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  • I have a 2004 BMW X5 4.4 with normal sound system. Can I upgrade the sound system? Has anyone of you tried?
  • I just bought a 2002 BMW X5 3.0i with 42K miles. I know I can take it to the local BMW dealership for service and repairs but they are very expensive (I had routine service done and it cost me $450). I was wondering what is the best way to find a certified BMW technician who could give me better labor rates than the BMW dealership technicians. Is this recommended? I live in the state of Maryland. Any advice for or against doing this would be appreciated. Thanks. :)

  • I had the IPOD adapter installed at BMW dealer. It works pretty good: much better quality sound than any FM transmitter, charges IPOD, can advance songs and change volume from the steering wheel controls or the radio controls. You have to set up 5 playlists called BMW1, BMW2, etc. and that's all it will play. You can change playlists from the radio buttons. The downsides: does not display song title on radio and you cannot control the IPOD when it is attached. I'm fairly happy with it -- but not sure it's worth $400.
  • I do 90% city driving and 10% highway driving. I get a consistent 15 mpg.

    2005 X5 3.0
  • Try looking in the Roundel magazine. I know there is a listing of independent BMW mechanics. I am sure you will find one up there. There are way too many BMWs not to have independent mechanics.

    Personally, I use both the dealer and an independent BMW mechanic. I'll go to the dealer for any scheduled maintenance since it is free. But I also change my oil every 7500 miles and I take it the independent mechanic for that.

  • I have a 2006 X5 4.4, with NAV and DSP (premium sound). Although it is very hard to believe this car does not have a CD player so I bought the factory 6 disc changer. The manual states that it will also play MP3 and WMA files and display "audiotext" for these files. My changer does not play those discs (burned several discs with different compressions and formats), it will play regular CDs but with MP3 or WMA I get just a piercing sound of a binary data stream. It does not report any errors (reading the CD) and it will even fast forward. To me (as a computer consultant for many years) this is either an installation problem or a software bug or this is not possible with DSP. Anybody has this problem ?
    This is way above the dealer's technical expertise and I can not find a BMW technical contact anywhere.
  • Update - well the BMW NA technicians finally resolved the problem. Replaced amplifier and six disc changer the system now works properly. Not sure why it took so much time.

    Also found out that the IPOD adapter doesn't work with the premium sound sytem. It also works in the same port as the 6 disc changer, so it's one or the other if you don't have premium sound (which makes sense I guess - if you use the IPOD you don't need a 6 disc changer).

    So - if you want to use your IPOD - don't buy premium sound. An IPOD is of course way cheaper - premium sound is $1200 and definitely not worth the money considering the speaker package you get.
  • I have the same vehicle without NAV - and have been able to play discs both with MP3 and WMA files. This capability is important since you can't use the IPOD adapter with premium sound.

    You might have an amplifier problem. I would insist that the dealer replace the amp - and if that doesn't work - replace both the amp and CD player until it works. It is supposed to work. Make sure they consult a BMW NA tech if the dealer service techs can't get it work.
  • If you have premium sound - the adapter doesn't work. You also have to ditch your 6 disc changer if you have one.
  • Agreed that the 06 X5 4.4 is pretty neat to drive (having traded up from a 3 liter) - once you get past any flaws or issues encountered with your purchase. I hear the 07 will be a much bigger vehicle. Not seen any comment on other goodies. For me - the 06 is big enough.

    However - lusting is a sin ! (grin) It sometimes causes you to leap too early. If you're at all inclined to leap, secondary to lust -I'd suggest you not pre-order - really do your research - and not hand over cash until you get to see, touch, feel and test drive - test drive - test drive !
  • My X5 is about 9500 miles and just past a year mark and have not done any scheduled services yet. From the console, my car still has two green bars but I am concerned about this. Can I take my car for the first service or do I need to wait until all the green bars are gone?
  • tcn2ktcn2k Posts: 277
    After the first year, you should take it in for a free oil change. They will not reset your maintance interval on this service.
  • Yes I get the same mileage, and mostly Australian 16-17 litre per 100kms. for mainly city running.
  • My X5 is only 12 month old,17000km and always garaged. the sunroof startd to leak ,water through the sunroof operating switch and the microphone. BMW dealer seems to know about this as they are "replacing my seals with the upgraded seals"
    Also the inner ring of steering wheel where the cruise buttons are, is wearing down to the silver base material, just about where thumbs rest, poor qualiaty material me thinks.Anybody else with similar problem
  • yagit1yagit1 Posts: 11
    This is exactly what is happening with my 2002 X-5 3.0. I bot it in 2002 and and had to replace the battery twice. Service manager said that X-5s if left idle for more than 5 days will drain the battery and suggested that i buy a trickle charger. My car was towed twice and i have to call road assistance for more than 5 times because of battery issues. I just spoke with the service manager last nite and have not bot that trickle charger. Does that work wonders for you?
  • Hi, I'm about to buy an x5.. I live at 7000 ft., drive to the ski hill 3-4 times/week.. i don't want a huge car, and the x5 manual is the most fun for zipping up the switchbacks.. I am concerned re it's ability in fairly deep snow and ice on steep mountain roads and highways.. Since it's designed for the Alps, I believed it would be.. but i want to hear from someone who's been there... Any feedback??
  • A NJ dealer is offering a new 2006 BMW X5 3.0 with Premium, Convenience, Cold Weather packages, Xenon lamps, plus navigation for the following: $2,650 due at inception, $577.00 monthly payments. I am a first-time leasee, and car buyer for that matter. From what little I know, I think I should be happy with thes. Any input is appreciated...THANK YOU.
  • I've got (in NJ) 2006 X5 4.4, fully loaded except heated rear seats and 2 axle level suspension, MSRP about 62500 for 779/mo plus 750 TOATAL out of pocket for 36 mo / 12k/year.
    This is not a story, I've been driving it for a month.
  • jcat707jcat707 Posts: 168
    I hope you enjoy your new X5. My sister has an 04 model that looks to be identical to yours option-wise and I love that truck. I drive it any chance I get. Your transaction appears to be about normal I think. My sister had to pay about $2200 and her payments are about $550 a month.
  • you can install an input jack in the glove compartment for about $150 from the dealer. this would allow you to plug anything into your premium sound system...i.e. ipod, portable tape player, mp3 player, lap top computer,portable dvd player etc. this is done via the earphone/speaker jacks from these sources. true that you lose the convenience of selecting tracks etc but you can still control volume via steering wheel
  • Go with Icelink Plus.

