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Jeep Cherokee



  • Thanks, but I run at least mid-grade fuel and NEVER arco fuel. usually shell or chevron. I put a thing of lucas injector cleaner in it already, didn't make a difference. Its just weird that it cranks so long, but starts fine when it does. and idles smoothly.

    Also, leaving the key on before starting doesn't change a thing either.
  • I just got an 04 Laredo with 43K miles on it and when I switch out of park to drive or reverse there is a grind type noise. I also have it when I'm going from brake to gas. Can someone tell me what is going on? thanks
  • sounds like pressure is good..assume you've changed filters..maybe electrical..i've seen on this blog where the engine crank sensor-the one that's mounted at the flywheel-could they have picked a more-pain in the butt-place for that?
    did you have them check for trouble codes?..if that engine crankshaft position sensor is getting tired,it'd show up as a trouble code..the auto zone's here do it for gets a couple hundred-just to run a test,then you hear where they do a "update" on your computer-that makes it run slower and worse?!??!!
    good luck with it :shades: !
  • i'd check all the fluids-transferr case,differentials,ect..then,try putting the transferr case in low-like maybe it wasn't in gear all the way..
    look at your u-joints..
    if it makes noise between decell and accel,it's probably a u-joint,or the ring gear in the rearend..thats why it's so important to check fluid levels-especially in the rearend..i see a lot of jeeps for sale -where all it needs is a third member..could be whats going on with yours!? :sick:
  • I have a 1990 Jeep Cherokee 4L Straight 6. This just started today, when I get the engine started. It seems to run real high for no reason that I can think of.. I drove it to the store and when I left, it started.. Has anyone had this happen or knows what I can do to fix it.. Also, when I start the engine, it sometimes just whirrs (kinda like, if you turn the key when it is already running..) and stops..
  • I have a 1996 Jeep Cherokee and it just turned 150,000 miles and I wanted some info from anyone with similar Jeep's. Will this Jeep perform good enough for the next couple of years on the highway without any major concerns so that my daughter can use it at college? It runs great now and has always had maintenance and repairs taken care of on time. My big concern is the mileage and her being out of town. It is a 2WD with 4.0L six, a/c and not much else.

