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Cargo Boxes for 2007 Pathfinder (Thule, Yakima)

limelightlimelight Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in Nissan
Hi, I just leased a 2007 Pathfinder LE 4x4, which I love already. Because I intend to use the 3rd row seating option to take a bunch of folks camping, I need to get a rooftop cargo box to store the tent, etc.

I've been looking at different Thule and Yakima models online, but I can't seem to figure out which one will best fit the factory-installed roof rack.

I also have a sunroof, with a wind deflector that I don't want to interfere with.

Has anyone successfully installed a rooftop cargo box on this kind of Pathfinder? Thanks!


  • tbjohnstbjohns Posts: 1
    So what did you decide on??? I have been looking at the Yakima/Thule cargo boxes too. We need some extra space for camping gear. It would be good to know what other Pathfinder owners are using. Any recommendations for a good cargo box???
  • The Thule Atlantis 1800 fits well on the top of my 2007 Pathfinder SE 4x4 with factory installed racks and sun-roof deflector. You can open the back hatch and liftgate without interference. I had to move the rear factory racks forward one screw hole though.
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