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Honda CR-V Rear Differential Problem?



  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    I am just curious, which of those lawyers are interested in taking on a Lemon Law case for a 5 year old vehicle?

    The most generous Lemon Laws cover is 2 years. When you bought the vehicle, you should have been given a Lemon Law disclosure form and it should have your signature on it, meaning that you read and understood the Lemon Law disclosure.
  • I have looked in the owner's manual and I have looked in the big thick Honda Service Manual I purchased separately, and I cannot find where it tells me at how many miles to change various fluids, e.g. oil and rear differential fluid. Maybe I came across it long ago, but I am stumped right now.
    And please don't someone say, oh, just look under "Maintenance" at Page 255 in the Owner's Manual. It ain't in that section. It just wants you to go with the magical "maintenance minder" and its pretty little lights on the dashboard.
    I want to find where Honda says after XX miles, do Y.
  • sue312sue312 Posts: 7
    Just bought a Honda CRV 2005 in May 2010...Noise now getting louder was not there before spent over $500 in new tires and found on line differential is problem!!!

    Am so upset...have owned 3 crv's and never a problem...called dealer wants to charge $100 fro diagnosis and 74.00 more to fix ...calle d corp they mocked me and said what do I expect for a used car basically. I am a single mom w multiple jobs... i bought this in good faith Honda stands behind their product am so not have funds to keep up with this prblem so wish I had gotten some thing else/// please tell me where to go for class action suit on this problem... thanks so much for any assistance!!!
  • sue312sue312 Posts: 7
    Not true now 3-4-11 contacted corp and basically got told too bad for me for buying used car with miles on it! please help me as cant afford this up keep and unadvised problem...will join class action asap
  • sue312sue312 Posts: 7
    No good for mr single multi job mom...need a class action suit or Hondato take care of free...its obviously and manufacturers defect and needs to be recalled and replaced!
  • sue312sue312 Posts: 7
    No good for me single multi job mom...need a class action suit or Hondato take care of free...its obviously and manufacturers defect and needs to be recalled and replaced!
  • sue312sue312 Posts: 7
    $500 dollars worth of new tires and noise worse then ever HELP ME Honda needs to recall these differentials now!!!!
  • sue312sue312 Posts: 7
    Bla -bla bla we need a class action suit on this manufacturers defective differential now!!! This is something Honda knows about and is doing nothing and it's obvious there are people writing in for Honda to keep them protected with non- responsible suggestions THAT THE BUYER SHOULD TAKE UP THE SLACK IN THIS UNIVERSAL MANUFACTURERS DEFECT IS WHAT I BELIEVE!
  • Go to this website and see if they can help you.

    I live in Los Angeles area if you need a witness. There are thousands of us that got stuck with the same problem
  • Let's do it. Where are we going to get an attorney that will do this class action?
  • chad_2008_crvchad_2008_crv Posts: 1
    edited March 2011
    Change the rear differential fluid. It should be about $80 -100 dollars tops at your local dealer. There is a schedule you should follow, I think it is at the 3k mark when new, and then every 30k or 60k miles after that. I've changed mine twice in 94k miles, no problems here.
  • Of the three previous sources I've read discussing this issue, folks are being encouraged to change their differential fluid every 10K-20K (depending on ratio of city driving/highway driving). In other words, way more often than Honda initially recommended. Even though Honda put the wrong/or a bad fluid into the rear differential to begin with. When it breaks down, that's when the grinding begins. Changing the fluid is the least you can do--dealers are being told to replace the fluid and burnish the clutch plates. Do you have a handy person who could help you with the fluid change? ($12 for the bottle of fluid.) Or, an independent shop would be less expensive, if you have one you trust. Don't leave this issue alone--you will incur more damage to the differential and eventually the transmission.
  • tedtcbtedtcb Posts: 39
    Sue 312

    Take a look at this link for more info/comments on your rear diff problem.

    The hard cold facts seem to indicate that it’s the luck of the draw as to who gets the problem as well as which dealers provide service at no cost to the owner.

    My dealer replaced my DPF to DPFII and burnished the clutch at no charge and since then I have my rear diff serviced by my by mechanic every 30k

    True, not all Vs are affected which is possibly why Honda did not address this issue in a global recall.