    I bought mine at Best Buy ($199)and had it working in 15 minutes. Besides having to download an update it was effortless. I will be spending some time to locate it in the center consol later, right now it just sits in the rear side panel, where the CD changer would go and works great.

    You can access the 1st 5 playlists with the memory buttons, all the rest by pushing 6 and using the steering wheel controls to access playlists, artists, albums, or any menu item. It also puts all playlist and song titles on the radio and in the info display in the cluster if you want.

    I can't even imagine why anyone would buy the BMW setup.
  • ad50ad50 Posts: 1
    I also own a X5 3.0 2002. at 53,000 miles the battery went out for the first time. I leave the car at the airport for days at a time and never have seen a issue.

    I live in Texas and last week we had cold weather down into the single digits. The engine wiring harness went bad. The told me the harness had a bad wire in it which caused my service engine soon light and both brake lights to come on.

    You may have another problem which is killing your battery.
  • I have the same problem with my new 2006 X5, what exactly they said the problem was? How do I fix it?
  • OK so I just took delivery of a 2006 X5, 4.4 with Nav and Premium sound system. Any known way to hook an ipod into the system without an FM Modulator or going in through the cassette with an adapter??
    How about a Monster iCruze interface??
  • My 2006 X5 has Nav and Premium Sound. Do you know if the Icelink Plus will work here?
  • MadX,
    I assume by now you've scrolled back 10-15 messages to find this has just been covered. A few options, and good pro/cons to consider.
    HTH. :)
  • Does the Icelink Plus work for an iPod on an X5 with Premium Sound & Nav - or not. I also have reviewed the discussions and I dont believ this have been fully explained for this X5 config. Pls advise
  • rrv2rrv2 Posts: 1
    I am considering purchasing a 2006 X5 4.4 through performance delivery pickup in SC. Highland green/sand, dark poplar, premium, cold weather, rear climate. Do you feel BMW has worked out all the "kinks"? Would the redesigned 2007 model be an improvement although first year production? Dealers first quote was $56K. Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated.
  • Hello all, I've been "lurking" here during my research phase, and it's finally time to post! As my 1994 740iL is about to roll over 200k miles, I've been shopping committedly for a 2002-3 X5 for about a month now among dealerships, private parties, used car lots (yuck). I'm located in the San Francisco Bay Area, and have been shopping as far as Arizona, Oregon & Nevada.

    The used car lots were quickly eliminated as an option (Prices, lack of car records & trust-factor took care of that). Private Parties offered better pricing and records, but warranties were often on their last miles/mo's or expired. For me, warranty is critical, as my 740 has taught me well! (Since warranty expired eons ago, I've spent more on maintenance than the car cost me originally!) So the Dealership CPOs were the most attractive, but there was little room for negotiation. However, the warranty offered (generally 2 years +/-) was enticing.
    Just when I was about to purchase a Dealership CPO (02s and 03s ran $30-36k out the door, depending on mileage), I came across a private owner who had bought a Dealership Lease-return CPO in spring 2005 (8 months ago), and was ready to sell before going abroad. The car has the CPO warranty through Sept 2008/100k miles!

    So here's what I've landed, and I think it's a fair deal. I hope the value-gurus here will agree!

    2002 X5 3.0i
    • Mileage: 55k
    • BMW Certified/Extended Warranty to Sept2008/100k miles.
    • Interior Color: Black/Grey Sport Leather
    • Exterior Color: Steel Gray Metallic
    • Transmission: Automatic/Steptronic

    • PREMIUM Package
    • SPORT Package
    • REAR CLIMATE Package
    • COLD WEATHER Package

    Option Details:
    *PREMIUM Package has power glass moon roof, wood trim, 6-way power passenger seat, adjustable rear seat back, rain-sensing windshield wipers, front climate control, on-board computer, leather upholstery
    *SPORT Package has star spoke alloy wheels, M sport steering wheel, sport (self-leveling) suspension, anthracite headliner, sport seats (Leather)
    *REAR CLIMATE Package has rear door sunblinds, rear climate controls, privacy glass
    *COLD WEATHER Package has heated front seats, headlight washers, ski bag

    EXCELLENT Condition throughout
    Clean CarFax reflects lease, then CPO.

    I got the above for $24,500, including the factory warranty (original extended). I'm a happy camper, I hope justifiably so! Look forward to your input.

  • Wondering if anyone has owned a Touareg who is now driving a X5? Or overall opinions of the X5? Any complaints with build quality, problems, etc? I have an 04(bought in 03) VW Touareg and I really love it, but it has alot of build quality issues and a few other more serious problems. Since its under warrenty is ok but I only have 10k left on factory warrenty and have been considering an X5(free maintence!) as an upgrade. I dont consider myself a real BMW person, but we have a MINI and its very well built and the free service is wicked. Any thoughts on a X5 overall? Also does anyone tow with the X5? Thanks.
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