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Jeep Cherokee



  • At approx. 76,000 miles the check engine light came on and idle speed seems to be alittle high even though the heater/ac is off. Happened once before at 12,000 miles, then under warranty, the dealership replaced the fuel pump gasket which fixed the problem. Now, I think the problem maybe one of the O2 sensors. (1) Does anyone know if its possible to test these sensors with an ohmmeter? and if so, what kind of readings should I get? (2) Also, if I replace the sensors or any other part, will I need the computer to reset the light?
  • Before you start throwing parts at it, have the codes read. You can either take it to AutoZone, or some other parts store, and have them read the codes for free, or you can buy your own scan tool. A scan tool will allow you to pull the codes, find out what they mean, and erase the code to turn off the check engine light when you're done. They can be purchased for under $100 for the basic model. I have the $150 model. It has saved me and my family/friends well over $1,000 in diagnostic/repair bills. Best of all, you can use it on all your other OBD-II cars as well. All 1996 and newer cars are OBD-II compliant.

    As far as I know, you cannot test an O2 sensor. If I'm wrong, hopefully someone will chime in and correct me. I'd love to have that little piece of knowledge stored away. :D

    Your high idle could be nothing more than a vacuum leak.
  • fastefaste Posts: 7
    have 02 jgc that has visited dealer 11 times for same engine problem while under warranty. each time i got a different answer. vehicle now out of warranty but have extended warranty. vehicle has not had problem for 8000mi but now has valve tap for 5 min when started cold. i use syn oil and change every 3500mi. have filed lemon law back in feb 05 and won arbitration case in oct 05. chrysler appealed and now have court case set for april 07. can't get case heard in court any sooner. any replies or help would be appreciated.
  • Thanks for the good advise. I'll run a scan.
  • Anybody know where I can get internal engine parts for a 1996 Cherokee 4.0L? Besides the dealership? Seems as though everyone has parts for 1995 and older. I've tried a couple of local parts stores and spent hours looking online. I doing a minor rebuild for an engine swap into my Wrangler and I really need new rings and bearings.
  • Has Anyone put aftermarket spark plugs in the cherokee with the straight 6 i want to do the platnium plugs. Need a lil more power? What type of plugs did you guys use and what did you notice...
  • I use stock plugs and think platinums are a waste of money since it's a rather low tech engine and doesn't require them. You won't notice any difference except your wallet will be lighter. :)
  • yes I have used the platinum plugs worked great noticed faster starting etc.however my old plugs were shot so any improvement was better alot smoother idle though better on fuel noticed. :)
  • at idle it makes a scraping sound not in the cap but lower say on the distributor shaft it is pretty loud any of you ever get that???my jeep is an 89 4.0L just wondering if I should yank the distributor out for an inspection,also my idle seems to go up and down about 50-79 rpm at idle like it stumbles a bit any thoughts?? :confuse:
  • Hi:
    I have the classic problem of oil leaking from the rear main seal. My husband took it to his mechanic (a bozo) to have it fixed but the repair was not made properly so it still leaks. Other than that my "92" runs great, it could use something for extra power though. I want to keep it because I love it, he wants to get rid of it because of the rear main seal problem. In your opinion could it be fixed or should we consider his option of selling it?
    Oh and thanks for the heater help, it was the fan motor.
  • hi I have had to replace my rear seal too, to do a good job you have to take off the oil pan as well as removing the transmission.have you complained to the mechanic?If it wasn't fixed right its his responsibility to fix it.What did he get paid for??I thought mine was leaking again after it was fixed, but it was the valve cover gasket,oh and the oil filter adapter,try a seal additive in your engine oil,unless its a big leak it really helps to expand the seals.Jeeps are great but...( they leak )years ago I worked at a few oil change places and jeeps and oil leaks go hand in hand,so my opinion is get the leaks fixed and drive it like a jeep,keep it as a second vehicle.If you love it prove it ha ha. :D
  • hi again another quirk with my cherokee is that if I shut off the ignition with my headlight switch pulled ot still you cannot get them to go out without turning the key back on,yes the buzzer works still but is this a normal thing and if not how do I get it fixed?? :confuse:
  • hi I want to run 31" tires so up it must go,aside from looking cooler and way more ground clearance,I am wondering if the inline 6 has enough get up and go with the bigger tires,also should I drop in a tranny shift kit in to help???also what kind of lift kit do you have and would you recomend it?? :confuse:
  • Where can I find spes or a manual on a 1984 jeep cherokee sport. I am having trouble with the timing chain have changed it twice in two years. This time i have changed it thats niot the hard part. To Time it and get the distribter just right is not. For some reasom it starts but then when i put it into ggear it dies. I listen to this one and that and have gone threw three timing gasket kits and there not that cheap. Can youhelp me i'm rebuilding this thing to run but hope it lasts to give it to my son in the next year or so it is a 2,8 liter if that helps!
    Chris :confuse: :sick: :lemon:
  • They turn off automatically after a min or so after you push in the switch.
  • Depends on your factory, or present gearing. If you have the 3.55's, like mine, I'd bet it will be sluggish. If you have the towing package and 4.11's, you probably won't have to do anything. That is unless you tow with it. Then you might want to consider 4.56's or even 4.88's.

