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Mercedes-Benz M-class (ML320, ML350, ML500 and ML55) 2005 and earlier



  • cavman2xcavman2x Posts: 26
    I have ten days to make a decision on an extended warranty for my 01 ML320. I have received the info from my dealer about the different options available. My question is, can the cost of this extended warranty be negotiated? I noticed at the top of the pricing column it says "suggested retail price" Has anyone had any luck negotiating a lower price and by how much? I live in Northern NJ if that would make a difference. I am only interested in a factory MB warranty. TIA G
    PS. After 1yr and 12K mi ther have only been a few minor problems but nothing serious. It still drives great and is as tight as day one!
  • mtsangmtsang Posts: 70
    I recently purchase the MB 4yr/100K for $1525. This I found is probably the best price around. If interested in more info, let me know and I'll e-mail you.

    BTW, I also live in Northern NJ. I bought my ML320 from MB of Morristown. ;-)
  • rockypaulrockypaul Posts: 104

    Rochester, NY; Holtz MB.
  • zorglubzorglub Posts: 79
    I'm looking at a used ML 320 loaded (3rd row seat, leather, CD changer, Bose, etc.) with 30,000 miles for $30K (private party). According to Edmunds, it's overpriced, but it's spot on based on I still have a few questions for the veterans (and other ML users) of this board:
    - does the price sound right?
    - is 99 a good year? I know that the ML had a lot of problems in its first years, and I was wondering if there is anything I need to look for, or should I even stay away from it?

    Thanks for the answers.
  • carstuff3carstuff3 Posts: 11
    I purchased an early 1998 M-Class new in December of 1997. It had a number of quality issues in the first few years, but since about the 45,000 mile mark I have had zero problems. My 1996 E-Class had more problems with fewer miles than my M-Class. This is a rugged vehicle that will last a while. We just got returned from a weekend in the desert logging 400+ miles. Current mileage is 77,500. I would not purchase an extended warranty seems like a waste of money given my experience. Good luck with the 99 ML320. Pricing seems reasonable.
  • Where, other than the dealer, can I but new wiper blades for my 99 ML320? Either aftermarket or OEM... Thanks for any advice.

  • djdjdjdj Posts: 111
    Can you believe how much the dealer wants for them? I think it was $30 a piece. They replace them for free on a 'B' service, but not an 'A'.

    I went to the local auto parts store and bought generic replacement arms. They work fine. Didn't bother with the back one.

    They are Anco's. I don't think they are lasting as long as the MB ones did, but at less than half the price, who cares.
  • tomhocktomhock Posts: 6
    I found Anco has replacement blade inserts for the M-Class that are a perfect fit in the standard Bosch blades. They are Anco N-22R, and are only a few dollars for a set of two. I find them every bit as good as the original equipment.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
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  • cavman2xcavman2x Posts: 26
    Thanks for your response re: extended warranty. Please e-mail me with any info. It is greatly appreciated. G
  • sshowittsshowitt Posts: 137
    I have recommended many times the person/dealer from whom I have purchsed my warranties from.
    Lisa Marie Lehrbaum at Courtesy Motors in Chico CA. Her tel# is 800-655-3535. She is a gem to deal with, no hassles, just the right answers and great pricing. I would recommend the 4yr/50K Mercedes Premium Extended warranty. It is transferable, which is a big plus when it comes time to sell your vehicle and it can be refunded on a pro-rata basis if unused prior to it elapsing. Just mention that you obtained her name on the net. Good luck.
  • wnielwniel Posts: 97
    I must be missing something. You said 4 year 50K miles. Is this in addition to the original 4 year 50K mile warranty? I don't think so. When I bought my new E430 I bought an extended warranty which was a total of 7 years 100K. What is it that I'm missing?
  • ianhianh Posts: 8
    extended warranty comes in 3 terms(that i know of), 2yrs/100k, 3 yrs/100k, and 4 yrs/100k. it seems you got a 3 yrs/100k, which gives you 7yrs/100k. also, you may not get 7 years, it depends on when your original warranty expires.
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 318
    $30K for a '99 ML320 is probably overpriced. There are tons of MAJOR imporvements on 2000 MLs. Just to give you an idea... I negotiated a new '00 ML (w/ M1, bose, sunroof) for my parents back in Oct '00 for $36K.
  • mhenderson1mhenderson1 Posts: 164
    Over the past few months I have been researching on buying an ML 320. I would like purchase a used ML 320 with low mileage (99'-01'). I'm 6' 6" and I feel the ML fits me comfortably. I'm also looking at an MDX, but for some reason, I'm still drawn to the ML. I recently stopped by a Mercedes repair shop which is apparent listed high in the DC metropolitan area in Checkbook magazine an spoke with a mechanic. This mechanic proceeded to tell me that the ML series is one of the worst quality vehicles Mercedes has ever brough out. He also told me that the average repair cost for the vehicle (w/o any warranty) is at least $1000. He then told me that if I wanted to buy an ML series for around $30K make sure you have at least $10k in the bank for repairs. He recommended that if I wanted to purchase an SUV, that I should look at the Japanese SUVs. I was surprised that he said this to me because he was a Mercedes mechanic.

