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Mazda Tribute



  • stigstig Posts: 4
    Regarding excessive wind noise, there have been posts here before, reporting that roof rack crossbars installed backwards caused a lot of noise that was eliminated by reversing them to the correct direction. Window deflectors would not reduce wind noise, unless you are talking about driving with the windows cracked open.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    The weekly Mazda chat starts in 45 minutes. The link is at the top of the page. Join us for some live zoom zoom shortly!

    Steve, Host
  • My wife has a suprisingly short list of things her next car MUST have. At the top of that list are a sunroof/moonroof and a seat height (a.k.a. step-in height), above ground level, that is somewhere between that of her Mazda 626 (20") and my Dodge Ram (33").

    She runs a lot of errands during a normal day. Falling down into, and climbing up out of her 626, is exhausting. The truck has the opposite effect, but is not as objectionable and she doesn't use it as much.

    I cannot find this measurement for any car/suv on the web and I am disinclined to visit all of the dealerships with my yardstick. I estimate it by subtracting the front headroom value from the overall vehicle height value, but I think this is wildly inaccurate.

    Since the list of possible-next cars includes the subject of this forum, I was hoping that somebody would, in their spare time, measure the height above ground to the middle (more or less) of the seat cushion (i.e. the top-center of the horizontal seating surface) and post that value here.

    I have read these forums extensively over the past few weeks and I have not seen any discussion of this. I beg your pardon if I missed it and am being redundant.

    Thanks in advance.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059

    Posting the same message over and over in different forums is called "spamming" and is frowned upon. Please focus your queries a little better and refrain from repetitious posts.

    tidester, host
  • Sorry. I am most-definitely not trying to spam you. I wasn't certain if everybody monitored just one or two forums. I should have thunk. :blush:
  • yukon5yukon5 Posts: 1
    YES! What's up with this. I went to the dealer and they told me that they don't see a problem. What have you done? I bought a 2001 Tribute last year (used) and it has been pretty good so far. But, I have to top off the tank in order for the guage to register full. Then 20 miles down the road I am at a quarter tank. My gas mileage averages 14 -17 mph (mostly city driving). Wierd!!! Please respond.
  • caryc1caryc1 Posts: 1
    Thanks to posts on this message board back in 2001, I bought the newly released 2001 Mazda Tribute. It's pay back time to anyone who is considering purchasing this model used: I LOVE my Tribute. I still get a thrill seeing it - I think it looks so much better than the larger SUVs, while having plenty of seating/cargo space. More importantly, I still enjoy driving it - plenty of power for passing and very comfortable on multiple day-long trips. Mileage isn't bad for the class: 22-24 mpg. Of course I wish gasoline weren't so expensive, but I feel like all around, the Tribute has been a great performer. I hope I never have to buy another vehicle...but if I do, it will be a Mazda Tribute! :)
  • Dont waste your time with mazda like i did, contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and file a complaint on your mazda defects. I have a 2002 mazda tribute, and this is the second time i am having to replace the rotors, the first rotors and brake pads were replaced at 17,000 miles, now 10,000 miles later with 27,000 miles here we go again, warped rotors. mazda like most manufactures will deny, and not take any responsibilities to fix your vehicle, unless you file a complaint to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration compiles the complaints, and are the ones to force the manufacture to issues recalls and remedy known problems the dealer keeps denying they are aware of. Besides the rotors this has been the most unreliable vehicle, i wasted my money on. This is the last mazda i will ever purchase. Buyer beware, check the website i posted and you can view all the complaints, issues and recalls affected with your vehicle.
  • Hi there, I just bought an 01 Tribute and was wondering if I could ask you a question. In my instrument cluster the little car with a key flashed every 2 seconds and I was reading in the Manual that you can disarm it, but it tells you to turn the key to the 4 position, which would turn on the vehicle (ignition). Have you had this and is it normal? Thanks, Shiela
  • hcorhcor Posts: 15
    Please explain when it is doing this. If it is flashing when the vehicle is parked (motor off) that is OK as it is the indicator telling you that the alarm or the engine immobilizer is activated. However, if it keeps flashing when the vehicle is started, I would get that checked by the dealer.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    with my wifes Mazda Tribute ES V6 4x4. Went to the coast this last weekend and averaged 27MPG! I could not believe it. We now have about 24,000 trouble free miles on this vehicle. No problems, no complaints.
    kiddynomite.. I am in no way trying to downplay your brake issues with your Trib. Brakes/pads/rotors are a wearable item. These depend highly on what the persons driving habits are, along with driving conditions. I owned an Escape at one point and had to have my rotors/pads changed at about 50,000 miles. I had a higher quality rotor and a ceramic pad installed. May want to think aftermarket?.
  • chimpsnestchimpsnest Posts: 27
    Hi All, I bought my Trib brand new in 2003 (end of July to be exact). 4wd, V6. I've now got 80K miles on it, running great as far as I can tell, have had regular service, O/C's, tranny services, brakes done, etc., (still have great tread on my tires believe it or not but will probably do those before the winter).
    What should I be looking for now that my warranty is up in 20K miles? I'm thinking of paying it off and keeping it for the long haul and I'm looking for anybody w/experience w/a high mileage Trib. I understand that there are things that go on any car w/age (power steering pumps, water pumps, belts, etc.) but does anybody know of any MAJOR issues w/'03 Trib? Like intake manifold gaskets and $1200 repairs, etc.
    Next oil change I'm going to give it to my VERY good mechanic friend, have him change the oil and go over it w/a fine toothed comb and see if he sees anything that the dealer may, um, miss. I know I've got a very slight tick in the engine but the dealer never seems to be able to hear it.
    Thanks a million. :P
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    you are starting to see Tribs/Escapes around the net now with 130,000 miles on them. This is as high miles as I have seen. I believe this is mostly attributed to preventive maintenance. Change oil, filters, tranny fluids, ect.. I honestly believe you will get 200,000 out of your Tribute with just plain good maintenance.. ;)
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Does anyone have a good picture or other representation of the color Mazda calls "violet gray"?

