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  • I just purchased a new X5 for my wife and I am blown away at the ride and handling of this vehicle. It is awesome. The seats are very comfortable and there is ample leg room in both the front and rear. It is also a very quiet and solid. The sound system is very good for the standard system. We had narrowed our choice to four SUVs and test drove them and then made our decision. The BMW won easily. They did a great job on their very first attempt at a SUV. Can't help but wonder how the next generation X5 will be improved on.
  • Jack, if I read you right, it seems that the MY 2000 and 2001 are to be avoided. Further, if you buy a CPO you can 1) save the initial first year hit on depreciation and 2) get a longer warranty than on a brand new car that has not been exactly trouble free (at least initially).

    So, wouldn't the smart thing to do to buy a 2002 CPO and pass on a new 2003?

    With regard to a stick shift, would you expect the pricing to be proportionately lower (on a used unit) to reflect the lower MSRP, significantly lower because they are not wanted by the used buyer, OR relatively higher because they are rare? In other words, how do stick shifts "residualize" in the real world?

    In back issues of Roundel and Bimmer, the columnists aren't particularly impressed by the longevity of BMW automatic transmissions (maybe 100K before major overhaul). I figure that an overhaul on a X5 automatic would equal a California mortgage payment. Anyone's mortgage payment. How much could a Sachs clutch and pressure plate cost, anyway? $300? Plus 3-5 hours of local labor to throw it in and cut the flywheel?

    Speaking of Roundel, if you join the BMWCCA you get a free subsciption AND a significant rebate on a BMW purchase or lease after a year's membership. I joined a year ago in anticipation of possibly getting out of my Jeep GC. This isn't a bad investment not only for the purchase/lease discount but to read about new BMWs coming out and other developments. Incidentally, their columns have a lot of tech commentary by hard core BMW owners and techs. A lot of this commentary is negative. Not only do they recommend obsessive/compulsive
    airline-like maintenance intervals to avoid problems (really how often do most Americans really want to flush out their brake fluid?) but it seems like BMW has had some serious tech problems. These include engine problems (e. g., bad block castings and liners) leading to catastrophic failures, massive electrical problems, rear suspension failures,etc. etc. Apparently, you just don't want to own a BMW not in warranty. (The old fashioned, 100% cast iron Chrysler 318 in my JGC looks better and better. Feed it Mobil 1 lube oil, Red Line Synthetic ATF and at 104,000 miles it runs like a train.)
  • joatmonjoatmon Posts: 315
    Well, your post covered lots of ground. X5s have had some issues. Most have been worked out. I think it's very important to have a BMW dealer that is very knowledgable and helpful.

    I think buying a used BMW via CPO takes away most of the risk and worry. But, if you want to save a few bucks, You could buy it without CPO, save maybe $2k - $3k, and start a maintenance/repair fund with the savings. But, an 02 CPO probably won't save a lot over an 03. Some would take the 02 CPO over a new 03 just for the longer warranty.

    Yes, BMW's have problems. The V8 block problem is well documented. But, and this is a big but, BMW stepped to the plate and extended the warranty and fixed the problem. It took several attempts to identify the exact cause. But, they did make it right. It's an interesting story, too long to document here.

    I am in the process of selling an 86 BMW 528e that has over 197k. Yes, we bought it new, but it was out of warranty for quite a while. It is on the original engine and transmission. It's been a great car. Several minor issues, but overall, a great car. It still out brakes and handles most of the new stuff being sold.

    As far as flushing brake fluid goes, I do it. If you want to compromise the stopping ability of your BMW/JGC when the brakes are hot, then have at it. But as for me and my family, I'll change brake fluid and keep the braking performance as close to new car specs as possible.

    A comment on X5s with 5 speed. My son has a X5 with a 5 speed. My wife has an X5 with auto. I have a 530i with 5 speed. The X5s 5 speed has a very low 1st gear, much lower than the 530i. It may not bother you, but just know that upfront. The X5 just fells more "right" with the Steptronic (automatic) in my opinion.

    So, yes, I think BMWs appeal to people who put handling and braking at the top of their list. If you value reliability, BMWs are quite good, but there are better alternatives. (the JGC will never make a reliability list. :) )

    I hope this helps....

