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Mazda Tribute



  • Did you check the child proof locks?
    that may be it

    Hope this helps
  • dodgedudedodgedude Posts: 17
    I have a 2005 Tribute i 2wd auto with 10.5K miles on it now. At around 10K, the power and gas mileage started getting really good, and I haven't done anything except 3 oil changes to date. I was averaging 22 mpg and have now hit 24 on the last 3 tanks (same driving habits/roads as always). The 'zoom-zoom' has also increased, definitely feels like there are more ponies than the 153 stated. I'm really liking this! Has anyone else had this experience after a certain mileage?
  • can u tell me wrer i can find the fuel filter
  • vaunie83vaunie83 Posts: 2
    I own an '03 Tribute ES (4x4). Last year while on vacation, the radio wouldn't turn on and once it did turn on, it wouldn't turn off and we had to remove the fuse under the hood. Mazda replaced radio. Well, this year while on vacation, went to start the vehicle (30,000 miles), heard a loud boom, smoke came from under the hood. Lifted hood and saw the the plastic cover over cables and hoses was shattered, all cables and hoses blown off. Had to have car towed 150 miles to nearest dealer. Service manager called the next morning, said the intake manifold was cracked. He said he had never seen this happen before (said it was a fluke thing!). They weren't sure if the backfire caused the manifold to crack or if the manifold was cracked and that caused the backfire. Thank goodness it didn't burn the rental house down!!! Has anyone heard of this happening before?
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Nope, your the first I have heard of this type of failure.....
  • Does anyone know when the mud flaps will be available for the 2005 Tribute? I think it's a little strange that there are none available and they are already pushing the '06's. My dealership thinks it's weird too. They cant believe there arent any. They were given some to stock, but said Mazda told them they didnt work onthe '05s....anyone have any info on this?

    Just got mine on Monday, b-day present, and I really like it.
  • cklckl Posts: 3
    We just bought a 2005 Tribute i and went to the dealer to buy a rear cargo cover and they wanted $212.50 for what is a glorified window shade. I couldn't believe it. Does anyone know if the Ford Escape cargo covers will fit the Tribute? For some reason, the Ford cargo covers are cheaper.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    the Web for car parts. Don't buy form the dealer! Mark-up is out of this world! What I do is I find a site that is selling Mazda parts, factory OEM parts. Find the site with the lowest price. Call your Mazda dealer and see if they will honor internet pricing. If not, buy from the internet. All the dealership has asked from me is I bring a print-out of the internet site in so they can see it is an apples to apples comparison. I can't see why a Ford cover would not fit a Mazda vehicle. Make sure the colors will match however...Ebay too is a great resource for parts.
  • sweswe Posts: 8
    Wow, and I thought I paid to much.
    Up here in Canada I got mine for approx US$156.00 at my Mazda dealer. Ford dealers I checked with where more than US$220, so I guess the situation is reversed up here.

    There are two grey ones right now on ebay, currently at $51 and $36.
    Good luck
  • su_a_vesu_a_ve Posts: 68
    Well, that's what the Escape guys say - I was looking at another board (mostly of the twin brother owners) and that's what they all say. After 7K or some after 10K, the engine finally brakes in and with it comes more pep and better gas mileage...

    I just got an 05 i 4WD...
  • su_a_vesu_a_ve Posts: 68
    Well, I got the same problem on my 05 i 4WD - And definetly see the difference on the weekends when I drive my wife's MPV. Initially, it seems like I slam on the brakes.

    Took it to the dealer but they found nothing - like an idiot didn't have them test drive it.

    I still have only 700 miles on it. But basically, it seems like the first tiny pressure to the pedal does nothing at all...
  • su_a_vesu_a_ve Posts: 68
    MSRP on the cover is around $150. Most delers would charge you that (it's on their book). Some want to make money though.

    There's a dealer (I think in TX) that basically has them at just above cost and ships free for around $120. (mods, not sure if I can post the name or not)

    The '05 part is a different part number than previous years, though priced the same.

    Supposedly the Ford part is the same as it's not labeled Ford or anything. Also a couple of internet sites has them for around $100.

    I got mine thru the dealer, which had a 15% off coupon and I also had a Mazda gift certificate for $50 (which I couldn't use on the internet dealer), so ended up that way.

    BTW. the part No. for the Dark Flint is:


    My .02..
  • su_a_vesu_a_ve Posts: 68
    It seem like models with the perimeter alarm where almost nowhere to be found (at least in the i4WD trim) and it was too late to special order.

    I'm trying to find out what the module is, and if it can be ordered as a part. My dealer's part guy couldn't find it, but he would need a VIN that has it to start. (I might give him one from mazda's site...)

