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Acura TL Bluetooth/HandsFree Link Problems



  • I just purchased an 08 TL. been messing with all the features, and I can not get the blue tooth to work. When I hit the "talk" button on the wheel, nothing happens. All the other buttons on the steering wheel work properly. If i go through the menu to hands free link and hit select, it continuously says booting.... what could be wrong with it? Any advice would help. Thanks!
  • hjehahjeha Posts: 10
    I have a 2005 Acura MDX and the HFL stopped working a few days ago. Took it to the dealership and was told that it would need to be replaced at a cost of $975 plus labour. After reading this thread I figured I could buy the part from (HANDS FREE TELEPHONE UNIT *NH528L* (MOON LAKE GRAY) - 2005 ACURA MDX (39770-S3V-A61ZA). It's currently $257.

    My vehicle is a Canadian vehicle and the dealership told me that the part # was 39770-S3V-C11ZA. The module on the OEM Acura Parts website has part #39770-S3V-A61ZA. The dealership wasn't sure if an American HFL module would be compatible in a Canadian car. Does anyone know?

    OEM Parts - 39770-S3V-A61ZA
  • hjehahjeha Posts: 10
    I think that like many of us, your HFL module needs to be replaced. The issue is that if you go to the dealership it's very expense. I was just quoted $975 at a Canadian dealership.
  • I already tried a couple years ago on my Canadian 2006 tl. It's not compatible as the connector is a different shape. I sent pictures to the OEM parts guy to confirm it. Whether it's different for the MDX, I don't know but you can try asking and doing the same thing where I sent pictures
  • hjehahjeha Posts: 10
    Did you end up finding a Canadian HFL module?
  • hjehahjeha Posts: 10
    So after doing hours of research I found that a couple people ordered the US HFL modules and installed them in their TL & RDX and it worked for them. I found one on ebay (US module) and ordered it for $200 plus delivery. I compared the picture of the module to the module in my MDX and they look exactly the same. The serial #s on the modules are the same except mine notes "C" for Canadian and the other notes "A" for American. I will keep you all posted as to whether the American part works in my Canadian 2005 MDX.

    After reading this entire thread it seems that 2005 TLs & 2005 MDXs are, for the most part, the vehicles that are experiencing issues with the HFL Modules. I have owned 3 Acuras in the past 3 years and have always told people that Acura was a great company. After reading all of this I am very disappointed. This should have been a recalled part but instead Acura jacked up the price of the part ($975 in Canada) knowing that their customers were likely going to need to replace this part. Pretty shady if you ask me!
  • Add another 2004 TL to the seemingly long list of Acuras with the hands free issue. I will never buy another hands free/navi system as part of a new car. Way cheaper to put in a aftermarket unit, and cheaper to replace when it breaks, too. And that way I'm not angry at Honda and Acura, who I think make the best cars (for the price) on the planet.
  • hfzeushfzeus Posts: 37
    My '05 TL had Bluetooth die too. With such a wide-spread failure rate I would have expected Acura to have a free or low cost fix for this part.
  • larry2244larry2244 Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem with my 2006 Acura TL. Does anyone have a link to the service bulliten which addresses this issue?
  • dgeistdgeist Posts: 1
    I have 08TL. I had it's fourth battery installed in nov.,2012. It has just gone dead. When I talked to Auto-Zone about replacing it, they said to have the alternator checked even tho its numbers were in the normal range. When I talked to the service manager at my Acura dealership. Without hesitation he said bring it in. He disconnected the Bluetooth connection and said I should. Have no more battery problems. But no Bluetooth. He said we would discuss the options later. If yours was a preowned car they may have disconnected the bluetooth
  • Hi Kyleebug08,

    The same thing happened to me since I have bought my acura TL 05, since then
    my bluetooth connection was completely disconnected about 2 yrs ago and I never had a battery problem again...there is a flaw in these cars when it involved the handsfree long as you have the handsfree link connected I believe you will always have battery drainage problems...hope this helps
  • hjehahjeha Posts: 10
    Further to my last post (#284) I just wanted to give you all an update. I have a Canadian 2005 Acura MDX and the HFL unit stopped working. I was quoted $1,000 at the dealership for the new part. I ordered this part off ebay (but it was an American part) for about $200 plus delivery, installed it and it works!!

    For any of you who have a HFL that stopped working, buy a used part off ebay or another used part dealer. There is even a video on youtube on how to install it!

    Good luck!
  • hjehahjeha Posts: 10
    FYI - I just bought an American HFL unit and installed it in my CDN vehicle and it does work! The part is way cheaper and it is compatible!
  • ynohtnaynohtna Posts: 3
    Thanks for the follow up! Is there anyway to get a picture of the connector? I wonder if things changed from 2005 to 2006? The OEMacuraparts guy was pretty certain it wouldn't work.

