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Acura TL Bluetooth/HandsFree Link Problems



  • pc30pc30 Posts: 1
    Same issue here. Bought 2012 TL w NAV package . Blackberry Bold 9900 will link up, 750 contacts will import with HFL, turn car on and off 2 or 3 times and grey screen appears saying Unable to import phonebook.

    Let me know if you find a solution and I will do the same.
  • tinmantttinmantt Posts: 4
    I've been to the dealership 3x, they tested other phones, and they seem to work. My iPhone4 will not stay connected- my wife's iPhone4s, seems to do okay. The Apple store people keep giving me different answers. Gone to 5.1.1., no change. Then they tell me that it is what it is, goes by production date as to what will work, and that there is no uniformity in the bluetooth world. I don't buy it- the problem is somewhere in the phone's software.
  • rohraorohrao Posts: 3
    We had the same issue as many here- a sudden "booting" hfl msg after 70k mi.

    Tried pulling fuses, but no luck.

    We decided to try the "take it all apart and put it back together" route before purchasing the OEM part. Thanks to this forum we followed the bulletin- it was super easy to do (25 min total and we have zero clue on car repairs).

    We even took the power cord off the actual hfl unit (in case there was a loose wire) and opened the hfl unit (likely unnecessary, but in case a capacitor or something was obviously loose-- I don't think anyone needs to do this).

    Then put everything back together. Hfl worked AND remembered the phone!! Even the garage door pairing was remembered (thought we'd lose that when we pulled fuses).

    Anyway, wanted to post to give another alternative to replacing the unit.
    (great instructions, but we had English hex screws not Metric ones- I didn't note the size)

    Best of luck.
  • kshaid1kshaid1 Posts: 1
    What steps did you follow to determine the draw was from something else? I just replaced my HFL unit a month ago myself but my battery is still being drawn down. I broke down and took it into the dealership and they say that the part I used needs to be replaced again. I think they really didn't test it because I had already told them I had replaced the HFL myself so I'm sure it was an easy, quick answer for them to just say that new part is still the problem. I'm frustrated and I want whatever is wrong, fixed!
  • Can anyone recommend where to purchase a HFL for a 2006 MDX w/ Nav?
    The dealer wants $400. The price seems high for a simple replacement
    If I were to by a new unit, is a simple plug installation all that is needed, aside from set up.
    Thanks in advance for all help.
  • turieturie Posts: 9

    Acura of Perioa is where I bought mine for my 2005 TL and it was only about 150$ i believe.

    you might want to try them.
  • rohraorohrao Posts: 3
    ok, it stopped working again... so clearly it needs to be replaced. I've been trying to get the part number, but the number the dealer gave me doesn't match (and I didn't trust him when he gave it to me). Anyone have the right HFL p/n for a '07 TL (and better still a place to buy the OEM part new?).
  • turieturie Posts: 9

    was mine for an 05 TL but i highly doubt its any diff for an 07- you of course need to choose the color.

    Here is site link
  • rohraorohrao Posts: 3
    Thanks! But is this the whole moon roof assy? Shouldn't there be a p/n just for the small "black box" HFL?

    Sorry, this may be a dumb q, but I'm not following why I need to match my interior color. I was able to disassemble everything using the service bulletin, and got to this 5"x2" HFL box. Isn't that all I'd have to replace? Or am I actually replacing the trim?

    Sincerest Thanks,
  • Like yourself, I took apart the whole unit. The fact of the matter is that you need to include your interior color because the HFL is shipped with the moon roof assembly. As received, you'll find it to be an easy 15 minute install.
  • eaglesarkeaglesark Posts: 1
    mizzmarie, my 2006 Acura TL has started doing the exact same thing. First the handsfreelink stopped working completely. Don't even get a response when I push the button. Then last week my battery went complete dead as a doornail. After seeing your post, I am wondering if the 2 are related. Do you by any chance remember the exact name of the part that you replaced and what website you bought it from? I would have to replace it myself also but am encouraged that you were able to do it.
  • I bought my HFL for a 2006 MDX Touring at Acura of Perioa. "Google " them to get their address and phone #. PS have your VIN # ready.
    PS, while waiting for your new HFL, practice removing the overhead unit. (it is so easy!) As the HFL is sent attached to the overhead plastic cover, don't bother removing the HFL from the original cover. Finally, there is a "how to" on the HFL unit on the MDX website. GOOD LUCK
  • 05t105t1 Posts: 11
    Has anyone tried to pair the at&t fusion phone with a 2005 TL, any help would be appreciated.
  • jaelepjaelep Posts: 2
    Well, My HFL for my 2006 MDX touring just died today. It has been going in and out for the past week. Then today, nothing! I'll try to look for your suggestion for the "How to" after I order a replacement. Dang!
  • I hope you found and replaced your HFL . The replacement is very easy.
    Check my previous post and/or search You Tube.
    Good luck
  • 21fast21fast Posts: 1
    This thread is a godsend! I watched the you tube clip on how to access the handsfree link box, and when opened I was surprised how "flimsy" the chip sits inside the box. I snapped the chip in, replaced everything, turned the key in the ignition and INSTANTLY saw the bluetooth connection. The whole process took 20 minutes. Thanks to everyone who posted about this issue and how to fix (for now, anyway).
  • richqwrichqw Posts: 4
    I have a 2007 TL and I am able to make a phone call by voice command. From the manual for the 2012/13 TL, it looks like that is no longer possible.

