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Land Rover LR2 Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • Does anyone know what your credit score has to be to qualify for the 4.9%,
    I know it is "tier 0"? But what score is that?
  • lnmlnm Posts: 13
    edited October 2014
    I got a fully-loaded HSE this weekend for $500 over invoice - $38544!!! There were no hidden fees or catches! Two dealers made me this offer. It was just too good to pass up and I'm so pleased I got everything I asked for. I'm falling in love with my new Izmir Blue LR2!! :blush:
  • At first, I wanted a HSE then I realized that SE and HSE are not much different especially with the cosmetics.

    2008 Land Rover LR2 SE - Stornoway Grey with Ebony
    Two packages (lighting and Cold-climate)

    MSRP is $36,450

    Car price is $31,000 + taxes, fees (VA taxes are 3.0%), and Destination ($715). It would add up approximately $33,800.00.

    I would like to add some accessories but I have no idea how much they would cost. Will I be able to find some accessories via the Internet that would be much cheaper than Land Rover dealership? I think I will let them to install the tow package since the wires will be required to rework. I don't know if the crossbar will be easy for me to install them. Here is the list that I would like to add on my vehicle:

    Crossbar Rack
    Rubber Mats
    Tow Package

    Do you think it is worth to have 3M chip protection on this vehicle? Are all the accessories negotiable? I would like to know if it is really worth to have Resist-All.

    Do you think this is a good deal?
  • lnmlnm Posts: 13
    Doing it yourself with accessories should be very easy and yes, you can find everything online for much less than the dealer charges, including the 3M. Check out If you don't feel comfortable installing the tow package yourself (I've read posts on other sites that it is relatively easy - just drill a couple of holes), you can buy the tow kit online and have your dealer install it for you. Check out for 3M kits, which you can also install yourself. They have a video online of the installation process and it looks fairly simple. You can even buy Lo-jack online, but you still have to have it installed by a professional lo-jack installer. It is the same cost as what the dealer charges ($695) so this I would just buy from the dealer if you want to finance it out over the length of your loan. :)
  • seaguyseaguy Posts: 2
    I'm in Seattle and trying to decide which dealership to work with. Who did you deal with and where?
  • New to forum - was looking for any thoughts on a realistic price that I expect to negotiate/pay on a RR. Am looking to buy within the next week or so. So far, the salesperson (as expected) is not moving much from the MSRP - I have not pushed negotiations yet until I get some facts/numbers under my belt. These are the 2 models/quoted prices I am deciding between:

    A new '08 full-size RR HSE with rear DVD and 20" wheels - best price so far is $82k.

    An '07 full-size RR SC pre-owned with 9k on the clock - best price so far is $78k.

    I have seen posts re using coupons and dealers passing on marketing support discounts to buyers.

    Would be v.grateful for input on what people have paid or what sort of reductions are realistic.
  • lnmlnm Posts: 13
    Somehow your question about Range Rover got posted into the LR2 forum. You might want to move this to the RR forum.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,637
    Good catch! He has posted there, as well....


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I have been looking at LR2's, needs to be "used" to cross the border. So far the prices I'm seeing are between $31,900 and $34,500 $US for a loaner or demo vehicle with 5,000 miles on it. From this forum it looks like this would be too much to pay. Anyone know what I should be paying?
  • trovertrover Posts: 5
    I recently received a coupon i will do not need please contact me if you are interested
  • trovertrover Posts: 5
    I received a coupon for 2000.00 that i would not used contact me if you are interested
  • Unfortunatly Portland, OR only has one dealer, so I cant get competition. Went twice last year and they wouldnt budge on MSRP. Now with $3K dealer cash this car is back to invoice pricing. Just holding back because its a 1st year model and really want to know what is coming out next year (will they fix the stupid key system, and add a little power/handling?). Anyone in Portland get a good deal?
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    Hate to tell you but the $3k dealer ccash is only on SEs, and most of those are now gone. I have 1 left. HSEs for us (I'm not near you) are in short supply.
  • I know. I am interested in SE. Dont need 19" wheels, and dont notice much difference in the tiny bit of bottom trim color coded in the HSE (I am sure I can upgrade later aftermarket if I were so inclined). Emailed dealer today and they do have one left and will give me the $3K off + $1K off for auto show discount. So not bad, but not as good as these NJ guys are reporting. I am still not 100% convinced on this vehicle though. Quality issues, company sale to INDIA, and a few other things have me concerned. Biggest question is will they fix these next year? 1st year of a model really has me worried. Any new car should last 50Kmi... its after the warantee expires that I worry. 100K on my Subie and no issues.
  • Did you buy an SE or HSE. Was it a new car, trade in, or loaner car? Please let me know, I am from the area and would like to try and get the best deal possible.
  • nated86,

