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Volvo S70 Engine Noise

freenowfreenow Posts: 5
edited September 2014 in Volvo
I have a 2000 S70/SE. I hear a distinct hum or wine from under the hood when the motor is on, for several seconds after the car is turned off, and when the ignition key is in the position to reset the audio system (I guess that is the position for accessories). When I pop the hood, I can locate the noise to a place in front of the battery but I cannot id the exact equipment that is making the hum or wining noise.

The car runs great.

Does anyone knwo what this might be?

Ron Belliveau
Charlotte, NC


  • Do you have headlight wipers? If so unplug it and see if the noise stops. I belive it could be realated to a head light wiper motor recall 101a, 101b or 101. :shades:
  • freenowfreenow Posts: 5
    Thanks Skeeter. I have the wipers so I'll try unplugging them and let you know if that works.
  • jonny01jonny01 Posts: 3
    When i start my car a minute into warm up a loud squeel is heard from the passenger side of the car. I suspected the belts however when I put belt dressing on the squeel pitch goes down but then it comes right back. The belts as I inspected them are in perfect order, no cracks or chips. When the temperature reaches normal the sound disapears and is not heard when driving. I have been told it might be a belt tensionor, water pump, power steering pump. It idels a little rough but Iam the second owner and have had no problems with the car for 35,ooo miles. Any suggestions?
  • jonny01jonny01 Posts: 3
    I'am thinking of putting on a K@N filter on my volvo. Several friends have put them in and have told me the check engine light comes on for a few minutes. Is is worth it and how much extra power can I expect from a 2.3T engine?
  • freenowfreenow Posts: 5
    Greetings Skeeter!

    Sorry I flaked out and failed to get back to you! :(

    Unplugging the headlight wipers eliminated the noise!!

    Thanks again,
    Ron Belliveau
  • Hi, I have a Volvo S70 2.5T, i have a continue noise that sounds like something is touching intermittand, it's becomes more apparent when i am stationary and i only touch the exellarator very lightly. It seems to come from the timing belt area (which has been replaced at 108km service). :)
    Can anyone help?

    Cheers :D

  • I am looking at getting an S70 from a mechanic friend as a work exchange. He replaced the heater core and removed the head and had it milled. When I start the car, it has what I would describe as "lifter noise" if it were on another vehicle. It goes away when it warms up. He said it is the cam follower. The car has 156,000 and is very clean otherwise.

    Any thoughts? I wouldn't buy the vehicle if I were simply purchasing, but this is a way to get paid on what he owes me. Thanks in advance for any comments
  • johiwijohiwi Posts: 2
    just purchased a 2000 S70, @ 119K miles. I'm hearing a very regular rattle at either the valve or deeper in the engine when i accelerate. It does feel like the power/acceleration is there, and the sound seems to lighten up as the car hits 30-40mph and higher. I don't know if we have a piston/cylinder/head issue (BAD) or is this a tune-up/oil change (and btw, a Volvo 'sound feature")? While on a recent testdrive to listen, it also sounds like a rattly muffler. Concerned.... any thoughts?

    Our only previous Volvo was a 1988 Volvo 240 wagon....had a sim
  • johiwijohiwi Posts: 2
    to finish above msg:
    Our only other experience w/ a Volvo was a 1988 240 wagon.... (also bought it around 105K miles) but always had a kind of rattly engine sound as it accelerated. Just thought is was a little worn out and that was what Volvos sounded like.

    We had a very good indep. Volvo shop inspect it prior to purchase (the S70), and they gave it a thumbs up.

    Any thoughts about the best steps?
    thanks, johiwi
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