    I am interested because Mazda says this will be a new color for the Mazda6. The only references I can find to this color are for the Tribute.

    I found a few posts on here from 2005 that refer to that color and this from Mazda of Puerto Rico, which shows one in that color, but the actual color is not very clear.
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    With the latest addition to our family, my wife and I traded in our Nissan Altima SE for a Honda Odyssey EX-L back in April. What the heck does this have to do with this forum you ask? Well, with the new Odyssey the Tribute became my commuter car (about 30 miles per day), and average around 12K miles a year. The problem is that I drive about 90% city driving and living in Northern Va, that means a lot of stop and go traffic, A/C running constantly, etc. My 05 Tribute S (4WD, purchased in 04) was averaging anywhere between 15-17MPG and with gas prices hovering around $3 (or more) a gallon here, it was starting to hurt at the pump a little...

    So, I looked at my options (Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Mazda3) and was able to get the Mazda dealer where I purchased the Tribute to do an even trade on a loaded Mazda3i Touring sedan (side airbags, moonroof, 6 disc changer, rear lip spoiler, etc). All I had to pay was TT&L (about $500). On my first tank of gas, I got close to 27MPG, and the second tank looks like it will be close to 30MPG (the EPA ratings on the 3 are 28/35).

    The Tribute was a great vehicle (reliable, good in snow, comfortable), but if gas stays at $3 I will save over $1K per year. If gas prices hit $4 I would save over $1400 per year, and at $5 per gallon I would save close to $1800 per year...

    Gas was not the only thing though.. I really wanted something a little more fun to drive and thought the Mazda3 was the perfect balance with owning a minivan (even though the Odyssey drove smoother than my Altima and is quicker than my Mazda3).

    I also found that selling the Mazda Tribute privately was very difficult right now. I tried for several weeks and got zero hits posting on Autotrader, Ebay,, Craigslist, etc.. I was asking for well under the Kelly Blue Book private party asking price and nobody came knocking.. I think the SUV market is starting to dry up here. For that reason I was very happy that the dealer gave me an even trade (invoice on the 3 was 17,100, and the dealer also applied another $300 on the Tribute to cover their processing fees). I was glad that the Mazda dealer stepped up and gave me a good deal..

  • ddoyle42ddoyle42 Posts: 1
    Had the identical problem. It began after Mazda repaired my liftgate latch as part of a recall. The rattle was caused by a loose part inside the liftgate latch. They were able to repair it easily, however, when they finished, the rattle was gone, but the glass wouldn't lock on the liftgate. Brought it back again for another easy fix. Now everything is fine. Sounds like you may be having the same problem.
  • hcorhcor Posts: 15
    Had the same happen to mine. However, now that the lock has been fixed, the rattle is back. I'll get it looked at again. :sick:
  • hcorhcor Posts: 15
    In my 2005 Tribute, I am hearing a chirp that seems to be coming at a somewhat regular interval from the mid to rear section of the vehicle. I comes on mostly on acceleration, but it can also be heard at other times. It sounds like metal to metal touching. There are times when it is not heard. Any ideas??
  • fuchsrrfuchsrr Posts: 5
    I bought the connector for this but the trailer lights did not work, There must be something else that is needed to make it work. Uhaul had to rig the harness to my tial lights which caused my cruise control to stop working when the night tail lights came on. Anyone else know what else is need to make the trailer lights work?