    Thanks for the advice and information.
  • I had a 1989 jeep cherokee limited. When I gave it to my nephew it had 314,800 miles on it. Still had original engine and running gear. Ran great. I always took care of it and had maint as required. I now have a 2000 cherokee and hope it does the same for me. It too will receive the needed care. Good luck.
  • I recently replaced the crankshaft posittion sensor on a 96 cherokee 4.0 to cure a no spark condition. Found that taking the front driveshaft lose and holding it out of the way with bailing wire was well worth the extra effort. I could actually reach the bolts with both fingertips with one arm in the engine compartment and one arm coming up from the transmission side.
  • Jeeze man! You have really long arms! :) Just kidding I know what you mean! It does sound easier that way!
  • I'm 6'2" and do have extra long arms.
  • kbk55kbk55 Posts: 1
    My 99 Cherokee limited has had perpetual electrical issues since I bought it 4 years ago. I love this vehicle but have got to figure out the problem or it has to go. Sometimes the speedometer and tach go out, sometimes all gauges go out. (The gauge cluster and harness have been replaced). The "outage" may last for a few seconds to a few hours. Sometimes the odometer catches up, sometimes it does not. Last week put me over the edge - it would start but died immediately - during which the gauges did not move at all. I left it in the parking garage at work overnight - next day it started like nothing ever happened and has run fine since. The local jeep dealer says they can't tell whether or which harness might be bad. I suppose it is not in their best interest to figure it out. Help please.
  • Has anyone checked the ignition switch? That is what comes to mind first with me. Steve and Tidester? Any input? Good luck! :shades:
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I agree. The ignition switch is one element common to all the symptoms. Jeep Grand Cherokee Electrical Problems may be helpful.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Please someone help me...
    Recently I had my front drive line removed from the quadra-track 02 jeep. My problem was whenever i turned a corner in the jeep it would make a grinding noise and it sounded horrible. The mechanics told me i had metal pieces in my front differential and the best and cheapest way to fix it was to remove this drive line....
    Now it sucks because i dont have 4wh drive anymore and if feel this is a safety issue. The mechanics also told me that the quada-track system isn't strong enough to take it off roading in the sand and that thats why it was tearing up the front diff.
    Has this happened to anyone else?
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    Man, you need to find a new mechanic!
    I'm not all that famaliar with the 02's but that sounds like a front axle CV joint that's bad. Assuming your truck has CV joints and not U-joints, the first thing I would look at is the rubber boots on the CV joints to see if they're ripped or torn. If you get dirt or water in the CV joints, they will go bad quickly.
  • loosenutloosenut Posts: 165
    two sugestions on your leaky anti-freeze filled grand cherokee..,select your car,and their website has a online manual!..a great find,i use a lot!'s not always as thourogh as i'd like sometimes,but will still usually give you a idea of what's what-especially the funnest part of auto repair-under the dash ! ! also,you can shop for the replacement parts-price for your rig..
    --2--try a tube of alumaseal in the comes in a tube,about the size of a roll of quarters..only open the radiator cap when your system is cold,otherwise it will erupt like a sience class volcano-probably scalding you..push down,and-like a child proof asprin bottle-there is a safety catch,so ya gotta click about a quarter turn-1/4..
    pour in thepowder,refill with the proper mix,as pure anti-freeze WILL freeze ! !
    do NOT add the sealer into the reserve will only plug the line to your radiator..take it for a hour get rid of the anti-freeze smell quicker,flush the air intake of your car with's the grill under the wipers under the'll also clear out the drain,or let you know if you've got a plugged drain
    -the stop leak might save you from having to replace the heater core !'t that be a wonderful thing?? and,if not,ya gave it a good try! of luck ! !
    windtalkerr :shades:
  • I have a 1988 cherokee that is chugging when I excellerate. Its feels like I am miss firing and at the same time it feels like the drive line isn't engaging. We changed the plugs (the old ones were bad) and nothing changed. The last owner put in a new cooling system and for some reason the coolant is rusty, could this cause the problem? We also put a higher octane gas in her and that didn't help ( it actually made it worse). We are also getting a lot of fuel in the exhaust. When we changed plugs the very back plug (I have a straight 6) was covered in fuel. to me this seems like I have blown piston rings, but not sure. I also thought about putting the plug riser in that one to see if that helps. Any Ideas would be very helpful. Please help I have a baby due any day now and need a reliable rig. paganmomma
  • Have you changed the fuel filter? Inexpensive and easy for a start! Injectors could be clogged/dirty. Could be bad spark plug wires? Bad cap and rotor... Good luck!
    David :shades:
  • Thank you David. I didn't even think about the fuel filter. I put some injector cleaner in the fuel tank to try and clean them so hopefully that will hekp that end, but I am going to replace the fuel filter. thanks again.
    paganmomma :)
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    compressen check on that cyl will tell you about rings or valves
  • Having problems finding the fuel filter. Does anyone know where it is?
  • I live in Springfield OR and I am looking for a cheap place to go and get a front driverside electric track. Does anyone know of a good place to go? The seat is in good condition, but the track is busted. The last owner was a very big man.
    Thank You
    Paganmomma :shades: :)
  • U don't need to be big person to bust that track. The whole seat structure system stinks on these Jeeps. First vehicle that I've ever owned that something like this has ever broken. Cheap materials!!!! :mad:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Ask around at a salvage yard. Maybe a body shop if the electrical stuff is ok and it's just the track that needs fixing.
  • mguymguy Posts: 5
    what ever happened to your project?? did you find a pcm??
  • loosenutloosenut Posts: 165
    thanks for asking mguy..what happened was winter came,got too cold to play wih..found a father/son who needed a 4.0 engine to rebuild,so junior would have wheels..sold them my-90 pioneer with a great body and a bad pcm for 500..i even threw in all the extra trans,rearends,ect i had to it..took that money and picked up a 97 grand cherokee laredo all wheel drive-with a growling rearend and two broken windows..
    i've "hillbillied" plexi into the passenger door ,and the 1/4 glass on the passenger side(why they missed the rear door-i dunno)'s a v8---is that the 318?--.but the guy's brother-in-law had it setting at his work's bodyshop for two broke the windows..his boss started giving him greif about inherating lawn decorations and sutch,so i got it for 500...the body's straight,a tune up should fix the motor,but the rearend's's that all time all wheel drive,
    --has anyone tried putting lock/unlock hubs on those?..cause i notice why the rearend went out..i turn tight in a parking lot,and can feel it binding..should be good in crappy weather,but on a dry parking lot,it binds.....haven't ran the first tank through it yet,but have already discovered --it LOVES gas..and drinks a lot of it!..i'm hoping it will get me through the winter without too mutch trouble..fortunately,all i need is to get to my doctor's and the grocery,so it should make it that long
    rebuilding a rearend should prove a challange to my abilities,but-i've got more time than money,and will give it a whack!

    -- :confuse:
  • try your local auto salvage. If there is a pull and save near you that would be your best bet. I did the track and seat last year and paid 30 dollars total. Good luck.
  • mguymguy Posts: 5
    Well, sounds like you got your hands full. I got a ecm (pcm) from a junk yard and my 96 jeep fired right up. MY 97 grand cherokee Lorado's engine just took a dump. At least i have one running car now. Before the engine (200,000 miles) died , the rear end had been growling also. but that was after i put in new bearings in rear of pumpkin. (pinion bearings??? i guess) Is there any adjustments in there to make noise go away? Noise louder when under load>
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