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Hyundai Santa Fe Transmission Problems



  • chucko6chucko6 Posts: 81
    Can't beleive that almost a whole month has gone by and no one else knows anything about a "Rear Coupling" fix for the Transmission issues.
    Sounds like you were happy with it.
    Have the Slams and the Bangs gone for real?
  • This is an update to my July 25 post re tranny problems with my 2010 Santa Fe 6cyl limited. After getting the upgrades mentioned in the last post, I didn't notice the shifting in park upon starting the engine for awhile. Well the software patches didn't fix the problem, it is still doing it periodically. I haven't bothered to call Hyundai customer relations or the dealer, they sound like a broken record and nothing fixes the problem. I have a little over 20K miles. If it gets worse will raise hell with customer relations again. Will keep you posted.
  • nttwnttw Posts: 1
    Can you tell me about this "rear coupling" fix? My dad has had problems with his new Sante Fe from the first week he bought it last May. It hesitates and stalls, and several trips to 3 different dealers have been unsuccessful as they cannot duplicate the problem.
  • chucko6chucko6 Posts: 81
    Any chance we could get the gentleman ( or any else who had their Transmission problems corrected by replacing the "Rear Coupling")
    to respond to the Forum.
    I know there are many of us who would like to know what that is all about
    and if it has been a "permanent" fix ?
    The up-dates aren't working for everyone, so we need some fresh ideas.
  • We have the same problem with our 2001 Santa Fe shifting with a loud bang after remaining in low gear for too long. Took it to Advance Auto for a totally free error code reading...came back with error codes p0720 "Output Shaft Speed Sensor" which in turn created the error p1529 "Trans Control Module" . Hyundai dealer for service and repair closed on Saturday and Sunday so it will be Monday before I can see what the repair costs will be.
  • chucko6chucko6 Posts: 81
    The 2010-2012 transmissions are hopefully different than a decade earlier and of course a lot less use and mileage.
    Don't believe the same problem would have survived that time period.
  • coyote10coyote10 Posts: 1
    edited October 2011
    Did you ever figure out what this was? I have had this happen twice now to my just purchased "used" car 2010. Last week I thought I ran over something in the road, the car thumped then felt like I put the brake on. After that I noticed reduced power when I was stopped and trying to accelerate. It sat in the parking lot when I went to work and then worked fine on a 10 hour drive round trip over the weekend.
    Went out today and the same thing happened, felt like I ran over something, and the same reduced power. Also noticed when I put the car into park there was a hard transistion to park, reverse and or drive, not smooth and quiet like it use to be
  • No, it hasn't happened again (yet). Only 2x since I bought the car new. It worrisome though. Just hope if anything is going to go out it happens before the 70,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty off. If I don't have a heart attack the next time it happens in rush hour traffic, that is.
  • I have a 2002 Santa Fe. Between 35 and 42 MPH I get a vibration in the front end. Sounds like going over rumble strip. Does not happen below 35 or over 42. Car has to be increasing speed. It will only do when slightly acelerating. It will occur in drive or 4th. gear. It will not happen in 3 gear.

    Other folks on the forum have stated the same problem (*message 354) etc but I cannot find any replies or information as to what the cause might be. It has nothing to do with tires or alignment. Happens consistently at the speeds indicated. Shakes the whole car. Been in shop 3 times and can find nothing wrong? If anyone has any ideas appreciate it. Thanks CoastWatch
  • geragera Posts: 13
    Yes. Transmission. Unfortunately. Make sure you have plenty of transmission fluid. Sometimes it is just the nut on the bottom that gets jarred loose. More than likely, you are looking at have to replace the transmission. So sorry. Mine just sitting in the driveway gathering dust now. I don't trust it to drive it. Have 8,000 miles on rebuilt transmission and he rebuilt with all new parts. It's Hyundai. They need to take care of this problem. Guess not enough people are making noise!
  • While driving on a side street around 25mph, the car lost power as though I had shifted into neutral, and coasted to a stop. Car was towed to the dealer from whom I bought the car and a new transmission is being installed!
  • chucko6chucko6 Posts: 81
    edited October 2011
    Did you have any symptons/issues with the Tranny prior to the Failure ???

