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Infiniti G35 Bluetooth Questions



  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    Have you gone to the Infiniti website to check to see if your phone is compatible with your model car??? Not all BT capable phones are compatible. After I got my G35X I found my phone was not. Suggest you check.
  • jrt13jrt13 Posts: 2
    I did check its not, they dont have a big selection either :(
  • I called the BT helpline and they are investigating the issue..I said it was listed as compatible on your website and my Moto Q9C doesn't work right..... they will be calling me monday to let me know what version of the Q9C they tested it with...
    Initially they are blaming the phone until I told them about the website...I will update you guys once I get some info :confuse:
  • Well...As promised I got a call from Infiniti BT Helpline today and now they verified my Windows CE OS Version and said they tested with an older version which it is compatible with.. So other than that they didn't address my issue....said this version is not compatible with my G... :(
  • sm91sm91 Posts: 3
    I have a 2007 g35 with navigation. I had problems with compatibility between my Moto Q9M and the car, and recently replaced that phone with the Moto Q9C. I'm having the problems that others here have described - when I start the car, the system locks up for 10-15 seconds, and the screen appears as if I'm in a call (I'm not).

    This may sound crazy, and is only a theory, but hear me out. I'm not convinced this is a bluetooth problem - I think it is actually a problem relating to the "start-up" of the nav system.

    My reasons include:

    1. this afternoon, I turned the phone off before starting the car. I then started the car and let the nav system finished its "start-up" process. I then turned on the phone, and everything worked like a charm.
    2. from what I know, Bluetooth is designed simply to wirelessly connect 2 devices - this actually works fine once the inital problem goes away.
    3. when I start the car with the phone already turned on (and the last time the car was on I had the screen on a radio screen), I actually see the screen flash from the radio screen to the "follow these rules/hit enter" screen. This did not happen when I had the phone turned off and started the car.

    I'm thinking about this because I want to make sure I contact the right part of Infiniti, and I don't think that's the Bluetooth helpdesk.

    Thoughts? Thanks!
  • kobayashikobayashi Posts: 50
    I hope you are on to something, but am not optimistic based on my experiencs. I am currently living with the start up issue with my Q9M, since I do not want to change phones. I have seen times when the phone does connect correctly (even when already on), but have not figured out any any pattern to those are occasions. Other way to see if the issue is what you state is to find someone with a non-nav car and try it (maybe a dealer loaner). If you do solve the issue or have more data, please update here. The Infiniti BT desk will probably be of no help since they removed the phone from their web compatible list months ago.
  • all know that I had issues with my Moto Q9c Sprint with my finally I have some luck with my Moto Q9c sprint....
    I did the software upgrade from Motorola website which updated the Windows
    CE version from 6.0 to 6.1 I believe...Now everytime I start the car everything is just perfect the way it is supposed to be.... As most of you already figured it out this is a Windows mobile 6.0 issue rather than the car's.... Well now I'm a happy camper.... I suggest all of you who have a Windows CE 6.0 please upgrade to the next available version...this should solve many problems....and I can see even the phone
    was way faster than before when browsing on the Internet...:)
  • kobayashikobayashi Posts: 50
    Sounds like goods news...I unfortunately have a Verizon Q9m and it appears that they have not released the WM6.1 upgrade. Hope they will soon and I can quit having to hit "hang up" and "back" each time I start the car. Did the OS upgrade erase all of your phone content?
  • I have finally gotten a Q9 to work with a 2008 G35 Sedan with Nav, a problem which has plagued me for a while. After recently upgrading my Verizon Q9M to the Q9C ROM with WM6.1, it still did not work (initial pairing okay, phone in call mode, hit hang up and then back). Noticed also that Infiniti also pulled the Q9C off the list, as it did with the QpM.

    Found a registry hack that solved the problem. Requires using a registry tool and slightly risky changes, but worth it IMHO for the desperate. Here is the post, the instructions are in post #5. em-16833.html
  • rhard49rhard49 Posts: 226
    Starnge enough my Mot Q9C Sprint did not work with my 08 G35x with Nav. Every time you wwnt to dial it would blink and disapper from the g35 screen. I thought it was a bug, but going back into my screen the next day I had to confirm the mac address of my car was ok. There was no way I had that but just said yes to the hex code there and it now works fine without having to upgrade to 6.1
  • Does anyone know if the Samsung Omnia cell phone from Verizon will work with bluetooth on a 2008 G35 without navigation?

    I've seen various complaints about Windows Mobile 6.0/6.1 phones not working with Nissan/Infiniti bluetooth. I have also seen comments that the bluetooth problem is only with vehicles that have navigation but am not sure if it is true. My vehicle does not have navigation. My Samsung i730 with Windows Mobile 5 works perfectly but am looking to upgrade to the Omnia.
  • OK - Here's the problem I am experiencing. On my G35 w/Nav - when I a hang up after receiving a call, my display goes to the NAV screen - even though if I was on another screen (Status) before the call. When I initiate the call from my BB and after hanging up, the screen stays on the Status screen (or whatever screen my display was on before the call). Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

    I have a Blackberry Bold with OS 5.0 on it - if that makes a difference. Thanks
  • My blue tooth has stopped hooking up to phone calls from my Blackberry Storm. The antenna icon shows several bars. The car rings with incoming calls but will not pick up the call. As well, I can dial out, it rings and then drops the call. Any suggestions?
  • lovemyg35lovemyg35 Posts: 1
    edited May 2010
    I have a 2008 G35 w/nav and have used bt w my BB 8830 for over 2 years with no problems. a couple of days ago it stopped syncing. I haven't made any changes that would impact my phone or bt. I tried to unpair the phone, however the system will not delete it. When i try to pair it to another number, it will not do that either.

    Any suggestions?


    ps, just got off the phone with infiniti bt hd, he suggested that I take the battery out of my phone, wait for it to power up, start my car and WOW, it worked.
  • jon109jon109 Posts: 1
    I just want to help, but please be careful with Infiniti biuetooth, I have a brand new 2012 and have many disappointing expierances with their bluetooth, I bought the car thinking it had bluetooth, end of problem, but their is such a thing as quaility and compatibility with these systems. To be blunt the system is terrible, sometimes it works most of the time it does not, what i mean is i can hear them fine they (the other phone connected to my cars system) cannot hear me at all or it sounds like I am talking through a mass of foil. This happens more often than not. I love the car, well I use to now I am waiting to see what Neillo is going to do about it, they have been honest that their is problems. Not just my system but others, How many? your guess is as good as mine. I am very upset by this, one of the reasons I bought it was because I needed bluetooth for my job, I drive and talk a lot, now I have to risk a ticket by bypassing the system and using the handset. Oh it's not the phone, I am on my third phone an HTC sensation 4G all the phones I tried were listed as compatible to the infiniti system. No they all worked the same unacceptable!
    Let me know your expieriance
  • If your car has navigation, it may be possible to change the microphone output. I have not checked if this adjustment is available on the 2012 models yet. It was adjustable on older models.

    I would often have a client complain of the bluetooth saying others can't hear them and would find their microphone turned all the way down. The other complaint was the sound was all distorted. Usually with this complaint I would find the microphone was turned all the way up.
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