    Is the listing you bought on ebay still alive? Can I have the link?
  • hjehahjeha Posts: 10
    I don't have any photos of the connector but after reading this blog: - I felt comfortable enough to purchase the American HFL. This guy has a 2007 TL and he posted photos. As long as you get the right HFL unit (ie. it must have the exact same product ID as the one in your vehicle right now) you should be fine. There are no differences between the American cars & Canadian cars (and their parts) as far as I know other than miles/km.

    My Canadian product code was 8325AS3V C000. The American part code was 8325AS3V A000. The only difference is the C & A (that stand for Canadian & American). Other than that there is no difference and they are interchangeable.
  • hjehahjeha Posts: 10
    edited June 2013
    Oh and regarding the ebay link it is no longer live. However, the seller has a posting for a 07 TL HFL Unit: - nk-Bluetooth-Module-/130919884637?pt=Car_Audio_Video&hash=item1e7b6ee75d&vxp=mtr- -

    Also, I tried to purchase the part from OEMacuraparts and was told they don't ship to Canada that's why I turned to ebay. If you're interested in buying from ebay you could always contact the seller and ask if he has any HFL units for your make & model.

    Good luck!
  • storres66storres66 Posts: 1
    So, my wife has a 2007 TL. We havent had any major maintenance issues with the car, only the normal routine oil, tires.
    About 2 years ago we had the battery replaced under the warranty. Today the battery is sluggish turning the vehicle on, so I take it over to acura and they tell me I need a new battery, but now this one is not under warranty.
    Anyway... A couple days ago my wifes bluetooth stopped working on her tl. I decided to see if there was anything online to show how to fix it, finding these posts. I read a lot of posts about disconnecting the bluetooth to not have any battery issues.
    My question is, if its not working now, does that mean its already disconnected? or do I have to do something else to disconnect it? And, any aftermarket bluetooth recommendations?
    Thanks, Steve
  • hjehahjeha Posts: 10
    You need to physically disconnect your blue tooth device or it will continue to drain your battery.

    You can do it yourself. If you want to see where your HFL unit is located (for a TL) you can look at this forum:

    You can try OEMacuraparts for an aftermarket HFL unit (in the US). I purchased one from ebay recently (for my MDX) for $200 but I don't see any others available right now.
  • howelldrhowelldr Posts: 3
    I have a MDX 2007, and I bought a new battery and having the same problem whenever car sits for a couple of days, the battery is drained. Informed by the dealership that my hands free link is draining my battery and I can replace unit for $400.00 and to disconnect it is a fee of $120.00
    Did your dealership disconnect for free.
  • sk1retsk1ret Posts: 1
    I have an '06 TL, and like everyone else, my HFL stopped working. I've read thru most of these blogs, and decided to explore the HFL myself. Pop off the maplight/ homelink assembly, then disconnect the two wire harnesses by pushing tabs. Remove four screws, and HFL assembly drops, then disconnect the wire harness by pushing tab. Last, on the HFL assembly, there is a cover with three screws. You will need a star shaped allen wrench, but a 2mm regular allen will work. Once removed, you will see the circuit boards. What I discovered was the circuit boards were separating. I squeezed them back together and reassembled the units, turned the car on, and HFL is now working. Total cost was 20 minutes
  • hjehahjeha Posts: 10
    I hope this is a permanent solution for you, however, many people have reported that after re-adjusting the HFL it worked but it is only for a day or two. If it does go out again, remember to disconnect the unit so that it doesn't drain your battery. Then consider buying one from the sites that others have listed.
  • pol450pol450 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem in my 05 mdx...bluetooth stop hfl # is 8325AS3V C000..i saw a americam model exacly the same (8325AS3V A000).. i know it will be compatible with my car but can someone tell me if i can be set in french with the american model?????? thanks
  • m44m44 Posts: 1
    Add me to the growing list of angry Acura TL owners with a Hand Free Link problems and an extremely poor customer service experience.

    With such a wide spread failure rate Acura should recall this unit and/or make the repair reasonable. The repair cost is outrageous for a major safety issue.

    Acura has been replacing batteries in this vehicle free of charge since 15,189 miles. Each battery lasted fewer months. No one at Acura looked into the CAUSE of the repeated failures. I was led to believe the batteries were lemons and the vehicle was fine when it was the other way around.

    Now the vehicle is out of warranty and Acura customer service acts like they have never heard of the this problem!

    Please alert the National Highway Transportation Safety Authority and all Acura drivers that there is a major safety issue with the Acura TL and the Hand Free Link. We need to spread the word.

