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Hyundai Veracruz Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    Cusin, I agree with you wholeheartedly, yet I will share a recent experience:

    When visiting for service, I needed to decide if I would wait for the vehicle or if I would leave it and return after work to pick it up. When I asked how long the work would take (I had an 8AM appt), the first question asked was, "Did you purchase the vehicle from us?"

    I asked if and why this would matter, and was given a very long-winded answer that sure had a lot of words, but didn't actually say much! (To substantiate this - I had a chance to ask my uncle, who owns a dealership of a different make 8 states away from where I live the same question over the holidays. He roared with laughter and said it matters more than I would ever know!)

    Maybe I'm being too logical, but if you have an appt., isn't that time that they've blocked off to work on your car? When I make appts. with my clients, it is time I've reserved for them.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 72,868
    Maybe they were trying to determine if they would offer you a loaner car? Maybe those are reserved for customers who purchased their car at the dealership.

    Just one guess...


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  • Hello - newbie here to say I'm very pleased with our purchase yesterday.

    2008 Veracruz FWD Limited
    - Black Diamond / Black Saddle
    - Navigation system (but not the DVD entertainment system) and otherwise fully loaded.
    - Purchased in Sunnyvale CA for $36k out the door.

    We are original owners of a 1999 RX300 AWD fully loaded (paid $39k back then!). Still a good car 9.5 years later and at 116k.

    Hoping for similar value results from the new Veracruz.
  • Kyfdx,

    Have you heard about good monthly payments on 2008 Veracruz GLS leases? I just got one at $315/mo. and the final price at $25,000. I only put $1,000 down and get 15k miles.

  • cusincusin Posts: 11
    Thanks carbuyer11 and others that responded to my question. I think that, in my case, if the net saving in price that I get after paying for gas and tolls to get the VC is more than $1.2K, I will buy from the guy far away. :shades:
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    Congrats on your purchase

    Will you share the details of your deal?

    MSRP (w/o add ons)

    Invoice Price

    Price Paid before TTL or fees

    Total Fees and Dealer Ad ons (Port fee, Doc fee, etc...)

    Did you have a trade?

  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    The current leaders are:

    07 GLS - $3700 under invoice

    07 Limited - $3500 under invoice.

    07 SE - $3000 under invoice.

    08 SE - $2,000 under invoice.

    08 Limited - $3,161 under invoice. A standard deal should be between $2-2.5K under invoice.

    Prices include rebates.

    Watch out for the extra fees!

    Keep posting the good deals.
  • Are there any current rebates from Hyundai on this vehicle? I see other posts mentioning that you should be able to obtain this vehicle approx $2000 below invloice however I dont' see any rebates. The holdback on Hyundai's is 2% of invoice which is way less than 2000. How could a dealer afford to sell this vehicle for 2000 below invoice without any rebates.

    What would be a fair price for this configuration:
    2008 Veracruz FWD Limited
    Rear Entertainment Package
    Carpeted Mats
    Roof Rack Rails
  • I am looking to get a new 2008 Veracruz here in Canada (BC).

    The latest offer is unknown, dealer won't give me the number over the phone, but says 'he can do better than $41,800 Canadian out the door', which is my best offer thus far.

    Any ideas what I should expect here in Canada or what the invoice price is? Any idea what price below the invoice I can expect?

  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    Many suspect that there is factory to dealer support for these cars (only the dealer sees this).

    Posts have slowed in January, I would wait another month to see if any factory to customer incentives return. Then combine the leverage of both of these incentives programs to make a good below invoice deal (watch out for the extra fees). It can be done, the best deals are made without a trade. Go back and read the previous posts.

    Be patient and Good Luck!
  • louyalouya Posts: 5
    Hi, I think I got a good deal. What do you all think?

    2008 GLS, AWD, Premium Package
    total total total = $29,000 out the door, not a penny more.
    that price included all taxes, tags, plates, blah blah whatever.
    drove the car off the lot after 1.5 hours of negotiating.

    - Floor mats ($150?)
    - Rear cargo tray ($100?)
    - Premium package ($1900?) - leather steering wheel, backup sensors, heated seats, power driver seat, sunroof, etc..
    - All Wheel Drive ($1700 more than FWD)
    - Free lifetime oil changes
    - Tires for life (free tires when naturally worn down)
    - Free VA state inspection for life

    sorry, i dont know the breakdown for car price vs. taxes/tax/plates etc..
    according to hyundai website, MSRP is 30,775.

    good deal?
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    Congrats on your purchase, but more information is needed:

    Edmunds shows MSRP to be (w/Des Charge)


    Invoice Price is:


    What did you pay before TL&L? Look at your paperwork

    Did you pay any extra fees (Doc Fee, Prep, Etc...)

