obviously faulty motor ?!?! Does anyone have any suggestions before my warranty runs out and the replacements start coming out of my pocket ? Maybe a different motor or how to fix the old one when it goes out because from my experience with them they will fail. Thanks Kirk
  • I am hoping Daimler/Chrysler puts a diesel in the 07 or 08 GC (especially the Ltd and Overland) to boost fuel economy and range...I would definitely buy one...
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