    I have owned 6 Acuras and 2 Hondas and my past experience with Acura/Honda has been that they stand behind their product. Not so anymore, and I will never buy another Acura. This experience has tarnished my image of the Acura Brand.
  • I too have a HFL Bluetooth that no longer works and just replaced battery after taking it to the dealership. They told me that the battery had a bad cell. The battery was replaced in 2010 when the car was still under warranty. The dealer told me that I would have to pay full price for the battery ($160). I explained to them that I had a bad Bluetooth and I thought that it was pulling on the battery. They tested the electrical and told me that everything was fine.....meaning nothing was drawing on the battery. I decided to get a battery from another source.

    Boy, I wish I had discovered these posts prior to taking my car to the dealer.

    Can anyone give me step by step instructions on disconnecting the Bluetooth so that it does not draw down my new battery?

    Also, is there any other source for the Handsfree Link Bluetooth for an '08 Acura TL?

    Thanks in advance.
  • I have the same problem. There is a good short clip on you tube.

    No wonder all the problems....a chip under the roof of the car. It may have been better placed in the engine compartment.... at least there is a fan to "cool" it.

    I think everyone should contact Honda/Acura about this safety issue!
  • husband has a 2008 Acura TL which has just 10,100 miles on it. (He's retired and only drives around in our little town). The car is practically new - still smells new. BUT:

    It has the dreaded battery drain problem. About 6 months ago, he took it to the dealer for testing and they couldn't find anything which was draining the battery. The service guy just kinda mentioned that there was some talk that it might be the HFL, so we came home and did more research on the web. We disconnected the HFL and took it out of the car completely. Inconvenient, yes but not as much as a dead battery. Things didn't improve much - there were sporadic problems and after more research on the web we disconnected the trunk light in the middle of May 2013. We thought the problem was solved - no more dead batteries. BUT:

    Today the battery is dead again. The car was just driven 3 days ago. Now what? We have this practically new car that we're slowly dismantling trying to solve this problem. Any suggestions? We really, really don't want to trade in this beautiful, almost-new car, and if we do, we probably won't ever buy another Acura because of this issue.
  • Okay, I finally figured out how to have an office extension accompany a telephone number, WITHOUT having to program in a separate entry for the extension. As others have noted, the "pause" in the Acura HandsFreeLink (mine is a 2008 Acura TL) is ridiculously short, maybe a ¼ second, or the time it takes to press a single key. I discovered that 15 pauses between the number and the extension provided sufficient time to connect the call before HFL then transmitted the extension. Because HFL sometimes misreads your voice, but will allow you to add numbers, I recommend entering the numbers in groups: First the phone number, then three groups of five pauses (just say "pause, pause, pause..." etc.), then the extension numbers and then "pound" ("#"). Example: After queuing up the entry program, press HFL button on the steering wheel and say "925-555-1234", then press the HFL button on the steering wheel again, then say "pause-pause-pause-pause-pause", repeat the process of HFL button/5 pauses twice more, then say "6789 pound" (substituting the actual extension for 6789). Worked like a charm. Eventually, I backed the number of pauses down to just 12 and it still worked fine.
  • WoW! I just left my local Acura dealer. This is totally true. I just experienced the same thing that you are describing. I am beyond pissed. This is suppose to be Acura…Luxurious cars. Lol!!!!

    I'm ready to go shopping for another car!
  • After having to replace the transmission on this car at 130,000 and being told Honda transmissions have problems I traded it in for a Lexus.

    I've had to put 2 transmissions in my 2003 Civic Hybrid!

    I thought I was buying a top of the line car. Everyone I know who has had an Acura loved it and it lasted a long time.

    I'm done with Hondas.
  • Hi, I have owned an 2008 MDX since new and after paying to replace battery, HFL failed, then a few months later battery was flat in morning. Dealer said "don't bother cause it'll cost $800 to replace HFL" not once advising me on the ramifications. So, after reading some forums online I disconnected the HFL myself(thank the universe for the internet and those who've had this problem before me). I don't know how much the part would cost in Canada, but I ordered the same part(with a slightly different part number, I guess cause it has Spanish vs Francais) from ebay(Acura of Tempe) for $204.00 all in. Drove down for gas and picked up at a shipper/receiver who deals exclusively with Canadians. Got lucky, no duty. Installed it myself in 5 minutes and it works like a charm.
    I was gonna buy the new MDX, but now with how poorly this has been handled, it will be BMW, Mercedes, or Audi getting my business. Plus, the European companies typically cover all scheduled maintenance under warranty. Sad, because I haven't found one yet that drives like my MDX. Ah well, gotta stick to companies who stand behind their products and admit when there's a problem.
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