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Jeep Grand Cherokee



  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    SUPERMAN, how's going buddy? How's Lois
  • jeepdtjeepdt Posts: 15
    I was driving down the road the other day and thought "WOW, they've done a great job on this new JGC". I mean its almost perfect. It goes fast (4.7L V8), handles great, stops on a dime: even after 36000 miles with NO brake job. Took it to the Jeep camp last year and was the ONLY '05 JGC on the trail and got totally mudded up, some even came inside :) . Bottomed out in ruts made by the big tired Wranglers, bumpped into a couple of trees and made my own path at one point. Washed it up and went to a fancy restaraunt that same night. Only complaint was the position on the ignition key, but finally found a sitting position that works, so now I don't bump into the switch while cruising. Alot of technology put in but nothing that takes away from the fun. Kinda' sounding like a commercial but, again, "Wow, they've done a great job on this new JGC"! :shades:
  • bleachlbleachl Posts: 7
    While Driving My 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, 4.0L, 2WD, it just shuts down and cuts off. Sometimes it will start right away and sometimes it will not start for at least 16 hours (that's the longest it took me). Has anyone else had this problem and what was the solution. I changed the fuel pump and it's still doing it. Can anyone help me. :confuse: :(
  • mamameowmamameow Posts: 5
    Hi I have a lease w/ 29,000 Miles.

    Wanted to share two issues I have been having with my Jeep for the dealership cant seem to figure out the root cause.

    1. At times when I go to "floor it"...the RPMS go bezerk and start revving for no reason and its almost like the engine is about to die, or the trans shifts to neutral or something. Not a mechanic to describe in tech terms. Basically...hit the gas and I dont go any faster momentarily and its scarry. Dont want to make any bold moves on road now in fear that the 2-5 sec I have no power...will end up in a major accident.

    2. From a cold start, when I turn the ignition on..its almost like its going to stall. It has only actually stalled on one occasion, and I am wondering if this issue is in relation to the one described above. Just a hunch.

    Feedback much appreciated thanks!
  • quin52quin52 Posts: 1
    :confuse: My daugther is asking me to help her purchase a 1977 JGC with an asking price of $3400. This includes a lift kit. It is supposedly going to be a project vehicle, but she will also need to drive it daily for work. I think this ask price is too high. It has been safetied and the carburetor was just rebuilt. It has newer rubber and the body is in decent shape with some rust but they plan to do it over so not a big deal. Insurance is going to be low but if in an accident I cannot imagine the insurance covering the ask price. Can anyone offer any insight into buying an older vehicle like this? Time is of the essence of course, as the seller is wanting an answer.
  • whattodo2whattodo2 Posts: 18
    As a recently widowed mom of two little ones I'm looking for a reliable, all weather safe, budget-sense vehicle with the following specs - fit two carseats, big lab dog, big wheels and tent w/ accessories, possibly fit lawnmower (or tow behind), bikes, etc. - did I mention on a tight budget?

    Anyway, I've basically narrowed my search to Jeep or Explorer, and currently am looking at a 1994 JGC with recently rebuilt transmission, 166K, new tires, new front brake pads, engine work done to replace valve seals (?), one owner salesman, "test driven" all last winter by a friend who recommends it but needs to sell it (already owns 7 vehicles). Only "quirk" known is back driver side window doesn't work - not the motor. Asking $3,000 more or less....Is this a good deal???

    In comparison, looking at a 1997 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer, maintenance records available, 106K, $5,500 OBO. No other details known.

    Either one seems to give the flexibility for cargo room and road safety (we hope to go on road trips - no real off road but camping, parks, etc), but the cost vs the mileage and age - -
    Does anyone have any opinions from owning both of these vehicles? Any years to avoid? Any specific questions to ask?
  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    Both of these vehicles sold in high numbers, so parts are available including at the junkyard. Both prices sound a little high to me, but if they can be negotiated down might be fair. The Jeep power window assemblies I have seen come as a unit and have to be replaced that way, the motor is just part of that unit. I don't know if the Ford is that way, but this is a good part to get from the junkyard in either case. Be sure to get a carfax report on any choice before signing the final papers. I have a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 132,000 miles and have had only occasional minor repairs to deal with since purchasing it with 64,000 miles about 4 years ago. The inline 6 cylinder is the easiest engine to work on and is still showing no signs of needing any work. My 6 cylinder 2wd Jeep gets 19.3 MPG combined highway/city driving although I rarely go on the interstate. I love my Jeep but in the end the best deal will depend on which is in the best condition and has the most verifiable history. Remember, all those New Orleans flood cars are still out there and that type of vehicle is just asking for problems. In most cases Carfax will be able to alert you to these.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Both of the '90's-era JGC's and Explorer's were the best in class at that time. Both served very well and there are still plenty of them on the road today.

