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Mercedes-Benz M-class (ML320, ML350, ML500 and ML55) 2005 and earlier



  • The way it worked out was through email that I have sent to 19 "local" MB dealers in the Los Angeles County. My wife and I were in the market for a new SUV. We read about the new ML500 and became interested in getting one given the facelift and 1100 renovation or make up changes.

    We live in Beverly Hills, CA. But the deal we got was from Torrance, CA which is about 32 miles from where we live. If you call teh dealer they won't quote you invoice but I talked to the right people. email me if interested and I will hook you up with the right person.

    Happy motoring.

  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    Your best bet is to try another one *in the same configuration/setup*. That means, 3rd row seats, sunroof cover in the same position, etc. Minimize changes so you can do a real A/B comparison (be aware that humans have a short sound comparison memory unless it is something obvious; it's an interesting characteristic I found out back in my shop-for-high-end-audio days)....

    Let us know what you find. I'm curious to know what you think of another MY2001 and of the new MY2002.
    FYI, I also drive w/ the sunroof cover closed and cargo cover closed. No complaints about noise until there are crosswinds but I think all kinds of cars are affected by crosswinds...
  • ml320ml320 Posts: 22
    Hey, just came across this cool ad:

  • ml320ml320 Posts: 22
    Here's another data point. My '99 ML320 is very quiet, even compared to other MB. In the first year the dealer did "a door seal fix" and adjusted the sunroof if I remember correctly. I like the '99 ML vintage and don't intend to trade any time soon.

  • spfoteyspfotey Posts: 131
    thx for the input on the seals to reduce noise. my service guy keeps telling me "that's just the way it is with these vehicles". But, i am not so sure they could fix it anyway -- they have tried to stop the loud and obvious rattles with my sunroof and so far not gotten it right yet. a note on brakes -- at 48k miles and just had to put rotors and brake pads on all four wheels -- cost me $900 for that job. I went to a shop that works on mercedes but are usually around half of what the dealer charges, but still i think this is a ripoff...
  • ml320ml320 Posts: 22
    Mercedes pads are easy to change, you can do it yourself. Disks generally don't need to be changed this early, they just need to be inspected.

    brake job info

  • ml320ml320 Posts: 22
    My sunroof is quiet. I'd just open it and see if there's something loose, tighten it and apply a thin coat of paste on the rails. MB dealers have a special grease for sunroofs, a thick white lithium-based(?) paste. Don't use anything else.

  • sxsahasxsaha Posts: 15
    I have heard rumours to this effect that the MB folks are going to give low apr financing options for the mb due to the sept 11 incident and the recession. I want to know that any of the folks here have heard anything to this effect.

    I would appreciate a feedback.

    Thanks in advance
  • johnnnycjohnnnyc Posts: 166
    since my car is still on order, if MB would be doing anything to assist car buyers, post disaster.

    I wanted to see if they'd be willing to toss in a Navigation unit at cost - no dice. But the dealer did mention that although he didn't forsee any rebates heading down the pike, low finance rates could be a possibility.

    That's not confirming what you heard - but it's at least a little encouraging. With the interest rates as low as they are (and car loan rates not really dropping as rapidly), it'd be nice to see MB pass out a low rate to encourage buyers.
  • I used PeopleFirst at rate of 6.24. Salesman was trying to see if I had loan, I told him the rate and asked him to talk with his finance guy. And the finance guy only said "I am envious!"

    No, I am not working for them and I am just a happy PeopleFirst customer. Plus, I called them several times and their customer service seems pretty good.

  • was Friday here in Western PA. Our first rotation was at the ML offroad track. I drove the 500 in first gear virtually straight up and down hills, sideways, over large boulders and even over an open log bridge. The professional driver had me stop going up a hill-all I could see was sky but the vehicle didn't even roll so much as an inch back down the hill. Went down the other side with foot off pedals and the truck under complete control. One wheel left the road and the other three took over on a steep bank. This session was incredible and something I figured most of us mortals never get to experience (Drew excluded!).

    On to the timed cone track where I knocked over one cone and has a respectable time. Next was the racetrack to drive whichever 2002 you wanted.
    Floored the SLK55 and felt the G's as my head hit the headrest! The CLK is fast and fun too. The E430 feels roomy and safe and the little convertible coupe is a great toy.

