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Jeep Cherokee



  • deltapete, i have a question about what bushings you greased, because after reading both comments i realised that i have the same problem or sorta the same sound, and would like to try to grease them myself. To me it sounds like the shackles...... "upper and lower bushings in the front and back tires?????" Thanks
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    That rubber line is the vent tube. The axle fluid is poured in through the rubber plug.

    I'm glad the axles matched up for you. It was either '97 or '98, I think, when the axles switched from the Dana 35 to the Chrysler 8.25. I found out the axles had changed when a friend of mine gave me two leaf springs off his '93 and they were about a half inch narrower than the ones on the Jeep.
  • :confuse: I have a 1987 Jeep Cherokee, recently I replaced the front u-joint in the front right axle and did the work myself, but had a professional press it out for me. Well after I had it all back together, I tried putting it in four wheel drive and notice that it was grinding in the transfer case. I cant figure out what I might have done for this to happen. I did unplug the vacume line into the front axle to clean it off, but plugged it back it. I also checked the fluid so i know its not that. Can someone please tell me what might be making my baby run like ****!
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    When does it grind? Are you moving or sitting still? Is it a manual or auto tranny? Are you switching into 4-Hi or 4-Lo?
  • It grinds when I'm driving in 4H & 4L! I didnt have this problem before I changed the u-joint. Its a auto tranny.
  • Ive previously made a post, which mullins87 replied to. I forgot one detail, that when driving in 4H or 4L the grinding or vibrations only occur during acceleration, at a steady spead there is no sound or vibr. So im still wondering could changing out one u-joint as opposed to changing out both be making this noise in my transfer case. Like i said I checked the trans fluid and pretty sure all the splines were lined up when i put the drive shaft back in. Any help would be appriciated. Thanks
  • When ever i changed my U-joints i always change both. Weahter it be on my own vehicle or a customers. Ive had situations in the past were i only changed one and the vehicle came back a couple weeks latter for a noise and that was it. So since then i have just replaced both, its a CYA thing. Now i cant guarantee that will fix it but its deff worth a try......
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    You called it "grinding or vibrations" in that last post. Could be the other U-joint, or could be one on the driveshaft itself.
  • Happy New Years all Cherokee owners! I just got back from camping on Puzzle Lake Provincial Park in Ontario. A little on the chilly side, but worth it. The trail up was very beautiful and fun! I will have to go there again in the spring, for alot of the trail was frozen over, which hides all the fording. If you're passing through this neck of the woods, post a message and I'll be glad to give directions. Also, if anyone knows of any other good trails in Eastern Ontario, post it up please! Happy Trails!
  • I have a question about a 1995 Jeep Cherokee auto transmission. I have tried about all I know how to do. Currently, I have changed the fluid and used the suggested Mercon transmission fluid. I used slick 50 as well. I have tried a few other things. Added a cooler. What is it doing? I can drive it for about five hundred feet and then the transmission stops. I can wait for ten min, and then it runs again. I jacked up the rear and ran the tack up through the gears and it worked.
    Then it quits again after it goes through the gears. Has the slick 50 jelled it up? I changed the fluid which was dark. I am wondering though, why the sites recommend atf 3 and the book says Mercon. Are they the same? In any case, I need my jeep. What can you tell me?

  • Always use what the owners manual says. It is not the same, DEXTRON III Mecron is what you're looking for if infact that is what the manual says.
    Did you change the filter too? Or just the fluid?
    If this were my problem, I would drain it again, have the filter changed and not add slick 50. Slick 50 is used to restore old transmission fluid back to it's original OEM specifications. As for the transmission cooler, I wouldn't add one myself, it typically cools the fluid, perhaps it's over cooling and won't let the fluid remain a steady temp. I hope you're back up and running soon, there's nothing worse than having your Jeep taken from you for what ever amount of time. I almost lost it when mine was in the shop for a weekend. Good luck!
  • I've got a '99 Cherokee Clasic. The left side brake and tail lights don't come on, along with the front running lights on the left side. I've replaced all the bulbs with new ones. No luck. I'd rather not take it in, and i'm normally pretty handy with wiring, but i'm stumped. Any ideas????
  • I cannot be certain, but it may be that a fuse is burnt out. You say all lights on the left side are out, so maybe everything on the left uses the same fuse. I will do some looking in my repair manual if this isn't the case. Other than that check everywhere for loose connections. Good luck.
  • zgmzgm Posts: 1
    2000 sport with 85000 mi. This just started happening 2 days ago. It will start up just like normal, except the cdplayer,blinkers,wipers,heater,and pwr windows, don't work. When this happens the red airbag light and the red brake light on the dash stay on. The transmission also grinds if you try to put it into gear. The headlights and dash lights still work. If the jeep is turned off then back on, sometimes it takes two or three times, everything works just fine. what could possibly cause this? has anyone else had a similar problem?
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    Stab in the dark here, but could it be a short in the ignition switch?
  • astemastem Posts: 6
    I have a '01 4WD Sport bought used, and am looking to buy new tires for it. I drive about 50 miles a day, almost all hwy and really don't do any off-road activities. I live in Chicago, so I like the fact that the 4WD helps a ton in snow, but I also want to keep a smooth ride on dry roads. Any help would be greatly appreciated. By the way, this site helps a bunch. Keep up with the forums!