    My recommendation for you in the short term is to bite the bullet and have the rear diff serviced…..then go about investigating your legal options if that’s what you want

    Good luck
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    $500 dollars worth of new tires and noise worse then ever HELP ME Honda needs to recall these differentials now!!!!

    you spent $500 on new tires?

    Why not try and the differential fluid change? It is only $80 at the dealer, or $12 at home. It needs to be drained, refilled, driven 3 times, as suggested by other posts.

    Class action will get you nowhere!
  • twigs8twigs8 Posts: 3
    Our 2006 had the same problem we change the fluid at the dealer at 30,000 then just change it again at 60,000 at our local service at 68,000 we are hearing a gRRR sound at 1500 rpms on and off...not sure what to do.
  • mgp3mgp3 Posts: 1
    Buenos días a todos/as:

    Yo la verdad es que tengo que añadir que yo compré un CR-V 2.2 diesel en noviembre de 2007 en el concesionario de Gijón oficial Honda, y llevo más de un año luchando para solucionar un problema en el eje trasero de la transmisión. Hace un ruido al girar en marchas cortas, lo llevé al taller, ya que sigue en garantía, y me dicen que es el aceite del eje trasero, me lo cambian y a los 7 ó 10 días vuelve a suceder lo mismo, me lo llevan cambiando ya 5 veces, mañana será la 6ª, el coche lleva 4 meses con una vibración por autopista bastante incómoda añadiéndole además, el ruido ya no solo al girar, sino ta´mbién el línea recta. en Noviembre del año pasado lo he notificado junto con la reclamación que he puesto a atención al cliente de Honda España, pero anteriormente lo había notificado por vía telefónica, mi coche sigue con el problema, el tiempo sigue pasando y la garantía se termina. NADIE da una solución. ¿Qué hice?, me puse en contacto con la revista Autofácil, que han hecho de intermediarios, me llamó atención al cliente para que pasara cuanto antes por mi taller oficial de Gijón para solucionar definitivamente la problemática de mi coche. ¿qué me han dicho?, que se había realizado mal el cambio del aceite en mi vehículo y que lo tendrían que hacer según el boletín oficial de Honda. Podemos hacerlo mal una vez, ¿pero 5?, habiendo puesto incluso reclamaciones??La consecuencia a la mala actuación la sufre ahora mi coche, esa vibración bastante desagradable tanto para los que van sentados en la parte trasera como el que conduce que lo sufre en la dirección (volante) y en todo el coche, añadiendo el ruido pertinente.
    Compré mi coche con la mayor ilusión, pero no estoy teniendo buena experiencia con el servicio post-venta del mismo. Pasamos "la pelota" de unos a otros y creo que me dará bastante que hacer.
    La serie de 2007, por foros que leí, ha salido con unas piezas del eje trasero defectuosas y que en HondaSpirit, según leí, la solución está en cambiar el eje trasero (3mil euros de coste) que viene defectuoso de fácbrica.

    En fin, dejo esto aquí para que si alguien tiene el mismo problema que yo, pueda tener una referencia.

    Muchas gracias.

    Un saludo.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Translation, courtesy of Kirstie (we're an English centric site, mgp3).

    Had the noise and vibration, tried having the rear differential oil changed 5 times. After about a week, the noise and vibration returned - this happens when turning & when travelling in a straight line. No one could figure out what the problem was. Complained about the noise repeatedly to Honda, with no resolution to the problem. This was all under warranty.

    Then, the warranty ran out - that's when he complained to the car magazine, who tried to act as an intermediary. At that point, they (assuming that means Honda) claimed that the rear differential oil was changed incorrectly, and not in accordance with the Honda service bulletin. Couldn't fathom how that could have happened not one, but FIVE times, especially since he was complaining to Honda throughout the process.

    It appears that he has NOT had his car fixed, and that the noise and vibration continue, and is especially uncomfortable for rear passengers.