    Do a lot of research on the lift height you will need to clear 31" tires. I've been told 31's are the maximum you can run without trimming the fenders. Also, I'm assuming you will not mount those 31's on the factory rims. They have too much backspacing and will cause the tires to rub in a turn.

    A shift kit couldn't hurt. Mine could use one even with the factory 225's on it and 3.55 gears. I don't have any recommendations on lifts as mine isn't lifted. Yet! :D
  • mark,

    I had a 93 cherokee sport 4wd that had 212,000 on it when I bought it and it ran sweet until I sold it at 245,000. I only had to put on new tires and a new power steering box. It had only routine maintenance done to it. This thing was the poster child for daimler chrysler. I bought a 99 last year and have had nothing but good luck with it. I gave my 93 to my little brother and he never checked the oil for a year. One day I went to change the oil and it was running on 1 qt. This thing was unreal. Good luck with your Jeep man
  • I have a 99 cherokee sport with 4wd. It has 75,000 on it now and the gas mileage just took a turn for the worse, I was getting about 17-18 and now I'm getting like 12-13. I replaced the plugs, rotor, cap and all that but no difference. I dont know what the problem is with it. Also sometimes when I shift into drive it takes a few seconds for the transmission to kick into drive. Also the 4wd light on the dash wont go off. It has been rough to engage in 4wd and sometimes I have to put it in neutral to get it to disengage. I hate all these problems I'm having and so is my wallet. I dont know if I should get the transmission serviced because I've heard lots of horror stories about it. Any help would be appreciated.
  • ladybug5ladybug5 Posts: 1
    I need to know how much antifreeze to put in our daughters 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport. The information would be much appreciated. We had to change out the top radiator hose and will replace the lower one tonight then we need to flush the thing out and replace the antifreeze. Thanks so much in advance. :)
  • I've had an intermittant problem with my 2000 Jeep Cherokee for the last year or so. Our mechanic has been unable to identify the noise, so I thought that I'd see if someone here had any ideas.
    When I get to about 25 mph. my Jeep begins to make this High pitched buzzing, squealing noise. When I slow down, the noise slows down as well. It sounds as if the noise is coming from something that rotates, or from something that is vibrating slower at slower speeds and faster at faster speeds. The noise is coming from underneath the vehicle and seems to be louder on the passenger side, but it's hard to tell, because it's hard to pinpoint the noise when it only begins at about 25 mph.
    Everything is working well, no problems. I was wondering if the recall for the heat shield that we had a couple of years ago could be the culprit. Perhaps it's come loose and is vibrating. The Jeep is maintained on schedule. Our mechanic checked the odometer cable and says that's fine.
    Any ideas out there? It's really embarassing to drive around making such a noise. Thanks.
  • I was wondering if anyone has put a 5.9 liter jeep engine in a cherokee, I would like to know if i can use the same transmission and if the motor mounts are in the same.

