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Pontiac Grand Am Clunks and Noises



  • elpuma0720elpuma0720 Posts: 10
    This sounds like a serious problem. Take it to a dealer for a diagnostic test, then go from there.
  • 99gt199gt1 Posts: 1
    I have also had that problem and have done what you have suggested. It still continues to click even after replacing it.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Do you mean constantly or intermittently?
  • elpuma0720elpuma0720 Posts: 10
    replace the flasher and see how that works. It cuold be also a bad Switch
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Try this - put a little pressure up and down on the multifunction turn signal switch. Not enough to activate the signal, just a little pressure. You may find that the switch has become very sensitive and will activate the flasher, but the lights won't flash. If this is the case then the switch may need to be replaced. On my 04 I have found that temperature is a factor. After it's been sitting in the sun for awhile and the interior has heated up it will do it and the switch is very sensitive in the right signal direction. After the A/C has cooled the interior down it goes away. Other people I have talked to that have it happening constantly have had to replace the flasher assembly (the hazard switch).
  • I am under the assumption that I have identified the proper forum for my scenario. I own a 1997 pontiac grand AM coupe V6 and overall, The car has done pretty well for me. Its not until recently when I had turned on my vehicle and while i was making an attempt to reverse I had discovered that my gear wouldn't shift from park to any other function. At first i was under the assumption that I wasn't applying enough pressure to my brakes but when I had applied as much force to the brakes as I possibly could to cause the gear to shift, it wouldn't budge at all. The engine starts (though it has a repetitious clanking sound) and all the internal function works but the car refuse to shift gears. I also Observed on the dash board the "service engine light". I dont know If anyone who's reading this had encountered these issues but If anyone has experienced these things and has resolved them please enlighten me on what may be causing these issues and how do i go about fixing them. ill greatly appreciate it. any feedback from any commentator would be helpful. thanks for your time & god bless. :confuse:
  • I have a clunking/knocking noise (sounds like something big is loose underneath and every time I go over a bump, it hits and clunks/knocks. I have replaced the strut mounts, struts and plates $1100. Otherwise, the car looks like brand new. I am ready to lose my mind and cannot afford to keep putting money in only to drive out and hear the same sound again. Any ideas you're sure of ??

  • It is really hard to tell from what you have stated. Can you tell me more about the noice? is it a grinding noice> clickling noice when you turn? Are the wheels tighted? wheel bearings replaced? tell me more
  • try this,,,there are 2 bolts which hold the brake calipers on,,,trace that to two that hold the brake caliper brackets on,,,had a similar issue,,,if it move the slightest bit tighten those bolts,,,may need a bit of force though,,,had to use a deadblow hammer and a 14 mm wrench
  • never use wd40 on rubber components,,,NEVER,,it will degrade them,,,use instead a silicon spay
  • usually means either the fuse is going bad or the bulb filament is loose but the wiring may be maintaining contact with bulb assembly
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