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Honda CR-V Seat Belt Buckle Scratches

lolu143lolu143 Member Posts: 9
edited March 2014 in Honda
I bought my new CRV LX only two months ago. A few days ago, I noticed scratches on the interior side of my car next to the seat belt on the driver's side. Then I noticed that my seat belt buckle rests between space between the driver's seat and the side of my car. It turns out the that the width of the seat belt buckle is too big for that space and doesn't lie right against the seat, so everytime I put on my seat belt, the buckle rubs against the interior side of my car, leaving scratches. I noticed all the seat belt and buckles are too close to the interior sides of the car on the passenger side as well as well as the back seat. Overall, all seats should be spaced farther away from the sides of car to avoid this. I called Honda and filed a complaint with this as this shouldn't happen. They said if there more complaints with this, then can proceed further with this, so for now, its under review. FYI..pay attention to how your seat belt buckle rests on the side. Call Honda if it is scratching your car so it can be documented. I say this is poor manufacturing.


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    travlertravler Member Posts: 138
    I've had my CRV since last August. I just went out to check my seat belts, and I have no evidence of this problem. Have you shown this to your dealer? maybe the buckle was installed facing the wrong way. Not sure, just a suggestion.
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    crvme3crvme3 Member Posts: 140
    Good detective work lolu143!!!... just went out to our CRV after reading your post & sure enough there are scratches from the seat belt latch. Can you respond in another post as to who & what dept. of Honda Motor company you contacted to complain as I will do the same. for those who are unclear where to look scratches will be evident on the trim cover between seat back & body. :mad:
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    harvey44harvey44 Member Posts: 178
    Every CRV I've ever had scratched itself with the seat belt. I noticed it first in 1997.
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    dewaltdakotadewaltdakota Member Posts: 364
    I don't even have to look, to tell you mine's being scratched. Most of the time, when I go to pull my shoulder belt across, I have to twist and wiggle it, to get it to pass between the side of the seat and the interior trim, as it gets hung up back there.

    Of course, I'm not going to blame any of it on the fact that I'm a person of substance, and I'm probably squishing out the seat back padding a bit wider than a smaller individual would. :blush:
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    richk6richk6 Member Posts: 87
    I noticed some minor scratches from the seat buckle on the trim. I stuck a 2x3 inch piece of Velcro (fabric surface) on the area which protects it nicely.
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    blueiedgodblueiedgod Member Posts: 2,798
    I think the scratching will depend on how far back the seat is and the tilt of the seatback.

    My seat is moved all the way back, and tilted, so that I don't even see the B-pillar...

    I guess, I should complain that the bricks I was carrying from Home Depot scratched the cargo bay :)

    Oh, wait, it is just a car, meant to be scratched, driven, taken off-road... unless one keeps it in the garage or museum.
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    lolu143lolu143 Member Posts: 9
    So sorry....I just read this post now! I called the Main Honda # off their website and went through the menus. If any doubt, then just ask the representative to refer you to the department.
    I think the seat belts are not attached properly, mine does wiggle and twists so easily. When the salesperson at the Honda dealership showed the CRV model in the showroom, that car didn't have the problem with the seatbelts. If others are having the same problem, then it should be reported as it is then an manufacturer error. No fault of our own since it is their error that is causing the scratches.
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    sky23213sky23213 Member Posts: 300
    Oh, wait, it is just a car, meant to be scratched, driven, taken off-road... unless one keeps it in the garage or museum.

    I'd second that. Nothing wrong with taking good care of your car, but in the end, it is supposed to serve you, not the other way around.
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    marig0107marig0107 Member Posts: 92
    "Oh, wait, it is just a car, meant to be scratched, driven, taken off-road... unless one keeps it in the garage or museum. "


    yes, very true!

    But can't I just enjoy the brand new flawless car for just a little bit ;)
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