  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,327
    I think you may find a somewhat better deal on one because maybe it is someone who drove it for a year (or less) and decided that he/she couldn't live with the manual transmission anymore. The dealer would definitely lowball them on a the trade and would sell it cheaper than the Automatics CPOs on the lot. The question is, if you can find one. Do a search on

    There are 3 within a 500 mile radius of where I live (NYC).

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • vinu_neurovinu_neuro Posts: 22
    I have decide to get the 3.0i, but am not sure whether to get the Sport Package or not. Since the suspension is stiffer, is the ride quality compromised a lot? I have heard that on the 4.4i, the ride is horrible with the SP? Is it the same suspension on the 3.0 SP? Is the handling improved enough to be worth getting the SP?
  • Thanks JOATMAN and NYCARGUY for your posts on buying a CPO X5. I appreciate it.

    Incidentally, did everyone catch the preventive maintencance recommendation in the June issue of Bimmer? They recommend replacing the water pump and converting to an aftermarket aluminum thermostat housing at 40,000 miles (less if the car is used competitively)on most 6 cylinder engines. It seems Bimmer Magazine isn't too impressed by the plastic OEM water pump impeller and thermostat housing.
  • joatmonjoatmon Posts: 315
    I think sport vs. not-sport boils down to your particlar situation: who drives it, the passengers, load, road conditions, etc. Twisty mountain road by yourself = sport pack. Hauling 2 children to school in the burbs = non-sport.

    I'm impressed with the ride quality on the non-sport X5. The Sport Pack on the X5 is a stiffer ride, and I don't see where the increased control or sportiness justify its cost/stiffness in most situations.

    Just MHO,

  • greenlaterngreenlatern Posts: 77
    I second Jacks comments -- really boils down to the condition of your roads and if you desire the SP look. I found the heated steering wheel to be of greater the roads around Denver get ridiculous with potholes.
  • john888john888 Posts: 15
    Anyone know the money factor this month for X5? .0015? or ?

    Anyone with any good lease deals in NYC area lately?

    How much should I expect to pay above invoice for 2003 X5 3.0i this month?

    Thanks for any input.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    I've had my 01 X5 for almost 2 years, close to 30k miles with zero problems - as in none.

    It's had a couple of recalls the dealer fixed when I took it in for an oil change - I couldn't even tell you what the recalls were for - nothing I ever noticed.

    I thought I wanted a manual X5 until I test drove a manual and an automatic - auto all the way. I usually get a manual transmission in any vehicle that offers one - not the X5.

    I'm definately buying my X5 when it goes off lease, it's one of the best BMW's I've ever leased/ owned - fantastic.
  • joatmonjoatmon Posts: 315
    Great post! We hear all the problems, but there are many cases like yours.

    I'm still impressed when I drive the X5. (Wife and son each have one.) The room and luxury beat the 5 series. Great for hauling the 2 year old and 6 year old.


  • ladygolferladygolfer Posts: 1
    Rear cargo window smashes when parked driver's door is closed
    ever heard of this on an X5
  • ngray10025ngray10025 Posts: 2
    I am buying an SUV and have narrowed my choices down to the BMW X5 3.0 or the Volvo XC90 2.5T. I would appreciate any input on the differences between these two SUVs. The Volvo is a little less expensive, has much better cargo space, and seems overall to give better bang for the buck. I absolutely love the way the BMW drives, but I'm concerned that once my fiance and I are married and add a dog and kid to the mix, it won't be roomy enough. Also, do the BMW's safety features stack up against the Volvo? I've test driven both, and each sales person insists their car is safer (Volvo: "It's impossible to roll this car." BMW: "You can't drive the Volvo through tight curves the way you just drove the BMW. You will end up on your side.") Finally, I've heard some complaints that the BMW 3.0 is underpowered (although it seemed fine to me). The Volvo has less horsepower (but more torque, and weighs slightly less). I will be driving mostly in the SF Bay Area and Lake Tahoe in the winter. Many thanks.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,327
    Jack & I believe RickRover, what didn't you guys like about the X5 w/ a Manual Transmission? Just curious.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • joatmonjoatmon Posts: 315
    1st gear on the X5 w/ 5 speed is very low. It's what used to be called a "stump puller". You're tempted to just start in 2nd gear. If you actually drive on unpaved roads, it would make some sense.

