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Acura RDX vs Acura MDX

johnny98johnny98 Posts: 88
edited March 2014 in Acura
I know the 2007 RDX and 2007 MDX are supposed to be in different "classes", whatever that means, but the RDX Tech is close in price to the base MDX ($37K vs. $40K, though discounts more be more readily available on the RDX). Gas mileage for the RDX and MDX are similar (19-23 vs. 17-22, though the RDX mileage number is a little suspicious). Seems to me that you get a lot more bang for your buck with the MDX, as long as you can stay away from the options packages. Has anyone compared the two in detail? What are some good reasons for buying the RDX Tech instead of the base MDX?


  • Test drive them back to back and you will see a huge difference. The MDX is more refined, very traditional handling, much larger feel. The RDX drives likes a sports car, a lot more fun to drive in my opinion, and still can get the job done as a cargo carrying mid size SUV.

    The dealers will really deal on the RDX Tech- that is what sold me over the MDX. I was able to get a loaded RDX for around $34K! Plus, I'm a big Tech fan- NAV is almost a must these days, bluetooth, the ELS stereo, - etc....

    Bottom line- if you want a bare bones Large SUV that can tote you around in comfortable but reserved styling- the MDX is your choice. If cargo space and technology matters to you, but you aren't ready to give up a quick F1style PaddleShifting ride- RDX-TECH wins hands down. Especially for the money.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Mostly size and sportiness.

    The MDX is much larger when it comes to cargo capacity and passenger space. The MDX is a very wide vehicle and that pays off in spades. This is one of the areas where the RDX disappointed me greatly.

    On the other hand, the smaller size of the RDX allows it to be the sportier of the two. With plenty of power under hood and tight suspension, the RDX is without a doubt the sportiest SUV I have had the pleasure of driving. Apologies to the officer who stopped me, but the test drive was worth it.

    Outside of those two factors, there are differences in the details. The interior for the MDX is luxurious, while the RDX looks more high-tech. Some of the details in the RDX are more "plasticy" than the MDX. The ride in the MDX is a good balance between comfort and sport, while the RDX is all about sport. Both have fantastic stereos and NAV systems. Neither gets very good fuel economy, but I'd give a slight edge to the RDX in a direct comparison.
  • baldeglbaldegl Posts: 16
    We live in an urban area, and the RDX is much easier to live with and park. The mileage has been surprisingly good averaging about 21mpg in mixed driving. The tech features and real time traffic are a big plus.
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