    MBUSA (impressive safety feature presentation) and all the professional drivers were great. I'm sorry that hubby doesn't have enough legroom for the tank-like ML (I mean that in a good way). Had to order an X5 but our next car will be the CLK. I just gotta have a Mercedes!
  • HI. My wife just came back to havre the fuel gauge sensored fixed in our '99 ML430. I also told her to have the technician fix the ex cessive wind noise coming from the "loose lipped"doors. THe tech told her that this was, "normal turbulance" for this vehicle. I've read several posts here that the dealer installed upgraded seals and it kinda fixed the problem. QUESTION. What do I do next to impress the service writer that this is not normal turbulance. Ås a long time rider of MB's I was pretty distarught about the level of noise that this vehicle has on the freeway. Do I complain to the regional manager? Written complaint?
    My dealer seems FJmercedes has a good rep around this parts.IF ANYONE HAS ANY BRILLIANT IDEAS...PLS. RESPOND. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    Was this a special event by MB? Or was it done by a dealer?
    Sounds like great fun. Wish they brought it up to Boston :-)
  • jimvaljimval Posts: 1
    Hi - I am new to board so forgive me if I repeat a previous topic - I have a 2000 ML430 and am extremely happy with it (I hate my dealer -poor service- but that's another story). I was thinking of trading up to the 2002 ML500, since they have added features I like such as climate control, but it seems the skyview roof (which I have) is no longer an option. Were there problems with these roofs? Mine has been fine for 18 months and 20,000 miles. Also does anyone really use the third row of seats? Thanks! -Jim
  • johnnnycjohnnnyc Posts: 166
    it seems MB couldn't get it working with the side curtain airbags, so it had to be scrapped. Shame - initially, I wasn't going to look into it, but after seeing so many wonderful pictures, I do miss the option for 2002.

    I don't have mine yet (fingers crossed waiting for Nov. delivery), but I got the third row. From all the people I've spoken to, they're great for kids, and good for adults over short trips (<1 hour).
  • Bought my ML430 w/Sport Package back in Jan 01. All options (except rear quarter panel opening windows - would be nice). Installed a trailer hitch (Dremel Tools are nice) and have taken a number of high speed trips w/trailer up and down the East Coast. Biggest complaint is wheel balance (3 times to dealer in Annapolis, MD) - am about to see if local shop can do better ( I've always had excellent service from this local shop). Just had the AC/Rear window washer fuse blow (30 amp- they are one and the same). No clue as to why - anyone out there have an idea?

    Like this board - it has provided me with some great ideas.
    Drive safely

  • I am in the habit of walking away from my cars, and having them lock themselves after a matter of seconds. Unfortunately I had grown accustomed to having to remote lock my 2001 ML320 upon leaving the vehicle.

    Recently I was holding a conversation and remotely opened the vehicle, the conversation lingered and I didn't immediately enter the vehicle, and after about a minute I notice the vehicle re-locked itself, and set the anti-theft unit!!

    Is there a way to set the vehicle to always lock itself, and set the anti-theft unit if the driver forgets to lock it after exiting? or must one always lock the vehicle when walking away?? (I read my manual, I swear I did, smirk)

    "God bless America"
  • Has anyone installed video equipment yet? Did you do it yourself, or use a vendor? Is it better to go with screens in both headrest? or the one unit placed behind the sunroof?

    The Mercedes Collection manual shows their video product installed in a ML; however, the child appears to be sitting on the edge of the seat to see the screen. MB service department actually sent me to a outside vendor who installed audio/videon systems for the Athletes in our area. The vendor charges around $1100 to install a 9 inch screen w/ VCR and dual headphones. For $1600 they will install the same device, but with dual screens in each headrest.

    Does this sound reasonable?
  • roger23roger23 Posts: 48
    what are the best summer only tires for an ML430? Emphasis on quiet smooth ride, wet weather adhesion? (paved road use only)
  • eran1eran1 Posts: 17
    Have a buddy that wants an ML500. How is the reliability on these SUVs? What are people paying for one with a sticker of $49,000 (any current factory incentives)? Help if you can.
  • djdjdjdj Posts: 111
    Sorry, but you didn't miss anything in the manual. Its one auto-lock trick is to relock itself if a door isn't opened within one minute of having the unlock button hit.

    When your other cars autolocked, what happened when you parked in your garage at night? Did you have to remote unlock it in the morning?
  • gustavmgustavm Posts: 43
    Picked up our ML320, M1, M5, heated seats, and a bunch of accessories (all-weather mats, back seat cover, cargo nets, cargo dividers (wiremesh), etc.) for about 2k off MSRP (NYC).

