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Dodge Durango Engine and Performance Problems



  • We have a 99 dodge Durango bringing up codes po123 and po443 and it runs pretty good but after driving for a bit it just dies then start up again and dies again we have changed pcv valve, fuel pump & filter & lines, the Tps, plugs and wires, fuel cap, rotor, distrib. Cap, purge valve/ sylenoid, power steering pump, battery and cables, air filter. We just don't know what else to try its got us boggled and penniless lol any ideas???
  • flood smoke no check eng. light , any idea wat it mite be ? it is a 5.2 ltr.
  • I have an '03 durango. Lately I have noticed that it is shifting slow when I first start driving it. Then it was shaking this morning on startup.  I'm praying it's not transmission. I will start with looking and the Trans fluid and spark plugs

  • Hello all, I just signed up to this sight, and as my name you can see my issue. So - 99 durango 5.9 slt. in cold weather here in chicago, she runs like a top, perfect. the minute its over 50 degress... NO BUS. I replaced the pcm last year with a reman.. no good. replaced the crank shaft sensor... NOPE. battery and alt, only bc they were needed, again ran great in the cold, but NOPE. pulled each of the five sensors during the NO BUS period, no change. I modified some air flow . NOPE. tried to make a insulation box around the PCM. NOPE. Yesterday it was near 60, it died constantly, today was 48 it ran perfectly. I contacted dodge... OOOO they say "never heard of it' apparently they dont look on the web. they want me to pay hourly labor to diagnose what 5 mechanics couldnt... YEAH. So one guy said it might be the ignition coil... tho that makes no sense bc it starts perfectly, cept when waiting for the PCM to cool down... aaarrrggggg anyone come to any solution ? my only other idea would be splicing wires and running the pcm inside the cab or the fender.... I had the pcm replaced last year, it did the same shite two weeks later. Its gotta be a heat issue seeing as how it didnt NO BUS on me from sept 14 till a few days ago. Yikes .
  • One more thing, the crankshaft sensor I put in was one of those crappy china ones from autozone.... my buddy who ones a shop says spend the extra and get the actual dodge one.... even tho pulling the sesnsor during the NO BUS on the OD doesnt change anything, he swears by it... uuggggg how many more parts do I have to throw at this thing??? I love this truck but CMON
  • ^^^ I cant spell/type when I am livid ha ha ha
  • union627union627 Posts: 1
    Mine was doing the same thing. First thing my mechanic said was "transmission". Turned out to be the fan making that noise. The clutch for the fan was seized up. $65.00 for a new one.

    Mine was doing the same thing. First thing my mechanic said was "transmission". Turned out to be the fan making that noise. The clutch for the fan was seized up. $65.00 for a new one.
    My 2004 Durango started making that weird sound when I got the new clutch for the fan. In fact I kept returning them to autozone. 4 times in one week. I got the fifth one at pep boys and the sound is still there 
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Posts: 4,358
    Maybe the sound you are hearing isn't actually coming from the cooling fan.
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