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Choosing a Dealer - What to Look For



  • oldfarmer50oldfarmer50 Posts: 11,548
    "...ratings of used car dealerships..."

    I'd try the BBB or even your state's Attorney General's office. Just remember, crooked dealers can fold up one corporation and open up under another corporate name and look clean.

    Word of mouth is usually the best.

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  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,197
    Oregon is a tough market,almost like California.

    Ask family and friend for a referral is the bst way to find a quality dealer.
  • :sick:

    We bought an Odyssey from them. When we were talking to the sales guy he asked us to sign on a blank piece of paper. I asked "what for?" he said to state our intention to buy a car!! We already felt uncomfortable and didn't sign. As we have just moved to the US we never have credit history so we believe we need to buy the car with cash. Since we just moved from oversea we really needed a car so we decided to take the car but we had to wait one week for the money to get transferred from Europe. They asked us to signed the buying contract which was done on Jan 20 in order for them to keep the car for us until we get money. Jan 27 we took delivery of the car. We got 30 days warranty or 1000 miles. We didn't know about the 1000 miles which is our own mistake as we didn't check the TRUE mileage and they simply put the mileage recorded on Jan 2 when the car was inspected (25 days before delivery of the car) also the delivery date on it was Jan 20. We asked them to make correction the guy said don't worry about it we know you we will fix it for you. (I knew I shouldn't believe that!! but we were tired of all this car buying as we have 2 years old girl with us all the time and want to just get it done) 2 weeks later the car has problem with the sliding door.. it took them 1 week to get it fixed. 5 days after we got the car back the transmission failed. They said it cost 4,500 to get it fixed!!!! They said the car was driven 1,100 miles and already exceed the warranty which they calculate based on the mileage read on Jan 2 and not when the car was delivered which is 25 days later!! I spoke to the sales manager who kept lying that he will do this and do that to help us and he will get back to me. He NEVER call me even once. I called him 8 times within 1 week and finally got to talk to him. He didn't do anything at all. He kept lying and sweet talk. They don't take any responsibility at all. :sick: I BELIEVE THEY REALLY CHEAT US TAKING ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE WHO CAME FROM OVERSEA NOT KNOWING THEIR TRICK.. COME WITH CASH..THEY SELL OFF..AND KEEP THEIR HANDS OFF. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO STAY AWAY FROM THIS DEALER. THEY WASTED OUR TIME, ENERGY, FEELING, AND MONEY.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You may want to write up an item for our Dealer Ratings and Reviews.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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