    I love the car, it drives simply beautifully. I tested the X5 as well (3.0), which I loved, but the ML320 blows it out of the water in all respects, except for the availability of a standard transmission.

    I didn't get the M2 because the dealer could not get me a car delivered soon enough (this week!) with that option included. I hope I won't miss the power folding mirrors or the trip computer... (sigh!). BTW, does anybody know if these can be installed by the dealer at a later time? Or is it only feasible at the factory?

    -- Gustav
  • thor3thor3 Posts: 120
    Sorry to bring this up again but I need to know if anyone knows of a dealer willing to discount the Mercedes Factory Extended Warranty. If you know can you e-mail me with contact info.

    Thanks - Frank
  • thor8thor8 Posts: 303
    New rotors at 45k, something wrong and I do not mean with the vehicle, to begin with, why were they not turned in the lathe? with Mercedes soft pads there is hardly any wear on the rotors. There is a simple check any one can make when they are talking nonsense, put your finger on the area where the end of the pad rides the rotor, there should be a substantial depth before suspecting new rotors, to know for sure they should be measured and compared to permissible wear specs.

    I just arrived from a long trip, Indianapolis, formula 1 and Road Atlanta, Audi and Mercedes won their respective races and that made the events more enjoyable for me.

    When I get a chance I will post pictures about the effects of corrosion on a Mercedes frame.
  • akwasiakwasi Posts: 8

    I own a 2001 ML320 which has the teleaid ("onstar"). I received a letter from MBUSA that after one year free service, there is a fee of $20.00 a month or $240/year whether you use the service or not. Is that right? I thought after the one year free service, it becomes pay-as-you-use option. I have used that service only twice for over a 12 - months period. Please educate me on this issue.
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    I was ready to do my mid FSS oil change this week an checked with the dealer for what they would sell me the MB recommended Mobil 1 0w-40 oil for. Sticker shock would best sum it up. They wanted an astounding $11.00 per quart for it, my brother only pays $8.75 per quart for his special Porsche blend (0w50) of Mobil 1 oil.

    So I did what Mobil suggested and went to the local truck stop and got the Mobil 1 Delvac 5w40 fleet oil for this change. That was bad enough, $26.99 per gallon ($6.75 per qt), which is much more palatable then the dealers $11.00 per quart.
  • spfoteyspfotey Posts: 131
    You mentioned that the ml320 blew away the X5 in all areas, except for man. trans. Could you be more specific?? I have narrowed my search to the ml, x5, or mdx -- all capable vehicles. My 98 ml320 has been a reliability disappointment but a sturdy vehicle otherwise.
  • johnnnycjohnnnyc Posts: 166
    I wish I could find a good source on this - since I can't find a single article that focuses on the rear airbags and safety issues with child occupants. Does anyone have one?

    Specifically - I've been considering purchasing a LATCH capable carseat for use in my 02 ML320. The dilemma - only the outboard seats are equipped with LATCH.

    Two thoughts immediately come to mind - one, that the outboard seats are less safe in case of a side impact, and two, that there are curtain airbags that could impact the child.

    Any thoughts? For now - I'm thinking of sticking with a regular car seat (since neither car nor baby have arrived yet, I have time to think about it). I figure that maybe, when baby progresses into the next level of car seats, it might be worthwhile to purchase a LATCH seat.
  • johnnnycjohnnnyc Posts: 166
    availability of a manual transmission on an X5 as opposed to the ML320.

    How are you coming along with your decision of the X5, MDX or ML320? I was down the same path myself (except I started with the RX300 and Explorer as initial candidates as well).

    In the end, I think it would have been a real tough call had the X5's been bigger, and not so prone to catching fire (that website at really forced the issue).

    The MDX - not a bad car, but certainly not worth the MSRP dealers are getting. I wish I could understand why it is everyone calls it such a 'great value'. Maybe over a Ford Explorer Limited (a horrible value). But in this space, it's luxury value is extremely questionable.

  • ksydneyksydney Posts: 11
    OK, I found out why there is a difference for invoice price between Edmunds / KBB vs. adds an "estimate" for advertising fees. When I asked specifically if MBZ added ad fees they replied "most"

    Anyway, thanks for your replies. I know I can get a ML320 for $750.00 over invoice (MSRP less 7% to determine invoice). Does this sound fair?

    I'm still thinking about factory pick up. On the tours voice mail they say no tours until Oct. 15 for security reasons. I don't know if they will extend this now due to recent military action.


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