    So my question is for those of you who have purchased a used ML series (99-01), Are you finding that the repairs cost are extremely high for this truck or are they reasonable compared to let's say a MDX or 4runner.
  • cassiricassiri Posts: 40

    I recently tried to get Dunlop SP5000's from Discount Tire. I had them ordered and installed. They appeared to be ok at first until I discovered they put on two tires of the wrong size 255/70/17 at opposite corners of the car. In addition these tires were not the assymetrical pattern I was told they ordered but instead the symmetrical ones. Can you tell me if you got the symmetrical pattern?
  • bertram60bertram60 Posts: 113
    I bought mine from The Tirerack - I believe that they're all 275-55-17's and that they are assymetrical (no inside/outside or rotation markings on them). The tire racks website is down so i can't check and my wife has the car so i can't go look. Hope that helps.
  • cassiricassiri Posts: 40
    Thanks for the quick response. I think I may end up back with the Grandtreks if Discount can't get this straight. They are only $100 vs the $167 Discount is charging to get in the SP5000's. I'm not sure I'm going to appreciate the difference for that price.
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    If the used vehicle is still covered under the original warranty, repair costs shouldn't be a problem during that time. And 1999+ ML's have free scheduled maintenance (as dictated by the computer) for the initial warranty period.

    Beyond the warranty period, you might want to look into a third-party extended warranty. Unfortunately I don't believe that you can buy an MB extended warranty after the first year, but I may be wrong here. The third-party extended warranties on the ML's aren't cheap, probably reflecting the generally higher costs of MB technician labor and higher cost of parts.

    Each year of the M-class brings higher quality so the more recent vintage you can buy, the more reliable (statistically) it should be.

    Please note that you can buy a 2002 ML320 at about $500 above invoice in most parts of the country (though the spread between invoice and MSRP is not as severe as it is with the MDX you're looking at, or an RX300). Plus late in the 2002 model year MB will likely introduce incentives, which in past years have added anywhere between $1,500 to $2,500 in discounts, at least from what I remember. That might make a new ML320 more financially palatable.
  • grohsgrohs Posts: 8
    I'm 6'5", tried the MDX, didn't like the salewoman's attitude and I felt like I was sitting at the wheel of a school minibus.
    Toyota Secoya,(spelling?) was way too big for my liking.

    I have a 2000 with 36,000Kms, (23,000 miles aprox)no real major problems:
    -center arm rest replaced, leather had puckered, their idea, not mine
    -replaced muffler, cracked weld, mufflers are suppose to last quiet a few years
    -cd changer sticking, replaced magazine, ok

    That's it. My wife's 2000 Honda Accord has had it's share of problems, more than the Merc.