    He bought his car with great enthusiasm, but is very disappointed at how after-sale service has gone, and feels they have passed the ball around without actually helping him. He's read here and on other forums that parts of the rear axle in the 2007s are defective, and that it will cost the owner 3,000 Euros (~$4,300) to replace the defective part. He's posted here hoping that others who have had the same problem might be able to help him find resolution.
  • Our Honda made this noise since the day we bought it.
    Our mechanic said he can fix it we are taking to him to see if he actually can.
    One mechanic said the rear internal settings are not aligned correctly.
    Will post when we know for sure.
  • Ever since I experienced the same problems with my 2005 with 35k miles, I searched all over the internet and found out that all CRV's (RTAWD) from 1999 until at least 2007 are experiencing practically the same problem. Honda is not doing everything it can do to solve the problem. Its remedy has always been to change the fluid but the real problem is what's
    making the fluid to fail prematurely or get contaminated as they claim. Honda can re-formulate their DPF II, III, IV, V, VI, VII but the real solution is to re-design some of the parts which they have not done, maybe the materials they use to make those parts etc. etc.
    I believe prospective buyers of CRV's should be informed of this decade-long problem that Honda until now has TOTALLY IGNORED. All those bad rear differentials from 1999 -2007 should be replaced by Honda at no cost to the owners. Maybe a global RECALL is needed.
  • Maybe if we could only have somebody from Honda Corporate HQ read the posts here, Honda mght be forced to finally acknowledge the problem and provide a REAL SOLUTION. Honda TSB 07-024 states "PROBABLE CAUSE'.
    To me probable means MAYBE OR POSSIBLE. In the court of law it means nothing. No accused is going to jail only because of POSSIBLE CAUSE. That's just telling me HONDA is totally in the dark. I will never buy anything made by Honda and will convince others to do the same.
  • judylinkjudylink Posts: 33
    Please..... they are aware.........
  • Has this issue been addressed with newer models?

    I'm looking at a 2011 AWD
  • Is there a front differential ?
  • I have a 1999 CRV AWD and just started getting a noise from the back when I have the brakes on and am travelling less than about 15 MPH, straight or turning. It has 190K. I thought it was the rear brakes but two mechanics checked it and told me the brakes are fine. Finally, the third mechanic told me it was the rear diff., that it wasn't critical and I could wait until the noise got louder to have it repaired. He said it would cost $500-$600.

    Is it OK to wait? I'm concerned it could cause bigger problems if I do? Is there any other fix? Not sure if the fluid was ever changed (I've had it since 20K miles)? Should I chage the fluid?

    Suggestions appreciated.
  • It's recommended that the rear diff fluid be changed approximately every 15,000 miles. I'm shocked that you haven't noticed the noise before now? I bought my 2001 Honda w/27,000 miles on it and originally thought it was the brakes as well, until the mechanics explained it to me. I've faithfully had the rear diff fluid changed every 15,000 miles - the fluid itself to change runs about $85 at my dealership. My Honda has 105,000 miles on it now.

    It was explained to me that it's comparable to having the oil in the engine changed. I was also told that if the rear diff eventually gave out from not having the fluid changed, it would be huge to fix, somewhere around $3K. If you didn't have a Honda dealer look at it, I would suggest doing that. BTW, you can only have the rear diff done by Honda. Good luck, I hope this helps!
  • I have had it serviced regularly by a mechanic that specializes in Hondas, but not the dealership. Major and minor service was done at 15K intervals. Maybe that fluid was changed regularly, I will have to check my records. You don't think they could change the diff. fluid?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Everywhere, USAPosts: 126,124
    It's recommended that the rear diff fluid be changed approximately every 15,000 miles

    I'd like to see that in the owner's manual...

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • lax3lax3 Posts: 5
    I have Honda CRV Ex 2010, its only 20 month (14.5 miles) under warranty period....and I noticed the noise and maintenance indicator shows A1 6 (6 means change Rear Differential Fluid)

    Questions -

    - Will it (cost to change Rear Differential Fluid) cover in my warranty?

    - DO we have any recommendation from honda when (how many miles) to change this?

  • lax3lax3 Posts: 5
    Where do we have recommendation from honda when (how many miles) to change this? any mannual? or any honda link online?

  • lax3lax3 Posts: 5
    I have Honda CRV Ex 2010, its only 20 month (14.5 miles) under warranty period....and I noticed the noise and maintenance indicator shows A1 6 (6 means change Rear Differential Fluid)

    Questions - What do I need to do to make this paid by honda?

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