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Jeep Cherokee



  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    Have you checked the fuses? What about looking for a loose ground?
  • thanks for the suggestion. I was going to replace the oil and rotate the tires. I don't think it had the comprehensive 100k tune up, although I believe they replace the spark plug wires and distributor when the mechanic replaces the alternator typically, do they not?

    Besides flushing the radiator 'just in case', do you think I should change the tranny fluid? It's an automatic.

    I'm amazed at how strong the engine is. I've heard either horror or glory stories about jeeps. I guess consistency was the problem.
  • I have checked the fuses under the dash and in the relay box, but I'm not quite sure how to check for a loose ground though.
  • dancermandancerman Posts: 220
    My repair manual says "remove shift handle by pulling straight up."
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    No, plugs and wires are not typically replaced with an alternator. Change all the fluids. You don't know when the last change was, if any at all. Go through everything that is a high maintenance item.

    Being a Jeeper, I know lots of folks with Jeeps. They range from new to much older than yours. I do know of a few that have had problems. But they are the exception rather than the rule. That engine has a history of going well over 200k miles with proper maintenance, and the tranny is nearly bullet proof. The only recurring problems I'm aware of are less than fantastic wiring and fluid leaks.
  • ryan99ryan99 Posts: 46
    Hey thanks! that did it...
  • junya1junya1 Posts: 3
    I own a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited and I'm having problems with it overheating. It first ran hot sitting at a red light. When i pulled over I found that the radiator had burst on the side. I replaced it, but the vehicle was doing the same thing. I changed the thermostat and the same problem, it kept running hot. I ended up having to change the fan clutch and it's doing the same thing. There is no water in the oil or coming out of the tail pipe, so I don't think that I blew a head gasket. I took out the thermostat and let it run for 30 minutes and it did not run hot. I put a 4th thermostat in and have the same problem. All I can thing of now is the water pump or some electrical crap I've never heard of, please someone help. Thanks

    P.S. The fan is coming on, but I'm not getting any heat when I turn the heater on.
  • gleghorngleghorn Posts: 1
    I have a 98 cherokee as well and also have the same problem. Mine however only started after I returned the vehicle to the dealer and they replaced the water pump. I wonder if it is because they disconnected the battery and reset the comp or knocked a vacuum line off???/ it also only seems to happen when I am at a 1/4 tank or less
  • jeepgirl3jeepgirl3 Posts: 10
    I had an overheating problem with my'94 Cherokee last summer. I changed the entire cooling system over the course of the summer (wish I had done it all at the same time). I think everything needed replacement, but I found that the smallest leak in a hose will create an air bubble in the system and can lead to a hot engine. Those hoses dry-rot over time and probably have small leaks, especially if you have been pulling on them and bending them, replace them all, its cheap and easy. Also, is the water pump loud? I am on my third, so the chances are good that you do need a new one if you have not have not replaced it.

    The heater problem probably has little to do with the fan. The heater pulls fluid off the hot engine and runs it through its own coil. When I was fixing my Jeep's cooling system I had to replace the heater valve, because I was a little rough removing the hose and the valve crumbled in my hand. Easy and cheap to replace.

    BTW-I got three bad thermostats over the course of fixing my Jeep. The one I got from Chrysler was of much better quality than the others.

    Last but not least, when you are putting the coolant back in, I found (my brother told me) that parking the Jeep going up hill makes it easier. It allows the coolant to completely fill the engine so no bubbles get trapped.
  • My teeth chatter and rattle like crazy when I hit a bump...I know it's supposed to have a trucklike feel, but this is almost intolerable.

    Would this probably be a shock, or strut, issue? I know that in many cars the names are interchangeable...does this apply with the Cherokee? And does it really cost about 1k to get them replaced? ugh....
  • dancermandancerman Posts: 220
    Replacement OEM style shocks are relatively cheap and the installation labor is minimal (1-2 hours max.). If you can use a wrench and don't mind crawling on the driveway it's a good DIY project. $1000.? ripoff!
  • i've never bothered with shocks before, I just read this in other forums. For some reason they're all quoting 1k or so. thanks....
  • what shocks would you recommend for light hauling but also comfort?
  • dancermandancerman Posts: 220
    I'd call that normal use. I bought Monroe Gas-matic shocks at Advance Auto for $21. each and put them on myself. Others may tell you to get something more costly but if you are not off-roading or towing you will be wasting cash. You should apply some penetrating oil to all the threads and allow it to soak in before you try to remove the old shocks. It will be alot easier.
  • thanks for the info. one question, though: wouldn't it be best to buy shocks from the dealership, who developed them specifically for that vehicle? Or have you not noticed any ill effects from the aftermarket shocks?
  • Sorry for all the questions: I'm just repairing the jeep I just purchased one bit at a time.

