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Toyota 4Runner Climate Control Questions

pattoypattoy Posts: 1
edited June 2014 in Toyota
Hey Folks,
I have a 2004 SR5 V6. My a/c problems began with only my passenger side vents blowing cold while my driver vents blew ambient. This truck does not have dual zone climate control-at least it is not supposed to. That started a few weeks ago. Now, when the a/c button is pushed, the idle drops down from 900 to about 500 rpms 5 times, for about 1 second each time; then everything seems fine and the a/c light starts blinking. I hope I don't have a failed compressor. I have 49k miles and have been very pleased with the performance of this vehicle.


  • Is running your day-lights every time you drive use up your fuel?
  • foxyesqfoxyesq Posts: 26
    I have a 2005 Ltd. V8 (duel climate control). When I first turn on the A/c, after the car has been in the hot sun all day, the system automatically recirculates the hot interior air. When the inside temperature finally cools, the system automatically switches to allow “fresh” but hot outside air into the car. Wouldn’t it make more sense to pull fresh air in when the car is hot and to recirculate the cool air? I notice that it is considerably cooler, less humid and more refreshing if I manually change this and have the cool air recirculated. Does anyone know why Toyota (and manufacturers) set up the climate control systems this way? Am I missing something?

  • Well the thinking is that vehicles actually cool faster when the air is in the recirculate mode, despite what you may be leading up to in your discussion. I have read it in the owners manuals too, for maximum cooling, turn on the AC (duh) and press the recirculate button. Seems to work for me that way in all the vehicles I have owned. Once most of the cooling is achieved, it is OK then to open it up to outside air, which tends to be warmer.
  • beddybeddy Posts: 2
    Did anyone have any suggested solutions for this issue? I have the exact same a/c problem on my 2004 SR5 V6, though I haven't noticed the RPM dropping yet. The dealer took the dash apart to see if there was a blockage but nothing. They have called Toyota help twice and don't have an answer.
  • i am having the same issue on my 2004 4runner with the air is only cold on the passenger side while it blows hot air on me..any answers yet on this issue?
  • I had this same problem on my 2003 V8 4Runner last summer, passenger side was colder than the driver's side. Turned out my compressor was going bad. Mine was to the point where you could feel the vehicle slow down when the A/C kicked on. I waited too long, I had metal shavings all through the A/C system. I had to replace the compressor and condenser. Luckily the shop I used could flush out the evaporator, plus they let me find the parts MUCH cheaper online (I paid $360 for the compressor vs. $1400 at a dealer). Still, it costs me well over a grand to get it fixed. Have your compressor checked ASAP!
  • the multi-function control got set to Celsius and miles to kilometers.
    We have looked at manual and call dealership with no help. Therefore, asking you members if you can tell us how to correct this.
  • beddybeddy Posts: 2
    I eventually gave up trying to get it fixed. Within a few weeks the cold air was gone completely. Spent a grand getting it diagnosed at two different Toyota dealerships (had to tear the dash apart twice). The dealers were talking to Toyota in Japan trying to figure it out, but still weren't confident that they knew what the problem was. They thought it was some rare electronic module that would have to be shipped from Japan. They also thought the compressor had gone in the meantime. Estimate to "try" to fix it was over 6 thousand so I ended up getting rid of the vehicle last month and got 2010 GMC Terrain. Was my first Toyota and I can't say I found the quality any better than any of the other cars I have owned.
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