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Hyundai Veracruz Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I don't think it uses the XM Connection because I can still operate the trial version of the XM. I wish I could find out if you can reroute the wiring to the XM because I am not going to subscribe.

    They wired it as an FM Modulater. The signal is clear where I live and can't tell the difference, sounds clear all the time. Though I do not use it all the time. They installed it and put it inside that first closeable compartment below all the Air Quality buttons on the right side of it. IT has a nice blue light to match the other lights. YOu have the option to either turn it off blue light off, or on blue light on..
  • When someone buys a car at invoice, but there was a $3,000 cash back, is the dealer basically getting $3,000 above invoice? I just drove one & am considering it, but with the cash back or rebates, I'm thinking paying basically invoice might be overpaying. Please give me some words of wisdom. Thanks!
  • jlindhjlindh Posts: 282
    The cash back (rebate) should go to the buyer. Ergo, invoice - $3000.
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    Based on past posts, there is a lot of factory to dealer cash on these cars. I think you can do much better than $3K below invoice. CX9 buyers are claiming to get $9-10K off MSRP ($6-7K below invoice)

    Good Luck!
  • I live in the Dallas area and have received the following quotes with very little negotiation.

    '08 Veracruz Limited FWD
    No options other than floor mats
    $27,372 including destination charge, but not including TTL

    '08 Veracruz GLS FWD
    No options other than floor mats
    $21,488 including destination charge, but not including TTL

    I had another dealer assure me he'll beat these quotes. Anyone getting better deals, either in the Dallas area or elsewhere?

  • Thanks for information! I love this forum.
  • lyle5lyle5 Posts: 12
    The 08 Limited FWD price sounds too good to be true....I hope they will back up the quote. That would be a terrific price in the So Cal market. I know that they are offering more discounts now than they were in Dec 2007 but that is about what we paid for a 2007 for out 2WD Limited with matts....
  • Took my VC to McGrah Hyundai in Chicago where they installed the ipod jack in the same compartment and manner as you describe (cost was about $195). Works great for the most part. My only complaints are that the compartment is not big enough to hold the ipod classic and the jack does not charge the ipod. When the ipod is plugged into the lighter for charging it influences the sound (I get buzzes and it whines as you accelerate). If you unplug from charging sounds great, just have to juggle the charging and playing during a long trip so as not to influence the sound.
  • Howdy. How much have you paid - or seen prcing for a new '08 Veracruz SE, AWD w/leather. I believe I've seen the SE AWD MSRP at $30,445, but of course that unit does include leather, and you have to add freight.

    A dealer told me $31,575 for a Limited and this price includes freight.

    TIA for the info.
  • We paid $23250 for an AWD GLS with a roof rack and rails, floor mats and cargo tray. Looking forward to taking delivery.
  • kvdkvd Posts: 3
    What are the dealer processing fees at this dealer?
  • I just bought a 2008 Veracruz Limited 2wd with floor mats, roof rails, and cargo tray.
    Total MSRP: $35100.

    I paid $28,700 + tax,tags,fee. Included current rebate of 3K

    How does that compare???. I have seen some low prices from dealerships in Northern VA. Is above competitive?
  • kvdkvd Posts: 3
    I just purchased a GLS With just floor mats and first aid.
    MSRP 27,770. The dealer had add on of 895.00 for market ajustment(nice try)
    and 395.00 Scotch Guard. (Again nice try.) I told the salesperson
    he was looking at the wrong sticker. I hope no one out there falls for
    these---- Anyway I paid $22,000.00. This included dealer processing fee'
    but did not include tag-tax-title. This was in the Tulsa, OK area. Saw one
    in the DFW area in the internet for 21,770 - they have a $50.00 document fee.
    This seems to be about the bottom. I hit a couple dealers (including the one
    I bought this from with 21,500.00 and did not have any takers.
  • $99. Pretty std I thought. So, it total price competitive?
  • kvdkvd Posts: 3
    Yes-very competitive. But dealers document fee or processing fees I have seen
    very from 49.00 to 399.00. It is just another one of the little tricks that some
    dealers use to get more money.
  • I was thinking of putting an offer in for a 2008 Veracruz Limited with bluetooth/hands free.

    Invoice price is $32,002.
    Dealer Incentive is $4,000
    Factory Holdback $640
    Subtotal $27,362

    Profit to Dealer $1,000 (throw them a bone)
    Destination Charge $750

    Total before TTL $29,112

    Would this be a good price or do you think I would be able to go lower?
  • We lucked into this deal.

    We were looking hard at new Santa Fe this week at Butler Hyundai in Indianapolis. They were right at invoice - 3500 dealer cash.