  • If that light is on, it's possible it's stuck in 4wd still, sometimes the vacuum line on the front diff cracks and it will cause it to stay in a disengage from 4wd. Try putting it in 4wd then drive forward a few feet then stop put it in neutral, take it out of fwd and then reverse for 50 feet it should click and come off.

    If it is stuck in fwd then that would explain the gas mileage prob but if it is just the light staying on maybe it's not registering as disengaged.

    try changed the fuel filter
  • I have a 97 Jeep Cherokee with 77k miles. 2 months ago the check engine light came on. The Jeep dealership searched the car computer and found an error with the 3-4 Solenoid but didn't believe it was a mechanical problem. When the light returned 2 weeks later, they changed the solenoid. 2 weeks later the light returned. On my way back to the dealership, the light went away. Now, every few weeks the light comes and goes. It seems to come on with colder temperatures (freezing to 40F). Any thoughts?
  • tree5tree5 Posts: 1
    driving on the I-95N in Virginia at 65mph when my 2001 jeep cherokee just shut down. engine light came on, oil pressure gauge shows no pressure. has 72k miles, this has never happened before. does anyone have any ideas about what this could be?
  • thorsnakethorsnake Posts: 14
    I had previously posted about this. The Champion stock spark plugs are cheap BAD plugs IMO! I've replaced several sets just after 6-7K on them. My Jeep mechanic said I would get a check engine light if I used after market plugs. Boy was he wrong, I went to split fires, have noticed a small performance increase, and milage increase. Plus I've checked them and they look almost new after 10k. Well worth the money, and time. I've seen goodpost about the Bosh plugs to.
  • I have the same problem I have a 01 Sport and the fob quit working new batteries no luck power locks work. Is there anothe fuse some where that controls the remote?
  • Ok thank you I will let them stay on and see if this is the case,If it works then you are the man,I just like to see them go out myself and not just head to the house ha ha. Thanks again. :D
  • Yes I have the tow package in it,and the most towing I would do is my motorcycles or boat(aluminum small)Yeah I wondered about those stock rims as I was going to bead blast and paint/clearcoat them at work,but thanks for the tip on them saved me some headaches,Was thinking about the 4-4.5 inch kits,good to buy on e-bay seems pretty competitive pricing,but don't know if I will need longer brake lines my guess is yes,I have 240k on the jeep and it still pulls like a mule,yeah so I better do some resarching on the kits a bit more but can't wait to lift it up and have the big meaty tires,I have BF GOODRICH Long Trails on it and on ice not so good but in mud yippee!anyhow thank you for the advice. :shades:
  • Just a note to say that I changed my old oxygen sensor what a difference in fuel consumption,not sure of the interval to replace it but worth every penny I have gone 260km on under half a tank,and thats with 240k on the old girl,I have a K&N air filter ,platinum plugs,too which helps a bit and I just run the cheap fuel,Is this pretty good for a 6cyl jeep from 1989?Just changed my cap and rotor and pick up in the distributor,was sad to see a motorcraft distributor in my JEEP,do they make an MSD set up for JEEPS?? :confuse:
  • ohiojrohiojr Posts: 3
    Hi all. Have a 2001 Cherokee with 93,000 miles and a auto transmission. I have noticed lately that occasionally when I take off from a stop sign that the tranny or the shaft or something seems to slip for just a fraction of a second before the rear tires engage( I am in 2 wd ). Also occasionally the rear of the car wants to push the front when coming up to a stop sign. I have replaces all 4 brakes but this did not help. I have also been experiencing a vibration at about 78 mph that seems to be comming from the floor NOT the New tires. Had the tires spun balanced and the Tire guy said he thought it did not need alignment . I was thinking maybe u joints ? Anyone have any experience changing there own tranyy and tranfer fluids. I have read here NOT to use synthetic , I have a kift and have expierince working on old Mustangs ...but not much when working on newer cars.Sorry for the long post.
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