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Mercedes-Benz M-class (ML320, ML350, ML500 and ML55) 2005 and earlier



  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    My cousin bought my 99ML320 and his check engine light came on at 84K miles. I hope he doesn't end up spending a lot of money to fix it and hate me for it. This is a car with a full dealer service history.

    Moral of the story. Don't sell your M-class to family ;-)..
  • mezecamezeca Posts: 66
    I've never heard or seen it cost that much to repair. Most common problem is the stop
    lamp switch, or one of the relays that controls the ETS pump. This is across the board for ML's, including AMG's. Depending on the shop rate, this is probably under three bills total. I don't know what dealers you've been visisting, but your figures are completely unreal.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 2,006
    Mercara, if the purchase was within the past few weeks, I would split the difference of the cost to repair. If the tables were turned and you had bought the vehicle from Him/Her, you would appreciate it if they offered.

    Just my .02, Mark
    2010 Land Rover LR4, 2013 Honda CR-V, 2009 Bentley GTC, 1990 MB 500SL, 2001 MB S500, 2007 Lincoln TC, 1964 RR Silver Cloud III, 1995 MB E320 Cab., 2015 Prevost Liberty Coach
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291

    That's what I offered him. Anyway he after he filled up gas again and the check engine light dissappeard. So we suspect the gas station attendant didn't close the gas tank cover completely or the gas may have been bad.
  • Can anyone tell me if the Four Nitto NT 555 Extreme ZR 245/35ZR20 Wheels & Tires will fit a 1998 Mercedes ML320 or how I can find out?
  • My 2001 ML320 needs 4 new tires. I like to get the Yokohama Geolandar HTS 255/65R16, which is the same size as the stock Dunlop. But its speed/load rating of 106S is different than that of the stock dunlop which is 109H. Is it ok to use the Yoko on ML320. Anybody has tried?

  • markjennmarkjenn Posts: 1,142
    If you can live with the lower speed rating (meaing you won't be pushing sustained speeds near the rating), you should be fine. But keep in mind that a lowre speed rating may mean the tire is a little cheaper and may not handle as well.

    Are you hung up on this particular tire? I can't say enough good things about the Michelin LTX M/S on my 2000 ML320. Put on a 35K, they look about half-worn at 75K.

    - Mark
  • ty39ty39 Posts: 23
    Any thought about setting up a discussion site...strictly for the new ML350 and/or ML500?
    So far, it has been 'hit or miss' finding anything about the '06 ML350/500.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Over in Future Vehicles we're also lumping them together as the 2006 Mercedes-Benz M-Class. When that discussion gets moved to SUVs (and it sounds like the '06's are in, so it's about time to move it out of Future Vehicles), we could rename it and split it up some.

    So we need a ML350 2006+ and a ML 500 2006+ discussion? Anyone want to just keep lumping them together?

    Steve, Host
  • carmenpcarmenp Posts: 1
    I just went for an emissions test in CT and they told me that I failed the emissions test because when they started the car the Engine Check light did not come on with all the other indicator lamp symbols. There are no codes and all they could tell me is that maybe the bulb needs to be replaced and they wouldn't do it because you have to take the whole dash apart. Now I am going to have to take it to a dealer to have a bulb replace at $100 an hour. Any suggestions out there would be appreciated. My vehicle is a '99 ML320 with 117,000 miles owned it for 2 years.
  • Steve,
    Please set up a new section on strictly for the 2006 or newer ML350 or ML500. I would like one for general information and one for problems and solutions. It would be very for current and future owners. Thanks.
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    I am glad Mercedes finally is firing their CEO Jurgen Schremp. The idiot went around buying brands like Chrysler and Mitsubishi and neglected their premium brand Mercedes. I have a lot of faith in the new guy Dieter Zetsche who did a remarkable job turing around Chrysler.

    I switched to a Toyota Landcruiser since I sold my ML320. I will definitely consider the new G-Class when I am ready to trade in my TLC.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 2,006
    Hey Guys, I looked at the 2006 ML500 a few weeks ago and I'm appalled at the black plastic on the front grille/fog lights and plastic scoops near the windshield. It looks so cheap. It appears that the sport package option changes the fog light black surrounds to one that is painted and restyled.

    I'm also disappointed that the 2006 ML doesn't have the third row option like I currently have on my 2002 ML500. The new R-class is only 2+2+2 whereas mine will seat 7 people and is a shorter vehicle. Also, my loaded out ML was $52,000 and the R-class will be in the $70,000 range. :mad:

    So, I'm looking at possibly considering the RR LR3, the Volvo XC90 or the Acura MDX. I don't want to buy the first year model, especially, from Mercedes. If they don't turn things around, I won't be a customer anymore.

    I looked at the Mercedes E-wagon and there is no way that an adult can sit in the third row, it's only for little munchkins.

    Mark :surprise:
    2010 Land Rover LR4, 2013 Honda CR-V, 2009 Bentley GTC, 1990 MB 500SL, 2001 MB S500, 2007 Lincoln TC, 1964 RR Silver Cloud III, 1995 MB E320 Cab., 2015 Prevost Liberty Coach
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291

    I would recomend the Acura MDX. I considered the same models before I bought my TLC. If I din't want 6500 lb towing capacity I would have gone for the MDX. Definitely the best value out there and probably the most reliable between the three of them. I like the looks and features of the LR3, but I am not willing to take a leap of faith on Landrovers quality. If you are leasing it should or don't plan to keep the car beyond the warranty you should be fine. If you want to keep the car for 5+ years go for the MDX. If you read online Volvo's have some quality problems as well and once you add the options, they price goes up farily steep.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    ML63 AMG

    Mercedes-Benz's 510hp rival to the Porsche Cayenne Turbo has arrived!

