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Honda Odyssey Electrical Problems



  • webchrissywebchrissy Posts: 1
    edited September 2013
    Hey guys,
    So i have same issues as some.
    2006 Honda Odyssey Touring
    1. GPS and radio intermitt lost codes
    2. Car would not start randomly / lost power
    3. Locks from keypad of course wouldn't work at that point
    4. When driving lose power to dash but engine stays on; power would come back on (it lasted only seconds)

    I took it to honda and they replaced fuse box $700+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, two months later, the GPS is losing it's code again but I do not have the rest of the problems...what it really the fuse box?? THey are telling me it's bad head unit on the GPS and a new unit is $2400 or $400+ for a refurbed unit...I am NOT getting it done because I don't care about the GPS. My bigger concern is .... was it really a fuse box or did they clean/tighten battery cables and replace a fuse box for no reason?

    Also, by blower transister went in the meantime so I have no front blower for heat and A/C... they want $340 for for that; I got upset since I have to keep dropping $$$ and suddenly he said he could do it for $250...REALLY? you can just drop the price $90? Please help me with your advice I don't know what to I fight the fuse box installation because the GPS is still losing it's code?? Does this all sound ok or do you think I am going to have more mysterious issues???

  • my problem with all the lights it's flicker i have changed the battery
    but the problem still there …..?
    is there another reason for this ……!
    I've noticed the problem Disappearance when i Increases engine speed
  • @mike20878 said:
    Survey says... show me "AC relay!" Ding ding ding!!

    That, and he told me the alternator voltage was a little low so he's replacing that as well since it's covered. He seemed to imply all I'd have to pay is about $8 for the relay. I'd better not have to pay the labor...


    Mike, I am experiencing the same symptoms but just before the issue I noticed a whining noise. Did you ever note a whining noise before or during the issue?

  • rjs14rjs14 Posts: 4
    edited June 2014

    My 2005 Odyssey just ripped the door off of itself. Over extending upon opening and routed entire side of my car and both brackets ripped off of the body. Left hanging only by the electrical cables. This car has been nothing but a lemon. Two gas tank leaks, alternator, one engine fire while I was driving it, two complete shut downs while driving in fast lane, just like GMC cars have, I was just fortunate I was on city highways and not the freeway or I am sure I would have been hit. I had no control of the car at all. I have replaced two transmissions and just about every other part, including a leaking power steering pump, master cylinder, and all of the other recalled items. Three days after getting it back from the dealer for the leaking power steering pump, it caught fire in the engine while I was driving it 75 miles from home. The dealer later claimed they left a rag on the engine that had caught fire. I have spent enough to buy 3 Odyssey vans in repairs. So furious to find recalls for items I paid for at the dealer. And when I ask about the recalls they say "I haven't heard about that". The first of my gas tank leaks cost me a fortune, and you could smell the gas strongly. I was told by the dealer that it was highly unusual for that part to go out, I was just lucky, and because it is one piece from the gas input to the tank it cost me an arm and a leg. Now I find out it was recalled along with all of the other parts I have paid to replace on this POS. This latest door incident not only cost $2500, but when the bracket threw a bolt it just missed my 3 month old Granddaughter's head! This is the car from HELL. Twice it has shut down without warning, and it just stops where you are. You have no power, as if there is no battery even in the car. The last time it happened a block from the dealer and I made the service manager come and get my car. I wasn't getting back in the death trap. The dealer had my car almost two weeks and said they never found why, they just went ahead and replaced the main fuse. Again now recalled. It's obviously time to contact a lemon law attorney, but curious if anyone else has had these issues. I am the original owner and kept all maintenance up with the dealer.

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