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1985/86 Crown Victoria LTD RECALLS

phoenixssn702phoenixssn702 Posts: 7
edited April 2014 in Ford
Hi, Can anyone list the recalls for this period. My 1986 totally loses power at 25 mph and starts to shutter and will stall. Someone said a block item box was replace by the engine firewall.
Tune up, and replaced catylic converters. When at 25 mph I hear a loud whissle. Thanks


  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095 only lists back to 1990, but searching the National Highway Traffic Saftey Administration site brings up one recall for the 1986 Crown Victoria.

    Make : FORD Model : CROWN VICTORIA Year : 1986
    Manufacturer : FORD MOTOR COMPANY
    NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number : 87V139000 Recall Date : SEP 01, 1987

    You can also get a full summary of the issue from NHTSA.

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  • Hi Karen,
    Thanks for that info which I did not know and of course Ford never notifies the owners anyway. Strange thing is I had to repair the gas lines last month because of a leak and the FI was sucking in air throught them. I was hoping this was my problem, but it did not. Cheers !!! Gene
  • My car keeps going to stall, and sometimes does completely lose power in traffic while accelerating. I have changed plugs and filters. Also torgue converter fluid. It is getting worse. Please help?
  • The LTD and grand marquis have had problems with their EGR crossovers leaking and the EGR valves getting carbon stuck in them. There used to be a screen you could add to prevent this in the older models but that part has been discontinued. That's a good place to start; clean the EGR valve, check the vacuum line attached to it, and inspect the cross-over tube for leaks.
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