    The radio works, but I can only get reception on a few stations. The antenna is intact, but I suspect a lose wire may be to blame. The interesting bit, however, is that I get a total of four stations, and they're of weaker signal than almost all of the others. Has anyone encountered this? Any thoughts on what it must be?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    You might find this post about OEM/aftermarket shocks interesting:

    idahodoug, "Toyota Land Cruiser" #2373, 10 Feb 2003 6:24 pm

    Steve, Host
  • dancermandancerman Posts: 220
    I think sticking with a well known brand is as good as OEM and in many instances the OEM units are made by the others anyway. If you buy at the dealer you will be paying a premium for them. Do what makes you feel comfortable; I have no complaints about the Monroe replacements.
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    I'd bet it's the water pump.
  • i have a 1999 jeep cherokee inline 6 cylinder 4.0L with the trouble code P1491 auxiliary emission control i don't have a clue what that is or how to fix it any help would be much appreciated :blush:
  • dancermandancerman Posts: 220
    Haynes manual says this code is for a 2.5 L engine cooling fan relay which makes no sense for you. It does not give anything for the 4.0 L. Maybe someone with a factory manual has more and better info for you. You may want to thoroughly examine all the hoses under the hood and to the gas tank checking for anything that cracked, loose or pinched and have your gas cap checked.
  • :( can anyone tell me if this is neutral switch/ backup lights causing the code
  • I have a 99' Cherokee Sport, 4.0L Inline 6. I'm shopping for some performance upgrades, at this point completely stock...I want an exhaust system that delivers power, but also I want it LOUD, any ideas!?! And also I saw an add for a turbonator or something? Anyone know if that's legit? Please help!!!
  • gmyers65gmyers65 Posts: 1
    I was wondering if I could get some help. I have 1996 Jeep Cherokee Sport w/ 4.0L 6 cyl. engine. Lately it has been overheating, replaced thermostat and radiator cap per the Jeep dealer. Worked for awhile I had to tow my boat and once I got on the highway it overheated and stalled. Took twenty minutes to start then did it again 10 miles later. Took it back to the shop and they found nothing wrong & had no explanation. Now yesterday, under no load, it just stalled again. I have noticed that the electric fan never seems to turn. Could this be my problem or is there combination? Thanks for any help.
  • dancermandancerman Posts: 220
    You'll need both high-flow exhaust and intake to get any increase in performance and even then it will be much less than earthshaking. I did this and noticed a tiny bit more zip at take off and smoother acceleration at WOT. Not worth the money.
  • mytoolsmytools Posts: 4
    I had the same problem with my 90 Cherokee.

    I followed the Antenna to the interior, nothing.

    I followed the radio input to the passenger kick panel, and nothing again.

    I removed the passenger kick panel and found that Jeep, in their infinite wisdom, made a cable connector that rests right behind the passenger kick panel. It had come unconnected. I plugged it together and radio works great. For added security I secured the connector with electrical tape so that it wont come loose a second time.

    So the blame for this problem clearly lies with your passenger(s). All that kickin' around over there finally worked the connector loose!! :P

    Hope that helps,
  • kworkkwork Posts: 1
    Have a 95 jeep cherokee both alternator and battery check fine on and off vehicle but system shows not charging and only pulling about 9.3 volts any suggestions on what to look at next
  • gct717gct717 Posts: 2
    my jeep does the samething, my overflow cap does not fit. i think, that could be the reason why all the coolant is coming back out of it, right?
  • I recently had to replace the cylinder head on my 2001 Cherokee and in doing some research have found that there is a problem with the casting (I think the casting # is 0331, but I could be wrong.)between cylinders 3 & 4 that leads to cracks in this location that allow coolant and oil to mix, resulting in overheating, low oil pressure, and the associated problems with contaminating these two systems. This is my 3rd Jeep Cherokee (others were an '89 and a '96.) I had high hopes for the improved performance of the 2001, but this defect is not what I have come to expect from Jeep branded vehicles, and causes me to become nostalgic for my '96. Has anyone heard if DC has determined what the cause of this defect is, and if there is anything I can do, as an owner, to prevent this from happening again in the future? I e-mailed DC customer support and they replied that there was no recall, have a nice day. Not the answer I was seaching for!
  • voltage regulater
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