    Can somebody confirm whether voice commands are no longer available and if the new approach is better or worse than using voice commands.
  • I have a 2009 and I can with VOICE COMMAND.
  • I have a 2006 Acura TL I have only had since June. One owner well maintained. Looks and smells new. Had HFL all set up then got an oil change last weekend and when driving home and trying to disconnect call it got stuck in the in use mode. Messed with turning the car off and on and it worked. Two days ago HFL doesn't recognize my phone and won't pair. See I am not the only one with the problem. I don't have the $ to replace. Is there a chip or something that can be easily replaced. Has a class action suit been filed yet? I would most definitely like to be a party in that! Dealer wanted over $100 just to take a look. Can't afford that either! HELP
  • I have a 2008 Acura TL type s 49,000 KM. this Monday Nov 19 the Hands-Free link stop working (booting up message on the screen). I removed fuse number 7 and 10 and the HandsFree works for 10 minute and died again. I called Acura office and they told me there is no recall about this issue because it is not a safety issue. They told me to take it to the dealer. Last year the HFL drains my battery and I have to pay $250 .
    I am not sure how we bring this issue up to government body to force Acura to rectify this issue free of charge.
  • Have a 2012 Tl wi. a bluetooth connection that does not work after two starts of my car. Was at the dealership for something else, and was told that Acura internally knows there's a problem, and is working on it. I have a iPhone4, and an Apple engineer in their bluetooth area doesn't think it's them (of course), but said it could be. What is interesting is what the service rep told me, since Acura never acknowledged this before.
  • Please tell me what is the part number for the HFL. Is there an website that has reasonable prices for Acura Car parts? I want a way to determine if a price is reasonable. I know the dealership quoting $800 for replacing the HFL is actually trying to rob me. I can replace the part. I have not been able to find the part number and price in this forum nor via searching the Internet. I appreciate your help.
  • Add me to the growing list of HFL failures! Lots of insight here...can't wait to hear what my friendly Acura dealer has to if it will be anything different from what I've read here!!
  • I never had any problems pairing my iPhone 4 with my 2006 TL bluetooth until (I think) Apple pushed out IOS 6. Now, the car cannot find my phone. All of the settings seem to be ok (the phone's blue tooth setting is on, the phone is in discovery mode, etc.).

    Any help would be appreciated. Again, I believe that the problem started when Apple upgraded to IOS 6.
  • I just bought the Acura 2005 TL /110mil and the Bluetooth is not working and I forgot to check when I got from BMW dealership. Can some help me or tell me how to fix or how much does is cost to fix handfreelink. Please let me know if I should go to Acura.

    I have read couple post. I see there is document that help me to show to Acura or BMW dealership, so that they can fix it for free. Please send it to me via email. Thank you
  • I just leased a 2013 TL. I can not set up my Apple 4 Phone. I get as far as phone set up but when I command pair, the phone disconnects. I looked online and it says the Iphone 4 is compatible. The Device just keeps loading also. As soon as I say, Pair, the HandsFreeLink is not connected, but is IS connected when I am in the Phone set up mode. Any suggestions or help would greatly be appreciated!!!! I do NOT have a navigational package. Thank you!!
  • Join the club. I asked an Apple engineer who works on the bluetooth piece of the phone, and he said it is possible it's an iPhone problem. I went to the Apple store with the same phone many times, they said its Acura, after reviewing the hardware, upgrading the software, etc. I did have an Acura rep tell me that Acura is having some bluetooth issues, (not acknowledged publicly) and is trying to address them. Eventually, I'm going to upgrade my phone, then we'll find out. I gave up- most of Acura's tech package is unusable to the point that I'll sell this car earlier than planned and get something else. And this is from a loyal Acura/Honda owner. Too many ergonomic mistakes, overly complicated pieces to this car. Not to mention a small, poorly engineered trunk that immediately slams down on your head when you put what little you can in it.
  • rg2011rg2011 Posts: 1
    I'm having the same problem with my 2011 and my wife 2010 TL. When is this going to be fix? My wife hate it so much that she is looking to get another car.
  • I complained about this to the delaer. You can use voice commands if you go to settings and leave the Tutor on.. Its annoying because everytime you try to use the command cneter the tutor will give you the same instructional advice over and over..
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