    Let us know if the replacement is New or a Rebuild..
  • I was in neutral sitting at traffic lights and lights changed to green,I had my toe lightly on accelerator and had about 1100 rpm or less. When I selected 1st gear there was a loud metallic clunk and the car went nowhere in any gear. Had to be towed home it was after hours and yet to talk to mechanics. The engine runs fine but it seems the gearbox is now totally disengaged from the engine by some sort of sheared drive shaft, any ideas.
  • chucko6chucko6 Posts: 81
    Maybe it's that "Rear Coupling " I've seen mentioned. Would be nice if someone would tell us what that's all about.
  • Yeah I am not sure, if the rear coupling is the last engagement from the engine to the gearbox or the torque converter I could go with that for sure. Thanks chuck I will try to find a diagram some where, cheers, thommo107
  • Thats interesting. I have a 2006 model & mine just jumped & lost power. Since found out a piece of metal broke off the teeth & I now need a whole new gear box. Would be interested to know if this is a common problem with them
  • Would you please enlighten many of us about the Rear Cupling fix you had done. You are the first to mention it and it might be a valuable post for many of our Tranny problems.
  • I have a 2005 Santa Fe with almost 64k on it and have owned it since 17k, 3 years ago. Recently, I was driving and went to accelerate at a stop sign after going up a steep hill and coasted as my car didn't want to get out of first gear. I ended up parking it for the day and bumming a ride from my hubby. I took it to get looked at today, and they said that the tranny fluid was burnt (which I noticed when I checked it out), and that they don't know how, but I need a minimum rebuild for whatever reason. It's hard for me to believe that I could need a new tranny at 64k, but I guess so. Feedback or ideas would be great. I'm having a hard time thinking about spending that money. Would a flush and new filter do the job?
  • lemon law questions. 1. in which state are you located? 2. were you required to provide any additional documentation and/or did you have additional documentation (I have started a log of my transmission thunks)? 3. did arbitration process use guideline for depreciation? (I live in FL and lemon law here has guideline of 1/120,000th of price for each mile driven. In other words, if the vehicle has 12,000 miles then they would pay 90% of your cost of the vehicle. 24,000 = 80%, and so on.). thanks for the info.
  • mine just went at 35000 miles and it was just after it was in the shop for a recall on the springs ,they said at first it was the coupler or something then next day said it was trasmission also and they give everyone a rebuilt transmission no one gets a new one they are lying if they tell you that I got off the phone with california customer care for hyundai and they told me remanufactured trannys are part of the warranty not new ones so its a bait and switch warranty for 10 years or 100,000 is needed you may replace the tranny 3 times.Also if you are not the original owner warranty is 5year 60000 and if you replace the tranny at 58000 you get 2000 miles warranty on your remanned tranny ..Now how is this company still in business
  • how is hyundai using a sealed tranny on the santa fe you cant add fluid and didnt they have these problems like 10 years ago I was told there were no more tranny problems by alot of owners but while i was at the dealer I never saw so many tow trucks brining in dead hyundais
  • dbqfandbqfan Posts: 16
    I am on my 2nd transmission and still have the same problem. It seems to only do it when the engine and transmission are cold. The dealer and Hyundai seem to have lost there hearing when I complain about it so I am turning the whole mess over to the Iowa Lemon Law and my attorney. I am so sorry that I bought a Hyundai as the warranty is worthless. Hyundai and the dealer make you jump thru hoops to get a repair and then I get a used transmission with the same problems. I have stopped at a few dealers here and they do not want my Santa Fe on a trade due to the problem. I have to disclose my past history and that kills the deal right away. I am stuck with this lemon for now until I get a lawsuit filed. :mad: These dealers are all a bunch of crooks.
  • I have an 04 Sante Fe with an automatic/automatic shift transmission, the dash lights are showing the "D" light for Drive and the "1" for first gear, the display should only be showing the "D" if I am in automatic and "1" if I am in the shift mode, it will not shift up and down through the gears in either mode, the only way to get the transmission to shift is to get up to speed, shift into neutral, let the engine idle down, put it back in to drive and the dashboard light/transmission will shift into second gear.......repeat for third and fourth. I have tired unplugging the transmission location plug, blowing out both sides...did not work... I also disconnected the battery for 10 min and this did not help.. Any Ideas....... Please help
  • So much for the Great Hyundai Warranty.
    Many of us sympathize with you because we are in the same boat but just haven't gotten as far as you.
    Let us all know how your Lemon Law pursuit goes since many of us will follow suite eventually
  • Seems like this should be covered under your Tranny Warranty unless you have exceeded your mileage limit ?
    If you have, sounds like you need to go shopping.
  • We just experienced the same problem. We have replaced the throttle body twice on this 2008 Santa Fe. It just dies and we have no acceleration at all. It wasn't covered under warranty because it was done by a different dealer and because it was warranted for 50,000 miles. I have never had such a problem on any vehicle and am concerned about suddenly losing acceleration on the highway. I will not buy another Santa Fe.
  • jaycastlejaycastle Posts: 1
    edited December 2011
    My wife's 06 3.5. Santa Fe with 55k miles, seems to be stuck in manual shift mode.
    The (D) indicator is missing in the (auto) mode, but it manually shifts OK if left in
    manual mode, starting in 1st, manually shifting as proper speed is assumed.
    I suspect the problem to be the (auto to manual switch) . The (brake applied)
    light would come on intermittently before the shift problem. I would like to know
    where the switches are located, whether inside the tranny or not??
  • Just goes to prove that Hyundai has never conquered their Transmission
    reputation. Weather you go back to the '90's, '06, '08, or even last year the story goes on & on.
    You would think they'd get it right when they come out with an upgraded version.
  • From Canada...
    I forget if mine is 2011 or 2010, I got it in March 2010... It's the Hyundai Santa Fe 3.5 Auto FWD. Got really good deal so I bought the vehicle but things that have been fixed so far

    ** 1. Transmission was slipping (replaced with brand new transmission)
    2. Paint on door (there was a paint air bubble on one of the doors)

    Each time, the dealer loaned me a car to drive and the car was fixed in ~2 days max. So great service.

    Overall. It's a car you can get at a great value with loads of features, I recommend it...

    ** With hindsight, I think the transmission might not have been the issue and it's the car's crazy sensitive gas pedal. **
  • Maybe it isn't the Service that's inconsistent but rather depends on what country you live in.
    Here in the US, they replace transmissions with Re builds and they would never replace anything on your sensitive manner of driving-- they would Test Drive and base on their "professional" opinion.
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