  • I think I jinxed myself, lol. I asked a couple of weeks ago what I can expect from my 03 Trib w/80K+ miles on it as far as longevity goes, etc. (with proper maintenance of course)

    Well mid July I had an O/C and sticker put on it, then noticed w/in the next week that my tranny started to slip, dropped it off @ the dealer last Sunday - needs a new tranny, thank dog I dropped 1300 for the extended warranty when I bought it, so I think this will be a $100 deductable, plus the $80 I'm spending on a rental for the weekend.

    "new" tranny only comes w/a 12 month/12K warranty on it, I think that's a bunch of BS.

    Whaddya think now, should I still pay her off and keep her? I like my truck, would love to hang onto it, but that NEW tranny that came w/it only lasted 80K, what can I expect out of a rebuilt/reconditioned one?

    ~sigh~ I really don't want to have to buy a new vehicle, I was so looking forward to getting rid of my car payment.

    I wonder how much extending my extended warranty would cost, according to the company (CNA) I can call shortly before the one I have expires and renew it but I don't know if its worth it.

  • fuchsrrfuchsrr Posts: 5
    I have them same thing anyone have any ideas?

  • hcorhcor Posts: 15
    What year is your Tribute? I have a 2005 model and I had to get it wired by the dealership as I was advised that my waranty would be voided if I went aftermarket. From what I understood, when you buy and select the towing packadge, the whole wiring harness is different in the vehicle. In my case, I did not get the towing packadge so they had to modify the harness to be able to connect the towing wirring harness. This was a 6 hour process.
  • Just ordered a nice Alpine CDA-9857 for my '03 Trib along w/the iPod adapter and necessary wiring, bracket, etc.

    Anybody have ANY experience swapping out a giant in-dash system for a smaller, better deck? Any advice?

    Where the heck is everybody???
  • gregmazgregmaz Posts: 2
    I have a Mazda 2001 ES Tribute. One of my dashboard indicator lights is on. I purchased the car from Carmax and did not receive an owners manual. The indicator light in question is next to the temperature gauge in the Tribute. It is the fifth light, out of six. It's under the air bag deployed indicator light (4th light). The symbol looks like a radiator or battery. Does anyone know what this light indicates when it comes on. The light does not stay on. It only comes one after the car has been running for several minutes.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Well, the wifes 04 Tribute ES 4WD V6 now has about 26,000 miles on it. No problems to report. Wife loves to drive it. Reliable and well built. No rattles or squeaks in the interior, or exterior that we can tell. :shades:
  • I shut the hood of my SUV and it evidently jarred one of my fog lights and the lens broke into pieces. Does anyone know if I can buy just the lens to replace or do I have to buy the whole light? Also...if I can just buy the lens, do you know how to get the lens off or do I have to take the light completely out?

  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    If this is a factory installed foglamp, there are replacements all over the net. Just type in Mazda Tribute fog lamps, or Mazda parts into a browser..I found one on the net far less expensive than from the dealer. My wifes on her Tribute ES V6 4WD had a rock hit it and crack. They are a bummer to replace. You have to take off some plastic guards. If your handy however, you can do it..

    By the way, how does the hood of your Mazda come in contact with the foglamp?? The foglamps is way down lower..?? :confuse:
  • Thanks for the info! I'm assuming I have to replace the whole light, is that right? No replacing the lens itself?

    The only thing I can figure out...I'm in Texas and it's been hot here and when I shut the hood of the tribute, it was in the hottest part of the day (afternoon) I heard glass break and the saw that the lower left lens had shattered. I guess it just jarred it just right. I hardly ever use the lamps. The light itself still works's just the top part that shattered. I thought about just letting it be, but it's time for inspection and don't know whether the car will pass inspection or not with it broken even though it's an option to use them or not. Do you know that?
  • I've been told that it's necessary to break-in a new car or you will have problems down the line. Exactly how do you do this, and for how many miles? I drive to work on an interstate where the traffic goes 65 mph or more every morning & evening. Believe me when I say it's not a good idea to slow down . . . Thanks.
    Tribute Newbie ;)
  • My 2004 Tribute with V6 only gets about 15mpg around town, if I am lucky. It has about 14,000 so I really don't drive it much. Using Royal Purple oil helped but it is very expensive.

    I keep the SUV in perfect condition, always garaged, and all of that. I'm using the best air filters, low restriction Tried all of that. K and N actually reduced performance. Best filters are WIX makes the best for intake and for A/C filter. No engine warning lights ever on. Sort of wonder about the exhaust sensors but light should come on (I think.)

    Anyone have any ideas so is this the gas mileage I need to live with.
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