    I wish I would have seen your reply several weeks ago. However, I came to the same conclusion regarding a terrible whistling noise from my new ski racks. The solution is to install the rubber gasket into the channel on top of each cross bar. Back in December I bought the roof rails, cross bars, and ski racks for my LR2. I had the dealer install the roof rails as it took a bit of work, so they also installed the cross bars and ski racks at the same time. Within a day I realized that the ski racks made a very loud whistling sound at speeds above 15 mph. When I say loud, I mean really loud. I kind of experimented to see if I could get rid of it but nothing worked. Looking for answers on the internet I found very little. There were recommendations to turn up the radio or buy a "fairing" from Yakima. I also noticed that the dealer had left the two rubber gaskets in my car. They removed them from the cross bars in order to slide the ski rack bolts into the channel.

    So I made an educated guess. I surmized that the whistling or wind noise was coming from the cross bar channels. So I disassembled the entire ski rack and measured the distance between the two bolts on the ski rack itself. (I think 26 & 3/8 inches). I then measured this distance centered on the rubber gasket and then punctured holes thru the gasket and then twisted the ski rack bolts in from the bottom. ( I had to shape the rubber gasket a little underneath so everything was flush... use an exacto or other sharp knife.) I then slid the bolts back into the channel with the rubber gasket attached and pushed the rubber gasket into the channel to lock it in. Reassembled the ski rack and Voila! No more whistling! I am so relieved. I made two trips up to Lake Tahoe with that darn thing whistling all the way. Almost drove me crazy!
  • Hey folks, new member here (as you might be able to judge by my user name) and have a couple of questions. I apologize up front if they've been asked already but my perusal of the list last night exhausted me without a clear answer.

    I'm looking to purchase a new LR2. Saw one at the DC auto show two weekends ago and fell in love (I've driven a Classic Cherokee for the last ten years--202,000 miles). I test drove one Saturday and was armed (so I thought) with the invoice of $31,191 (from Consumer Reports).

    When I sat down with the salesman after the test drive, he broke out a worksheet that stated an invoice of $32,466 and that they were only asking for $500 above invoice and that was that. (of course, aside from the processing fees of $399, non-negotiable) and options.)

    But I've also seen other invoice prices listed. So, what is the collective agreement/experience of those in the forum for the true invoice price of an LR2? And, has anybody had a successful "bargaining" effort with Land Rover in negotiating the final OTD price?

    Is the LR2 so popular that Land Rover dealers can afford to be less inclined to accept a negotiated price below what the salesman is saying is the bottom dollar? I realize that I did not ask to see the actual invoice price but didn't ask for it as I wasn't buying the vehicle that day because I still had more research to conduct. Seems the Land Rover products have become much more reliable in the past couple of years despite the lack of recently documented reliability tests/factors. Judging from the comments made in this forum, the consensus seems to be that most of the owners of the LR2 are pleased with their decision to purchase and LR2.

    Finally, has anybody had any experience with a broker service?

    I truly appreciate any comments or answers garnered from my post. Thanks in advance.
  • jax10jax10 Posts: 36
    I read Edmunds forums for a long time before I bought my LR2 HSE, it is wonderful to be able to read other people's opinions, get advice....some of the salespeople on here are very helpful & nice. It made me feel much better making my decision and making the deal.

    Edmunds has the invoice & MSRP pricing on base & each option listed, it is all there. Over on the left, or at the top of the main page, click on Pricing or something, you can find it, all the pkg./option details & prices are there.
    It is according to where you are (location), some people get them for MSRP, some for 1% over invoice, etc. I am certainly no expert, just did a lot of reading... My opinion, $500 over actual invoice price (HSE) is a really good price. The first time I went to a Land Rover dealership, a very "snooty" salesman told me "the price is MSRP, there is no negotiating." I left, it is a wonder I ever went back, but I did, a different salesman can make all the difference...
    & I might add found 3 wonderful people that helped me, including finance guy, they were great.

    Had mine for almost 5 weeks, driven 1900 miles, absolutely love it, so far. No problems, so far. Wish the gas milage was better. But, I think I made the right decision buying this, hope the reliability remains good. It is definitely a head-turner.

    Good Luck!
  • Thanks for the reply. I've spent a bit more time perusing this site and others and have a better understanding of the pricing.

    I think I was fortunate with the salesperson with whom I spoke because the experience wasn't anything like the horror stories others have posted.