    Also, the Steptronic seems to work very well.

    Hope this helps,

  • joatmonjoatmon Posts: 315
    Both of these rigs are very safe. Looking at the X5 that was crash tested will make a believer out of me. Volvo, of course, is very safe.

    Both seem to have more than adequate power. Neither will win many drag races, but each can take you down the road quickly.

    The X5 cargo area is a little small, but the spacious seating areas seem to make up for it, at least for my family.

    If the "drive" of the X5 is a high priority, then it may be for you. If not, the the XC90 will do a great job.

    I don't see a loser here. Both are winners.

    Good luck,

  • aveghteaveghte Posts: 68
    When my wife and I took a test drive in the XC90 2.5T, engine noise was very noticeable. Her current automobile is a Lexus RX300 which is very quiet. If you are considering a Volvo XC90, I would encourage you to look at the 2.6 liter engine.
  • jeff181jeff181 Posts: 4
    I'm looking to purchase a 2003 X5 soon and was interested in recommendations for dealers in the Southeast. Also is the TMV price close to what others are paying? Thanks in advance.
  • berkkberkk Posts: 2
    Trying to decide between X5 and RX330. I would definitely go with X5 (name, ride, look) but reliability is my concern. I like RX330 because it has more accessories and has better interior. I do not know much about NAV in these cars. Are they useful? Any suggestions?
  • joatmonjoatmon Posts: 315

    Where in the SE? Be more specific and I'll give you a recommendation.

  • joatmonjoatmon Posts: 315
    I think the reliability of the X5 is good. Most issues are known and have been fixed. Most dealers work with you when issues come up, and they seem to get problems resolved.

    What about the interior don't you like? I find it to be a good layout with good quality materials and comfortable seats.

    Hey, but as they say, buy what you like.

  • jeff181jeff181 Posts: 4

    I'm located in North Alabama but will travel for a good deal. Thanks, Jeff
  • vinu_neurovinu_neuro Posts: 22
    What is included in the Tow Package in the 3.0i?
  • tippyd1tippyd1 Posts: 1
    Interested in a 3.0 with automatic/premium/xenon. How close to invoice (or off of MSRP) can you get in the Atlanta area? Cash deal.
  • greenlaterngreenlatern Posts: 77
    Some time ago the issue of cargo space came up and after some measurements were taken everyone was left wondering if there was a standard -- indeed there is! BMW publishes measurements according to the European DIN specification and not the more commonly used U.S. federal specifications. File away for future reference.
  • joatmonjoatmon Posts: 315
    The following dealers seem to have good reputations: Century in Huntsville; Tom Williams in Birmingham; Chris in Decatur; Hank Aaron in Union City; United in Deluth; and Global Imports in Atlanta.

    Most dealerships will give you a good deal if you ask for one, can wait for one, and are ready to act on one when it's offered. But, on the other hand, most have professional salespeople, and they are trying to get all they can from you. You can get clubbed like a baby seal most anywhere.

    Good luck,

  • skhoslaskhosla Posts: 22
    Is this a good deal in the bay area for a X5 3.0i with premium, xenon, auto? The dealor says thre's a MACO charge which is equal to 1% of the base invoice (about 360$). Is that legit?

  • ric1035ric1035 Posts: 32
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new in this board. I just bought a 2001 X5 3.0i at an auction with 66k mi,PP,CP,NAV,auto, and it came with an aftermarket Apline XM cd changer with JBL amp and a 6" woofer. It sounds good but the engine noise. I took a vehicle history from the dealer and the previous owner showed concerns but they could not fix it. They even replaced the alternator. I had a similar problems from my previous vehicles and it's very hard to get rid off. Sounds to me like audio installation problem. It is probably not grounded properly. The noise is still there even when the radio is off but it's worse when the XM radio is on. Any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate it.

    Overall it drives very nice. It is clean inside and out. How can I find out if any recalls has been repaired? It doesn't show on the dealer history. By the way I got it for 27,500.

    Thanks ahead for any suggestion.

  • joatmonjoatmon Posts: 315
    Good price. And yes, MACO is legit. I can't verify the amount, but it sounds right.

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