  • shenkarshenkar Posts: 159
    I was on the highway leading away from the factory where the ML's are made in Alabama. I passed 2 car haulers loaded with new ML's. Each one (12 total) had model badges on the left rear liftgate that said "ML320". On the right side of the liftgate was a second badge that said "CDI".

    I stopped by my local dealer and he knew nothing. Is M-B about to drop the common-rail injected diesel engine from the E320 sedan into the ML???
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Is M-B about to drop the common-rail injected diesel engine from the E320 sedan into the ML???

    Well yes and no. Mercedes is going to offer a ML320 CDI for the 2007 model year, but it will have the new 3.0L V6 Diesel, not the current I6 from the E320 CDI on sale now.

    All MB diesels will be of the "V" variety once the cleaner diesel fuel goes on sale in late 2006.

    Mercedes says they plan to offer at least one diesel variant of every sedan/suv during the coming years. The ones you saw were either testing for the U.S. or on a test drive/inspection before being shipped abroad.

  • markjennmarkjenn Posts: 1,142
    I suspect these diesels are headed overseas.

    - Mark
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    At this point I would say that is the case too. Low sulphur diesel is still about a year off. I think MB already tested the new V6 diesel engine and the new diesel fuel during the time they did those durability runs in Texas a few months back.

    I can't wait to see what the market's reaction will be when MB, BMW and Audi all start pouring on the diesels. I don't see how anyone couldn't at the very least be curious about BMW's 535d. Awesome machine.

  • Just released photos of the ML 63 can be viewed at

    It looks to be a bad [non-permissible content removed] vehicle. Brand new 513 bhp engine. More rear leg room than a Range Rover. I am getting on a wait list. Should be available Q2 '06.

  • I know that this post was 5 years ago, but I'm having the exact same problem Bob is having. Yesterday, we purchased a 2002 ML320 with around 56,531 miles on it. I live in Pennsylvania and it is at the end of the summer, and the coldest it gets at night in summer is around 60 degrees F. So I'm pretty sure it's not about cold weather.

    I appolagize in advance for how long this post is. :blush:

    When we got the car home, we quickly ran a half mile down the street to the gas station and the auto-locks locked at 9MPH like they normally should. We got gas and returned home (exciting trip). After that our neighbors came over and we hung around looking at the car's engine, cabin, the usual "checking out a car" routine.

    The next day, we ran to Lowes to find some supplies for a project we're working on, parked in the parking lot, got out, and locked the car with the remote. All the doors locked like they should have with the lights flashing 3 times, and we went inside. Also, the auto-locks worked when you hit 9MPH.

    After about 45 minutes, we left the store and went to the SUV. I hit the UNLOCK button on the remote and the lights flashed once like they should have, but none of the doors unlocked. We tried it a couple more times, but nothing happened. So finally I just used the key to get in and we were on our way home thinking the batteries in the remote were dead or something, nothing major. That's when it got weird.

    On the way home, after hitting 9MPH, the locks locked, unlocked, and then locked again (now we're thinking, "hmmm....odd"). After a few minutes of driving we had to stop at a stop light. When we started driving again and we hit 9MPH, the door locks unlocked, and then locked again. We got home and I read everything about locks and doors and EVERYTHING about synchronizing the remote with the SUV and the central locking system and EV-ER-Y-THING about it. I tried disengaging the central locking system and nothing that didn't solve anything.

    Now, when you lock it with the remote, all doors except the driver's lock, unlock, and then lock. The unlocking works fine when I unlock it. If I get out, shut the drivers door, open the other door and push the knob down to lock the driver's door, and then shut all doors and lock with the remote, the lights flash 3 time and it looks normal. But when I go to unlock with the remote, nothing unlocks and I have to use the key to get it.

    Please help!!!
  • markjennmarkjenn Posts: 1,142
    You probably have the common lock/unlocking problem commonly referred to as "machine gun locks". ML's have been plagued with it, especially the early years. It was supposedly fixed in later years, so I wouldn't think a 2002 would have the issue. The only fix I've heard of is replacing the locks with a later model. I'd go see the dealer - even if out of warranty, I'd ask for consideration.

    - Mark
  • Yeah, I was going to check today, but I realized something yesterday. Since all the doors remotely lock except the driver's door and someone does want to break in, the alarm will go off if you open the driver's door. So, he opens the door, alarm goes off, he runs, and my windows aren't broken from him trying to get it!

    I'm just glad I can disable the auto-lock feature when I'm driving because they'd be loudly locking and unlocking the whole ride! - It'd drive me crazy!!! :D
  • ttomttom Posts: 1
    I have a question about this. The German MB website shows the V6 diesel on sale now in Germany. So the ML's that were spotted in AL with CDI markings may have been real units headed to Germany and not just test vehicles. So US sales of ML CDI units may be sooner than you have indicated. Any hard info? Thanks.
  • markjennmarkjenn Posts: 1,142
    I'm sure this AMG 8 mpg beast will be wildly popular with gas headed for $4/gallon.

    - Mark
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    will be wildly popular with gas headed for $4/gallon.

    Half of the prognosticators will be right and half will be wrong. I think it's more tea leaves and voodoo than anything else. :)

    tidester, host
  • Most reputable dealers will help you out on this as the ML you have must have the outsourced, low bid early version door locks.

    Known problem and the dealer will make money on the repair if M-B reimburses.

    Win-win all around and keep the customer satisfied.
  • The computer in the ML stores fault codes and then the warning light will go out on emission problems and some others.

    I had 2 such: oil pressure light resulted from a faulty oil sensor in the oil pan which calculated the FSS service interval.

    The second was for a valve/vapor/sensor at the fuel tank; I had to pay since the emissions warranty only extended for 24 months.
    Could not believe it until I re-read warranty.
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