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Honda Civic Hybrid Battery Pack Questions



  • JRhefner: Can you give me some pointers on how to replace the IMA battery cells myself?
  • After 2weeK Honda dealer came out with a report of MCM motor control module(NO COMMUNCATiON)...Cat. converter failure and EGR Control circuit range. The car battery was certified to be good!To Honda..the MCM cost $2600 which is same price my wife bought the car! But im seaching for used one presently bc i cant afford such huge $$$$ for MCM!
    Can i replace the MCM with the used MCM?
  • tgabbitgabbi Posts: 1
    I have purchased a 2004 civic hybrid for my son. He was starting college and the car was needed. 1 week after both the check engine and ima light have come on. After taking it to the dealership the diagnosis is the batteries with a 3000 dollar price tag. This a nightmare. We spent his savings and mine just to buy this car and thought we were gettinga quality product in honda. Is there any way to get Honda to off set the price of replacement. Or is there any other option. Why would they make a product with such an expensive part.
  • I have a 2004 civic hybrid which I bought 10 months ago with 83500 miles on it. I love it. I have had one major repair, a voltage sensor that cost me $790 to fix. I change the oil and transmission fluid myself. It sounds like a good plan to get the battery rebuilt. I would think you can have a mechanic you trust or an automotive shop that specializes in automotive electrical problems do the job. I think it is absolutely worth it. It's a Honda, it should run for a long time as long as you stay up on the preventive maintenance. Hopefully you can find a trustworthy mechanic.
  • The next thing I would worry about is repairing or replacing the transmission (if you have a CVT). According to the Carfax report my 03’ that I purchased used had the CVT replaced under warranty at around 30XXX miles. Then at 112XXX miles it went out again. It seems the early CVT’s had startup clutch problems. I went the route of having my battery refurbished only to have the transmission go out at an estimated $3500 repair bill. Needless to say I decided to just get rid of my hybrid as the repairs that I already had done on the battery plus the transmission where more than the car was worth. This was the costliest experiment I have ever done and my experience with a hybrid came to an abrupt end in less than a year and I will never again own a hybrid or a car with a CVT.
  • I have an 05 HCH CVT with a failing IMA battery. Where can I get the individual cells for the battery to repair it myself?
  • xlntmpgxlntmpg Posts: 8
    Individual cells can be purchased from different sources (no sure if I'm allowed to say specific names on this forum), but I'll warn you ahead of time that there are lots of ways to incorrectly disassemble the pack, as well as lots of ways to incorrectly re-assemble the pack.

    If you have the time and the patience to remove all the fasteners, and take all the safety precautions, it can be done. A set of sticks would likely cost under $2,000

    Eric Powers
  • I just learned that my 2006 civic hybrid (116K) needs a new IMA battery. Dealer quoted 2500. Are there any alternatives that would be cheaper? I was hoping to get another 6 months out of the car. No chance of coverage under warranty (I'm in PA)?
  • karlt1981karlt1981 Posts: 1
    edited September 2016
    I'm doing the loading and unloading test for CIVIC HYBRID 2005 with Imax equipment. but this team has to set the maximum limit you in mah where it will arrive. I put 6500 which is the maximum load to 0.6A and 1.0A perform the download.

    What should be my right values in mah to result in a good performance, I read enforos that the burden should give me a maximum of 6200mah and download between 5500 and 6200mah.

    Will I have to increase the amount of amps loading and unloading for each battery. or care if I leave as I?

    MY EMAIL IS: [Email removed]
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