    There is no such thing as a perfect car, some think that because it's a Merc. there should be no problem. So far I am happy with the ride, my family fit's comfortabley, wife is 6'1", oldest is 6'4" and youngest is still growing. Great gas mileage for a SUV, good safety rating, and good passing power. Just not too crazy about the ESP, you can turn it off, but it still activates when you aproach extreme limits. That's ok, but sometimes you want total control.

    Good luck.....brian
  • mtsangmtsang Posts: 70
    Didn't see your e-mail in your profile. My e-mail is in my profile. Send me your e-mail and I will get back to you ASAP.
  • pablo_lpablo_l Posts: 491
    For what it's worth: back in '99, my wife wanted an ML and nothing else. I had read about the abysmal reliability reports and was worried, but they, those were the days of the NASDAQ bubble and money seemed cheap... :-)

    Thus we bouth her the ML320, and the car has performed great. Sure, there were 2 annoyances: the sunroof's edge came off somewhat, and excessive wind noise on the door. Both were taken care of under warranty, quickly and painlessly. If my wife were to chose a new car again, it'd be the ML320 all over again. She loves it.

    I think people have such ultra-stringent reliability expectations on MBs these days that the cars can't do anything else except disappoint, even though it really isn't half as bad based on what I observe from people with MBs around me. Sure, the days were Mercedes built cars to a standard, and not to a certain cost, are a thing of the past. No one can afford to do that anymore and be competitive.

    But based on our experience with a much maligned '99 model year ML320, we would not hesitate to recommend the car. Seems rock solid to me these days afte the 2 initial service calls for noise and cosmetics.
  • greg_xgreg_x Posts: 9
    Just purchased a 99 ML320 with 40K miles on it...

    Considering I don't have much warranty left, I want to take it in to the dealer and have any "necessary" things replaced. I've looked at some of the older messages, but can someone summarize what things I should have looked at?

    Thanks, Greg
  • I'm on my second ml320. the first was a 99 that i drove for 30 months and logged 83000 miles. Not any problems worth mentioning over that timeframe. When I turned it in it was as tight and great riding/handling as when new.
  • calsmithcalsmith Posts: 5
    I just purchased a 2000 ML320 with 26,000 miles, m1,m2,m5, heated seats and cd changer for 33K. I think the differences between a 99 and 2000 are worth going for the 2000 model. If you really look around, you can find a deal on a 2000. I looked for about 2 months before I found mine, and had a drive 5 hours just to get it, but was worth it. I love it. Good luck.
  • bertram60bertram60 Posts: 113
    OK, after many doubts and phone calls (I looked at the pictures of the tires and my tires and thought i had the wrong ones too), here's what I found out.

    The tires are asymmetrical, but they are NOT uni-directional (there is no inside or outside and they can roll in either direction). The Tirerack's web site shows two tread patterns, one asymmetric and one symmetric, my tires, and all new ML's (except ML55 which uses sp9000's) look like the symmetric pattern, but are actually asymmetric. The 275/55/17 is only made in an asymmetric pattern. I called Dunlop and spoke with a Tech and she confirmed that in fact I had the correct tire, but that the tread pattern did not look like the asymmetric/uni-directional tire.

    You should have Discount tire send you two of the proper size tires or swap them all out for the Grandtreks as you said. I personally like the sp5000's more than the Grandtreks as they have a better on-center feel, seem quieter and have better wet road traction than the old Grandtreks did IMO.