    We had seen the Veracruz and asked what they had in stock to see how it would compare price wise. Our Salesman Jason told us they had just gotten a demo Veracruz from Hyundai that came from Family Hyundai that day and we would recommend we ask to see the price on that one.

    I asked him to price it out to see how it compared. After a few minutes he came back with:

    34525 MSRP
    Sale price of 29,284
    - 4000 dealer cash
    Cost of: 25,284
    + tax, 149 doc fee and 50 title, plus tax.

    This was for a Limited front wheel drive with 1280 miles on it. (it had a manufacture date of 3/28/08).

    Our sales man was shocked at the price the manager gave and so were we. We put 500 down and came back the next day (this last Wednesday) to buy it.

    They ran a carfax that verified it had never been sold before but I still wonder about the history of this car. Everything he said and that i could tell indicated it didn't have a history of any type of problems.

    He told us they were able to do it because Hyundai had bought the car back from Family Hyundai and then sold it Butler for a discounted price.

    I would look for a similar situation. I don't know how you can find the same type deal but if do it might make sense. Good luck and call Jason at Butler if you want.

    We were shocked that we got this type of car for the same price as a new 0 mile AWD limited Santa Fe or a Honda wanted for a CR_V EXL with leather.
  • Have personally experience... vehicle start to come apart when reaches the one year ~ 10k miles first electricle problem then check engine light.. initial quality i must say is good but unfortunately once it hit that milestone, there is no comparison to lexus. Hyundai still have lots to work on the quality.

    my personal opinion, stay away for another few more years... anyone out there with a hyundai. Good luck!
    Cheers.. :sick: :sick:
  • Thanks

    I'm in South Cali so Indianapolis might be a stretch. Their initial offer on a 0 mile model is 26.6K.
  • An internet dealer in Georgia quoted for a 2008 Se with premium leather pkg, rear entertainment center, first aid kit, wheel locks: 30,850 which included the rebate, tag, tax, title and 249.00 dealer documentation fee. Is this a good deal? Does anyone think the rebates will last into next year on 2008's?
  • Hi TinGA- Do you think the economy is getting better or worse? My 2 cents on the rebate potential-gl
  • winedogswinedogs Posts: 102

    How many miles have you clocked in one year, just curious? I am coming up on 1 year and have had a few very minor issues. First time I purchased an extended warranty, at first I was second guessing myself - after reading your post, I am starting to feel better about the warranty purchase.
  • lyle5lyle5 Posts: 12
    I am coming up on the 1 yr mark but mine doesn't get much use...about 4500 miles so far. Sorry that you have been having problems. Mine has been doing just fine but doesn't see snow etc. Consumer reports has a comparisson between teh 2007 and the 2008. The 2008 should be a better car for electrical issues and the fuel system. Mine is a 2007. I also took extended warranty so let's all hope for the best.........
  • epik15epik15 Posts: 11
    The 08' Veracruz SE invoice is $26,983.

    I've so far gotten a quote of $22,000 + 7.8%(about $1719) sales tax + $500 doc fees + $500 license.

    Another quote for $23,000 + $50-$100 fee but no tax since this one is out of state.

    I have a question about this $4,000 rebate that's currently going on. Is this straight from manufacturer to customer or is the dealer taking profit losses from this?

    I guess what I'm trying to say is should I go for $1,000-$2,000 under invoice BEFORE the $4,000 rebate? Or just $2,000 under with the rebate?
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    At a minimum $4K below the invoice price, but you should be able to do better.

    No Fees! $500 is ridiculous.

    Good Luck
  • You can current purchases a 08 Veracruz for $7-8k below sticker price.
    That must be killing the people who purchased this car in 2007. Based the links,
    people paid $3-4K more in 2007 then today... I hope the current prices don't kill the resale value of the car. That would make it even worse for the 2007 buyers.
  • I was checking some of the other forums and they were posting the current wholesale auction prices for Used vehicles. Does anyone know a ballpark range for the current wholesale prices for the Veracruz?
  • First, I got quote $28000 for Limited AWD by phone and visited to Hyundai Manchester in CT.
    Finally, I could sign up $26000 for Limited AWD without accessories and package after 2hr dealing about price.
    Here is what I paid....

    Limited AWD $26000 + Floor Met $125 + Doc $750 + Plate $50 + Nav Package $1750 + CT tax.

    I think it is really great deal and waiting for picking it up next week.
  • That is an amazing deal. By far the best on this blog string.
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    GLS with 1-5K miles $20-21K

    LTD with 10K miles $24K
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