  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    I haven't had too much experience with all terrain tires, as I tend to buy more aggresive mud tires. I once had a set of BF Goodrich A/T's on a Wrangler and I now have Dayton Timberline A/T's on my '01 Cherokee. Both tires are very quiet on the road, they tackle snow with ease, don't seem to hydroplane very easily and handle dry roads quite well.
  • I scorred a great deal at Free Tire Service. They are BFG A/T knock offs. They are called Apachee Trac. They were about 1/2 the price of the BFG's, and they work great off, and on road. Plus they wear like steel. Very deep tread pattern to.
  • Hey there, I will further support the BFG All Terrain's for I have had them on my '98 Cherokee for half a year now. I have gone long distances on the highway (1000km in a day) and through 3 or more feet of snow. They are extreamly quiet, suprisingly actually on the highway and wear very well. Snow is a breeze of course and they are very strong tires, well built. Not to mention they look awesome! They are however, a little expensive, but worth it if you want a good sturdy tire that will last and compliment your Jeep's Style. You will be very happy with these tires if you decide to go with them. Another note they have awesome weight ratings too. Good luck!
  • hello i have a 1998 cherokee limited 4x4 with a 4.0 engine. when you crank it up it makes a sound similar to like putting cards in the spokes of bike rims. this sound happens as soon as you start the vehicle and when you reach about 40 mph it will stop.was wondering if it could be a crack fly wheel or torque converter or maybe even a lose connecting rod.hope some can help i am lost for ideas and really dont know where to start looking.
  • Is there any lag in performance? Or has it always been like that, so you wouldn't know. It's not your torque converter, that only set's in once you maintain a constant speed. If it were the fly wheel, you would probably hear it at all speeds. It does sound like something to do with your connecting rods. Not nessasarily the rod itself, but may need adjusting. Perhaps, it's even your exhaust, check it out and see if there are holes or cracks anywhere, check the seals on the muffler aswel, the stock mufflers for the Jeep are not very strong, I've actually just installed a magnaflow today because the seal on mine was cracked and it sounded aweful. I also have a 1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4x4.

    I hope you can get that sorted out, good luck.

  • Had a friend install a new sun visor when i started the car it sparked and all interior lights went out. Now the radio, interior lights, and and all gauges on the dashboard(Speedometer, gas, temp, ect...) are out. Changed two fuses in the fuse box no difference. Was wondering if there was another fuse in the operation control box by the engine that could have shorted. Please help, any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    There could be a fuse in the power distribution box. However, the big question remains. Did you correct the problem? Sounds like a screw penetrated a wire and shorted the circuit.
  • I have a 2002 GCJ. The windows do not roll down (automatic windows) nor does the drivers door unluck with the remote. All oher doors unluck except the drivers. I have to use the key. I noticed when you get in at night, the interior lamps do not turn on. When you try to increase the intensity of the interior dash board lights, the interior lights come on. I am confused. I check fuses with no luck and the book does not clarify which fuse controls the windows. Any ideas. All window controls do not work. The door control works on all doors ecept the drivers door. When you shift into drive, the auto door locks do not engage.

    Help is appreciated...what am I looking for
  • I have a 1996 cherokee and the plastic fitting that connects the upper radiator hose to the radiator is cracked. This of course causes my coolant to leak, and I have to fill it up at least once a week. Does anyone know how to fix this problem without having to replace the radiator?
  • I need to replace the transfer case on my 6cyl., 1994 Jeep Cherokee Sport, 5spd MT. The name plate says it is a 231j.
    I'm looking around trying to find a used one to replace it with. Does the replacement need to come out of a 94 with manual transmission or are there other years that will fit? I've seen descriptions refer to 21 or 23 spline, does anyone know which the 231j is or which one I need?

    Thanks -
  • You might try using a plastic tank repair putty. I found some in an auto parts store last week. It is near the JB Weld and other metal repair products. It might do the trick. Otherwise, a new radiator is in your future.
  • I'm not familiar with a "231j". Is it a "New Process" t-case? It should be an "NP231" unit. You should also have the Aisin AX-15 tranny. This t-case unit is used with both the 4 and 6 cylinder models. The only difference is the number of input gear splines on the t-case. The 4 cylinders use a 21 spline gear whereas the 6 cylinder uses a 23 spline gear. I have read there were three different length input gears used throughout the years. However I have never been able to verify that info. If you happen to find one from a '94 Cherokee, that would be great. However, I'd bet you can use one from around '90 to '01. My '01 Cherokee Sport has the same t-case in it as my '95 Wrangler. Try going to Ebay and searching for "NP231". You should be able to find a good one for $300-$350.
  • BTW:

    You should be able to use a t-case from a Cherokee with the auto tranny as the mounting will be the same. However, that could be where the different length input gears comes into play.
  • Thanks, I found some and it appears that it might do the trick.
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