    The JGC w/166k miles is a little on the high side, but I've heard and seen people crank out 200k++ out of these things. Here would be some of the things to look for on the Jeep:

    If 4WD, make sure that the transfer case has been serviced and the fluid in both the transmission and rear-end have been changed. The transfer cases for these things can run into the thousands.

    Some early model(93-95) models experienced electrical probs, so I'd take a well knowledgeable mechanic along for reassurance.

    As for the Explorer:
    I know it's an EB with all of the luxury comforts, but most '95-'97 Explorer EB's were sold with the V-8/AWD set-up and these were the most problematic models. The automatic suspension had numerous problems. And if it's a 5.0L V-8, STEER CLEAR. You may as well purchase an Expedition as the fuel mileage on this model is comparable to the bigger ute's(the 5.2L V-8 Jeep doesn't fair much better). Figure something like 12 mpg for both.

    I had both of these vehicle's ('95 JGC Limited and '97 Explorer Eddie Bauer 4WD) and both served me quite well. The Explorer was a bit(not much tho) easier to maintain, but the Jeep had a better ride and an overall more luxurious feel.

    In closing, as xscout said. Please get a carfax. I know your time and money means even more to you now, and there are people out there scamming left and right. And I do feel that both of those asking prices are a little on the high side, especially the Jeep. They do have good resale values, but not this good for a 13 year old SUV with close to 170k on the clock. The $25 carfax report will save you from spending mega bucks to repair these complex autos.
  • whattodo2whattodo2 Posts: 18
    Thanks to you both - very helpful information!!!
  • cheaponecheapone Posts: 2
    i have a 96 g.cherokee. iam going to put a 2" coil spring spacer on. i cant seem to remove the bump stops. i already pulled out the small plastic plug, i discovered another one above that. i thoughtthese things were bolted in?
    please help
    thanx :confuse:
  • enegmaenegma Posts: 7
    Explain what happened before the check engine light came on. This is is just one of many sensors on the JGC.Could have a bad connection to the sensor . Don't think it would go bad after 30K miles :confuse:
  • hayhow1hayhow1 Posts: 3
    i have a 2000 JGC. the criuse control quit on me. the lite still comes on the dash when i hit cruise on button, but when i hit set it dosn't engage. can anyone help?
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 867
    Different vehicle, same problem. '00 Trooper. My cruise 'on' light would come on, but the cruise would not engage. I did without since I could not find the problem. One day a guy flagged me down and told me my brake lights were not working. Checked it out and finally found the fuse that was blown...seems it was not the one that it should have been on the diagram. Once I replaced that fuse both the brake lights AND the cruise works correctly again. So, check all of you fuses.

    Good luck
  • p0926p0926 Posts: 4,423
    Hello all!

    I'm trying to determine whether a 2002 4.0L JGC can safely tow a 5000 lb trailer for 1800 miles (GA to AZ) with just a class III hitch (doesn't have the full towing package). Any comments/suggestions are welcome :)