    Good luck.
  • serpico1serpico1 Posts: 30
    i heard the m-class is made in Alabama, not in germany,,is this why this suv has reliablity issues and shakes and rattles..i was strongly considering this suv, as i love mercedes, but can this be classified as a real mercedes if it is not made in Germany..i know honda makes cars in OH, but they are $19,000 cars and makes little diff, the BMW is made in Germany, of course $8,000 more than M-320, but you know it is perhaps the best SUV made..
    is the engine made in AL or parts..can someone please expand and give me some more info..should this be a non-issue for me in my suv decision?

    kind regards,

  • laterldflaterldf Posts: 37
    Guess you'll have to forego considering the BMW X5 since it's made in Spartanburg, S.C. later, ldf
  • sport320sport320 Posts: 11
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    35 messages, Last post on Mar 12, 2002 at 08:55 AM
    Created by KarenS


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    #34 of 35 Buying a new 2002 ML320 by miketyner Sep 04, 2001 (12:15 am)
    I saw some posts about buying a 2002 ML and thought I'd share my personal success story. I went down to my local dealer and was quoted MSRP for an order - they seemed more interested in trying to sell me a 2001 model left in stock. I made the mistake of giving the salesman my phone number and I finally told him to quit calling or I'd never buy there again. I have bought two MB's previously - a 1998 ML320 and a 1999 C230. Both vehicles involved the usual grind of back and forth to "the manager" and focusing on the payment instead of the sale price. I saw a post a few weeks ago about the internet manager at Mercedes Benz of Bakersfield so I called him. I gave him the vehicle I want: 2002 ML320 Black Opal/Charcoal/M1/M2/M5/Bose and he just gave me a flat quote of $1000 over invoice. No haggle or anything - the guy just went to bottom line. I called my local dealer back and they assured me that there must be a mistake and I was probably buying a 2001 model. So of course I called Bakersfield back and he sent me a written quote by email on the 2002 model. Needless to say I'm pretty jazzed waiting for my new 320 due in October. If you are near California you should hook up with this guy - very easy and nice to work with. Doesn't even sound like a car salesmen. My dad is working with him right now to order a G500 for delivery later this year. If anybody is interested - here's the guy I am working with:

    Ron Hoff

    The more we support dealer sales like this will eventually change the way the whole business works. Tell him I sent you...

    #35 of 35 Recent issues with Service - Mercedes-Benz of Miami by sport320 Mar 12, 2002 (08:55 am)
    I brought my ML 320 in for a number of small issues. Occasionally when starting the car the fuel gauge would not register any reading, the drivers window would intermittently not operate, and I smelled something burning when driving from time to time (all hard to find things I guessed). The dealer replaced the window switch and the fuel sender (more about this later), and found a small leak in the transmission fluid which they believed was causing the burning smell.

    It has 25,000 miles and I was surprised when I was told I needed new front brake pads and rotors as they were 95% worn, I was told the back brakes were at 40% and could wait longer. I am used to brakes later closer to 40,000 miles but this is my first SUV so maybe they don't last as long. I had them replaced and picked up the truck. The next day I smelled gas while driving and when I pulled over to a gas station (the gauge was visibly dropping) gas was pouring out and across the undercarriage.

    I called 800-for-merc and they were very helpful and arranged for a tow truck to take me back to the dealer. The dealer told me that a fuel line had ruptured and blamed it on damage caused by the bad fuel sender that they had replaced the previous visit. Personally, I wonder if a fuel was just not properly re attached. I was also surprised that they didn't fill the tank up for me. It had approximately one gallon of gas in it when I got it back.

    I have also read posts about people having problems with the MCS, I have to reset mine approximately every 6-8 weeks, by pulling the fuse out of the back of the unit. I have had the system rewired and the command unit replaced, and it still occurs.

    Anyone have comments? Are other people going through brakes as quickly?
  • I am approaching 45K on my Y2K ML 320.

    so far all has been pretty good, window challenges, just a switch.

    I am preparing for my front brakes to be changed for the 1st time

    I only was able to get 37K from the Factory Dunlops.

    Check out the Continental SUV tire. The same 520 AA rating as the Michlen, $50 cheaper for tire @ Discount Tires. I also had the cross cuts placed on each tire, and I am very Happy with the ride.

    Central FL
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