    Did you trade a car?

    How did you finance the deal?
  • sas5sas5 Posts: 8
    Oops! I may have sent this message a second ago . . .

    Anyway . . . I test drove a Vera Cruz Limited FWD this morning, and I really like this vehicle.

    The dealer quoted a price of $36,170 (no DVD, no nav system) . . . it has everything else on it.

    After some discussion, the dealer took $6,000 off, thus lowering the price to $30,170. Edmunds says that the invoice price on this model is $31,577. It looks as if the dealer is coming in below the invoice price.

    However, there are some fees that I don't know anything about.

    Etching = $299
    Doc Fee = $499.50
    Non Tax Fee = $16.50

    Are these fees legitimate? The tax on this vehicle is $1,161.32. I don't see anything about a license/tag fee on the preliminary figures sheet.

    With the fees quoted above and the taxes added, the total drive away price on this vehicle is $32,146.32.

    Is this a good price?
  • winedogswinedogs Posts: 102
    Don't pay etching and doc fees seem pretty high.
  • louyalouya Posts: 5
    yes, thanks for the reply. here's the details:

    total purchase price including freight/handling/delivery: $27,374 ($2410 below invoice according to above post)

    processing fee: 389
    3% Title tax: 832
    Dealer's business license tax: 55
    NVTA 1% fee: 287
    License/Title fee: 61

    that all totals $29,000

    no car trade-in.
    financed with 10K down... plan to pay it off within a year or so.
    i just didn't want to get ripped off, cuz i dont mind paying fair value, since its a great car.
  • selooseloo Posts: 606

    Based on the information you provided, I think you did pretty good.

    Looks like $2021 under invoice. The processing fee is just dealer profit.

    Not sure what these are:

    Dealer's business license tax: 55
    NVTA 1% fee: 287

    Your deal looks to be the best 08 GLS deal on this board.

    Good work, enjoy your car!
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    The current leaders are:

    07 GLS - $3700 under invoice

    07 Limited - $3500 under invoice.

    07 SE - $3000 under invoice.

    08 SE - $2,000 under invoice.

    08 GLS - $2,021 under invoice.

    08 Limited - $3,161 under invoice. A standard deal should be between $2-2.5K under invoice.

    Prices include rebates.

    Watch out for the extra fees!

    Keep posting the good deals.
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    I agree with winedogs those fees are just extra profit, do not pay them.

    The best deal posted on a Limited is $3K+ below invoice. You can do better. If you cannot right now, then wait for additional incentives and try again later.

    Good Luck.

    Keep your trade (if you have one) and financing separate from the car negotiations.
  • sas5sas5 Posts: 8
    Thanks for your response, winedogs.

    I agree that the doc fee of $499.50 is wayyyyy out of line.

    I was told that the etching fee is for the security numbers on the car and that they've already been etched onto the windshield.

    I want to know what the non tax fee of $16.50 is. I called the salesperson with my questions, and he's doing some more "research" for me.

    Also, I've read that $2000 - $2500 off the invoice price is reasonable. The invoice price on this vehicle is $31,577.

    Would it be out of line to ask the dealer to take another $1000 off the $30,469 sale price, as well as the fees?

    Any information you can offer is appreciated. I have a month to negotiate, as the lease on my 2004 CTS is ending.

    I've enjoyed driving the CTS, but I need cargo room and higher seating, and the Veracruz is a great vehicle for me.

    I haven't decided whether to lease or purchase the Veracruz yet. I can go either way as long as I feel I'm getting a good price.
  • louyalouya Posts: 5
    heheh! thanks for making me feel good seloo (despite the fact that i think im the ONLY 08 GLS on the board so far!)

    well, in any case, like i mentioned, i'm happy to pay fair price since it's worth it and it's a great car.

    also, if anyone's interested. here's a great article comparing 6 different CUV's. Veracruz scored 2nd place, only behind the mazda CX-9. which, i agree with, is nice because of its handling. but the VC is a few thousand cheaper for pretty much the same engine/amenities.

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