    The new Ford's are now using Powercode. Anyone with this info by any chance ? If it's a module to plug in, I would pay more for it than buy an aftermarket one...

  • ganryu34ganryu34 Posts: 17
    I check and they didn't have it listed. I'm going to call them in the morning. However, you said there were other stores that listed them for around $100....what are their names?
  • rcinmdrcinmd Posts: 139
    This site still lists the Escape cover at $103.21
  • j30j30 Posts: 30
    Had my Trib in for an oil/tire stop and complained about the creaking driver's door again. The mechanic said he could not duplicate, so I took the service writer for a ride around the parking lot and duplicated the noise for him. They tried to adjust both doors to no avail, I told him that I had already put silicone on the seals and that did not work. I was told he would be checking with Mazda corporate to see if there are any other cases and or a fix for the creaks :( :(
  • dodgedudedodgedude Posts: 17
    I just got 25.5 mpg on my last tank (mostly highway), which is higher than what was listed on the sticker when I bought it, and with the A/C on the entire time. On most of the cars I've had in the past, the mpg took a nose dive as soon as the A/C was turned on. I'm amazed that such an inexpensive SUV (they are advertising them for less than $16K w/auto around here) is built so well and gets such good gas mileage. I know it's an Escape twin, but I know several people with Escapes and they don't report any of the same good fortune I have encountered (theirs are not as peppy, they get worse mileage, and they had to pay more for the same options). Either Mazda was just having a good day when they built mine or there really are substantial differences between the two. I'm even more glad now 7 months later that I skipped on the Ford and went with Mazda. Just my $.02.
  • rcinmdrcinmd Posts: 139
    Mine was going to town for some time, getting worse day by day. I siliconed the door seals, and also sprayed all suspension joints. The vehicle essentially went silent. On occasion I do hear some creaking once again, and will apply more silicone spray soon. I also wonder if this heat has something to do with it. The vehicle does not feel as though there are body issues. There is no quivering as you would feel in some boxy SUVs, thank goodness. But there is also no question that the creaking is an issue with this platform.
  • mikezakmikezak Posts: 95
    I also recently purchased a Tribute 'i', 4 Cyl,...I have only 2400 miles on it. In town I get 20 mpg, and when I drive strickly highway miles I consistently get 24 - 25 mpg. I am about to change to Mobil 1 -- and I expect to get an additional 1 mpg., as I have with other vehicles I owned and operated. :)
  • i'm curious who has done the 30k service on their tribute and how much it cost. my dealer is quoting me $625 for the service. i checked on the mazda site and it doesn't look like they actually do much for this service--mostly checking things and replacing a couple of filters (which shouldn't cost much). any advice would be appreciated. i'm in the sf bay area.
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    Check your manual for the recommended 30k necessities. A lot of times the dealer has "added" unnecessary checks that are not listed in the manual (which is all that is required to keep your warranty)! ....and then tell them exactly what you want done.
  • I want to take out my stock radio on my 04 but cant figure it out. I did not see any holes for a din tool. Anybody know how to get it out?
  • cruise1cruise1 Posts: 8
    I can't say how much Mazda charges. I know that it services the car at 24,000 and 48,000 miles. There is a check list of things in the operator's manual that show what all they inspect, replace and lubricate. Hope this might help!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    The Edmunds Maintenance Guide will tell you what we think it should cost for your zip code.

    Steve, Host
  • pretty funny...checked the edmunds numbers and they indicated $284 for the service. i've gotten three local quotes so far, two from dealers and one from a good independent shop. the quotes are $625 and $500 from the dealers, $400 from the independent. there must be more going on than edmunds system indicates.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    The shops are probably including more services than the minimum required by Mazda to maintain the warranty.

    Or they all are trying to rip customers off. :shades:

    Steve, Host
  • hcorhcor Posts: 15
    Any update on the availability of that rear hidden storage kit for the Tribute?
  • cruise1cruise1 Posts: 8
    Can someone out there tell me if their is such a thing as having a K&N air Filter and a Tornado added to the air induction of a 2002 LX Tribute? I never hear of it and wonder if it is true. I like to increase my mpg on this auto.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    I suspect Mazda would use them if they worked.... check out:

    K&N Air Filters, bolt-on power?


    Gas Saving Gizmos & Gadgets

    For air boxes (not filters), check out Breathe Easy: Int. & Exh. Headers + Mufflers and Pipes.

    Steve, Host
  • bc60bc60 Posts: 17
    Does installing this tornado or K&N filter void your warranty? Sometimes, owner modifications can void the warranty. And I know that the service people are always quick to blame the owners modifications for any problem instead of admitting that the problem is actually with the vehicle
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