  • hayhow1hayhow1 Posts: 3
    i found out that the a/c and the cruise are controled by a vacuum line. it broke i fixed now it's fine.
  • baron_350baron_350 Posts: 6
    Hello everyone, can someone help? (I posted on another thread and never got an answer) Is it possible to replace a bad PCM on a 2001 Grand Cherokee Ltd. (4.7L QuadraDrive) with a used unit from salvage (the donor vehicle is set up exactly the same as mine with same options, drivetrain, everything). Dealership trying to sell me a rebuilt one for $700 and I almost fainted. Have found a used one from a rollover wreck truck for $150. Jeep is driving fine currently but CEL stays on and scans keep returning P0601 bad PCM code. Any help at all will be VERY appreciated!!! If it will work I will snatch that part up!
  • If the Chrysler P/N on the used unit is the same as the PCM on your vehicle they will be compatible. Though the $700 dealer price sounds a bit high. I am a Jeep parts dealer and the most expensive PCM I list for that year model (parts vary by VIN codes) is $488 internet retail for a new one. If you need to find the part number for yours, call a Jeep dealer and give them the vin#. This will allow them to look up the factory module number.
  • baron_350baron_350 Posts: 6
    Thank you for the advice! I will call another dealer that hasn't already been talking with me on it in the morning to get the part numbers by referencing the vin's. I appreciate it! :D
  • blanksterblankster Posts: 29
    I would love to buy a '07 Grand Cherokee Overland but at $3.00 to $4.00 per Gal. my fear is what will the vehicle be worth after 3 years. I wish they offered more of a Lexus RX type vehicle that got better mileage. At 14 MPG city for the Overland I'm a bit scared off. I tried a V6 Grand and it was a bit of a dog on acceleration. This is from a customer that has owned a 2001 Grand and now a 2004 Grand Limited. Anyone else feeling the same?
  • transpowertranspower Posts: 213
    The 2007 JGC CRD (for Laredo, Limited, and Overland) should be available in March of 2007 and should get 22 mpg city, by my estimate (and my hope).
  • chefechefe Posts: 8
    I have a 2005 5.7 Hemi, the important thing I took into consideration was the MDS system Multi displacement. I had a 1995, with 5.2 litre, and still have a 2000 with a 4.7. I love the Hemi, only have 3000 miles on it but as it get broken in it seems to be getting better gas milage hwy, in cruise the important factor. I'm hopping for 19,20 overall, most of our driving and all the research I did before buying the 5.7 let me to beleive 25 to 26 Hwy,( note in cruise if possibel), 15/16, city, 20/21 overall.
    My 2000, 4.7 litre get 19 overall, 22 hwy, 17/18 city againg we are not heavy footed
  • I have an '03 jeep grand cherokee 2wd drv. It only has 41k miles and it has been a great vehicle. Yesterday the check engine light came on and I retrieved the code(on,off x 3) and it falshed this code p0601. I have did some looking on the net and have yet to find but one other who had the same. Any ideals or suggestions would be great and appreciated. The vehicle still drives great but the light is still on. Please Help....
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Check This site has everything there is to know about the JGC, including the MIL problems.
  • Thanks to all that helped. I took my jeep to the dealer today and they put it on the computer and found out that the spark plugs needed changing. The engine light came on due to a misfire in the spark plugs. it runs great and no engine light. it was a bit pricy though. 135$. I suggest to anyone to find out how much diagnoses cost first. The dealership in the next town to mine charged 70$ and they would not charge me that if they fixed it. The dealer here in town only charged 80$. So it pays to shop around. Also the kind of spark plugs make a big difference. Champions or NGK's. Thanks again and perhaps this info will be useful to someone else.
  • I spoke too soon. Last night the check engine light came on again. :cry: :confuse: I took the jeep back to the dealer and they called and said that it was a Get this" PCM internal control module failure". Not the frigging 135$ spark plugs that they said initially. :mad: She did tell me this part was covered by jeeps 8yr 80k miles powertrain and emission controls warranty. I will be negotiating a refund for labor or full reimbursement or 5 free oil changes. If you have this error p0 0601, better take a strong look at who you take it too and be willing to have another mechanic to change your spark plugs or do it yourself. Thanks. :mad:
  • nelsoncmnelsoncm Posts: 103
    I'm seriously looking at a Grand Cherokee, crappy mileage and all, (the 4.7 drives so nicely, much smoother than my current Saab wagon!) but one thing that concerns me is the rear seatbelts. When I have my 6 year old in his booster seat (just the bottom seat), the shoulder belt sits out about 2-3 inches out from his chest instead of hugging it. I'm wondering if it will be effective in the event of a crash. Most belts come across the body and fit snugly. Any parents out there who can comment on this?????
  • nelsoncmnelsoncm Posts: 103
    Turns out, the seatbelts fit better across my son's chest than I remembered. They do sit out a little far at the top of the shoulder belt, but then slides across the chest fine. So we bought it! A GC Ltd. 4x2 in light khaki.
  • flip58flip58 Posts: 5
    I have a new (4500 miles) JGC 2006 with a 4.7L engine. Two questions: When can I switch to synthetic oil, and which brand should I use? Also, what are my options to squeak some more HP out of this engine, without getting to involved? What was different with the 4.7L HO that Jeep used to offer? How did they get the extra ponies? Thanks.
  • chefechefe Posts: 8
    not great, got 2005 6 months ago with 5 miles on it no DVD but loaded otherwise 28,100.
  • chefechefe Posts: 8
    our 3rd GCL 95V8 just sold with 192000, currently have 2000V8 with 4.7 gave my son who was driving 95, 2005 GCL Hemi 4400 miles on hwy in cruise 26.5 mpg, just one idea I may want to convay, being Associated with a very large aftermarket parts co and knowing price of repair, I decided to purchase best warrantee program chrysler offers at the time 7 year 100,000 miles cheap insurance intricate systems cost a lot to repair.
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