    You mentioned that you wished you got better gas mileage. What do you average? What type of driving do you do? Do you burn premium as recommended? Thanks again.
  • mvil4mvil4 Posts: 2
    Hi Everyone,
    I recently found this forum and enjoy the info. My wife and I just purchased a new LR2 SE in the Clearwater, FL area. It's silver with beige interior. Base model with only options being the mats. We did not feel HSE options were worth difference and cold package not needed in FL. List was 34,700 and we bought for 30,000
    (not including tax and title). No additional fees. The dealer was easy to work with and so far we have been happy with the car and service. Averaging 21 - 22 MPG combined. Hope this helps in figuring out prices. BTW agree that most extras best bought online as dealer prices are at a premium.
  • lnmlnm Posts: 13
    $500 over invoice is a really good price. My understanding is that prices are actually low as this is a first year model and LR really wants to get more of them on the road to advertise. I'm assuming next year's model will be offered for a higher invoice. Land Rover dealers are very polite (usually) and this leads to the impression that they don't do much negotiating. Whether this is just the impression they want to give or is true, I don't know. All attempts at negotiating with my local dealer failed so I went to another dealer further away, made my offer, waited a couple of weeks and then made my offer again. Both dealers explained to me that they have to add something to invoice as they don't make much money if they sell their trucks at invoice. They said LR corporate doesn't give them much for flooring and holding. Maybe it is true, then, that they can't sell too close to invoice? All I know is that I'm very happy with my LR2 that I bought for $500 over invoice. It's a very nice car and I really enjoy driving it!
  • Ditto regarding Portland OR having only one dealer. They were offering buyers $1K off the LR2 for attending the Portland Auto show until mid Feburary. The sales people , at least by email, were polite and reasonably informative.
    However, the LR factory reps at that show grossly understated the LR2's weight and got a number of facts wrong (they claimed they worked at LR !!).
    The dealer made a mistake by referring me to a European auto test site showing the LR2 folding around a pole in a side impact (an Audi Q7 in that test deformed much less - so did a few other cars ). Not reassuring at all.
  • Yeay - nice people at Portland but wont deal. They offered me the $3K dealer incentive and $1K show special, so I was willing to pay that price. But they only had one car left. The rep I spoke with said it was mine if I wanted it... I assumed they would hold it for me... but apparently not and they sold it. Guess I will go buy a new Subaru.
  • jax10jax10 Posts: 36
    Patience, perserverance....Don't give up that easy, you can find one that will deal. (I don't live in Oregon) Had my HSE for 5 weeks, driven 2000 miles so far, love it, so far. Thought & read about it for a long time before I finally bought it. Last Sept., first salesman, SE "price is MSRP" I left. Dec., Another dealership SE & HSE, pretty good price...then, went back to first dealership, they gave me a deal on HSE, you just have to find the right person. It is worth it. Unless I start having problems with it, I plan to drive this for a very long time, think I made right decision, it is very special. Don't just get a Subaru, (nothing against Subaru), but you only live once.
  • jlresqjlresq Posts: 14
    I am looking to buy a new (not demo) LR2 HSE with cold climate package only. I am located in the New York area. Color is flexible other than flame. This is the cleanest deal ever with no trade, no financing, no lease and I am ready to buy. Because this is an easy transaction, I should be able to shop the price pretty well. What should I have to pay OTD and is there a convenient way to shop the price in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area? I ready to buy. Thanks.
  • I bought LR SE on 12-31-07 from Paul Miller in Woodbridge, NJ with Cold pak. brand new in Black for $29998 plus tax.
  • jlresqjlresq Posts: 14
    Thanks. I am looking for the HSE and not the SE. Any thoughts on $500 over invoice? Also, has anyone figured out how to add a homelink (or a homelink mirror) and a portable GPS that fits in the Nav window?
  • I leased a LR2 SE
    Got Narvick Black, lighting package, cold climate- NO Nav system (got my own & i leased)
    I paid $1500 down & leased for $423 (including tax) part of my down payment was to get the millage from 10,500 to 12,000.
    I've had it for 4 days & love it (the gas millage is brutal) but it is all wheel drive & that's the price of it i guess.
    Wondering if i got a decent deal or not?
    My salesman knew nothing about the options, so i had to figure most things out myself- does the lines on the front window drive anyone besides me nuts??
  • jlresqjlresq Posts: 14
    I thought I just ordered a new LR2 HSE on Saturday but now I have been told that the order can't actually be placed until the first week of March by the dealer. Is this normal?
  • manupmanup Posts: 24
    How did you do on the price ? Did you get close to the $500 over invoice you mentioned in a previous post?
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