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Chrysler Pacifica Oil Problems



  • benniegirlbenniegirl Posts: 5
    When we turned the car in at end of lease it was significantly over the mileage limit. We informed Chrysler that we would deduct out the cost of the engine from the the mileage due and went to court to make it happen. Using documentation from this forum helped alot and I am happy to say that we were able to do just that. The Pacifica is officially history!
  • sarithasaritha Posts: 2
    This oil problem is bad with my chrysler. The dealer denies it but after my looking at my car and these blogs i know otherwise. I will never buy a chrysler again. Shame on the company.
  • Well everyone I am new to this forum however I am so happy to hear that there are other people going through the exact same thing that I just recently found out about my 2005 pac. My engine is gone and now the extended warranty will not cover anything because they need oil change receipts. Well the thing is the car has been maintained but family members have done the oil changes for us as they are mechanically inclined and have their own garage. The funny thing is the oil light has never come on. I dont understand how Chrysler can look the other way when so many people are having the same issue. Anyway I saw in previous blogs that a small class action lawsuit is a possibility. If Im not to late I would love to be a part of that,. They deserve everything that they get for the crap they have put people through. I have 3 small children and that is our only family car and now we are stuck putting a new engine in it. Just what I have the money for. Keep me posted on anything anyone hears that might be a help to me and my family. Thanks!!!!
  • malvivmalviv Posts: 1
    I too am now in this boat. After purchasing a 06 AWD Touring, I thought I was going to be thrilled with my Pacifica. I thought that I had researched the vehicle by checking into customer satisfaction on them. When I see things like:
    Which has a consumer overall rating of 8.3...
    Which has an average overall rating... =Pacifica
    Which has a high rating by users and msn autos...

    I feel that my research was good. I would urge all of you dissatisfied owners to go out to these sites and voice your ratings. Someone searching for a used car probably doesn't go Googling for "X" car engine oil issues.

    Also, if anyone hears or starts such a lawsuit as talked about, I would truly be interested. I heard a lot of groaning and complaining but haven't heard about much action.
  • mnjeffmnjeff Posts: 7
    Congratulations on your victory in court. Did Chrysler actually admit to fault over the oil issues? If so, it might help others of us who are battling them over this same issue get some resolution. Do you have any documentation you could share that shows Chrysler accepting blame?

    Glad to hear you are free of your Pacificia.
  • Well, after a few trips about 300 miles or so, noticed my engine running rough. No dummy lights came on, I change oil about every 3,000 miles. Went for a change and found I had almost no oil in my AWD '05 Pacifica touring model. They flushed engine, put a protective additive in ( the kid who did it, was so nice and worried about my engine running with no oil) and they actually showed me my dipstick with a full 5.5. qts in it. I'm going back to them from now on. Note: I have about 62,000 miles on the care now.

    As I drove away from my last oil change (done properly) I was furious thinking that the guys who did other oil change guys must have forgot the oil. So, I go on a trip about 1600 miles and get back home less than 30 days after this last oil change (and I saw the dip stick so I know it was full) and flush. Find out I'm MORE THAN 3 QTS LOW.
    No oil light warning, nothing. So took it to dealer today to see what is up. :mad:

    After reading all your complaints about Chrysler knowing about this issue and all the engines being replaced. I'm worried...I drive my disabled daughter around in this car and not feeling so safe anymore. No one does a good and fair job anymore... Seems like almost every business is set up to rip us all off and get away with it. Tired of businesses whining about taxes and regulations. Screw business, help consumers!
  • I have the same issue. I spoke to a mechanic (my brother); he advised me to look at the PCV valve. The PCV valve allows the crank case pressure to be vented out of the engine; the venting carries gasses with it so as part of emission standards those gasses are sent back into the engine to be burned. The trick is not to pull the misted oil in the valve covers into the engine where it would be burned off. This is where the PCV valve comes in. I replaced mine today; I will let you know if this works. I have a 2005 with a 3.5 liter. If this does not work or partially work; I am going to plug the induction hole in the intake manifold and let the PCV hose vent to one side. If this solves the issue than I will leave it that way. I also noticed excessive soot in my tail pipe adding credence to burning oil. I wonder if I have shortened the life of my catalytic converter.
  • Ty for the post about the PCV valve. Will have to have someone check that one as well.. I got the usual response from my dealership that we have to do at least 3 oil consumption tests before Chrysler will ok the engine to be broken down to find the cause. I expressed concern since my oil dummy light hasn't come on, twice, in the past when the oil was excessively low. No comment from the dealership. I will never buy another Chrysler product again, and will try to sell this car, if I have to, and buy foreign ALWAYS after this. So much for American products. THEY SUCK>>>>>>>>>
  • I can't believe the number of people complaining about the same problem. The garage I have my 07 Pacifica serviced at, has lost it's records due to computer problems. Dealer just estimated $7400 to repair / replace the engine! Never had a check engine or oil pressure light come one. Can't wait to tell my girls tonight that we have to cancel our trip to Disney World this December! Please someone tell me that there's a chance my extended warranty will cover some of the costs without service records :(
  • My oil light or check engine light never came on as well. I returned the leased car and settled with Chrysler but I still am not happy. I would welcome a class action lawsuit!
  • qpowerqpower Posts: 34
    Yes, you will have shortened the Cat lifespan. All this carbon goes thru the cat, which is why I sold the car back to the dealer after 45K miles and got a nice older model 3.8L push rod engine in the Town and Country van! My wife misses some of the features inherent in a sedan body, but I do not miss the oil consumption dilemma, not one bit!
  • qpowerqpower Posts: 34
    Nope, no chance!

    And for the fellow who thought that 3 oil consumption tests would matter, I wasted my time on several tests all showing a quart of Mobil 1 used per thousand miles, only to have the dealer show me a crusty, old ripped piece of paper stating that the oil consumption needed to be more than 1 qt per 750 miles or less to be unusual!! Come on, that's absurb! I have any number of vehicles in my life that consume no more than a qt every three thousand miles and more. I have a Touareg which goes 8k miles between Mobil one oil changes and uses less than one quart in that much time.

    Where is the legal mind when you need one?
  • 2005 Pacifica with 53K miles. DEAD ENGINE?!?!

    I am shocked to find so many people with this issue. I just took my car in for a check up. I heard some engine knocking / tapping and now I'm told my engine is totaled.

    I never had an issue with oil before and the mechanic told me there was only a half-quart of oil left in the car and all the oil was burned. He never saw anything like it before.

    The oil light never came on, so how should we know when the oil runs low?

    I'm sure Chrysler will be no help on this matter.

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to fight for the Powertrain warranty? :sick:
  • jtg61jtg61 Posts: 43
    Luckily you have a 2005 which came with a 7/70 powertrain warranty that is transferable even if you are not the original owner. This is the only year I am aware of where Chrysler offered this. Hopefully you have documentation for oil changes and scheduled maintenance. I would fight Chrysler hard to honor your powertrain warranty. Good luck!
  • :mad:

    Had my oil changed and the guy told me the pan threads were stripped. Inopportunely it could have happed at any one of the places I took my car to. This still sounds like an issue across the board for others. A new pan will cost $800. From the other posts I see that people have it on back order. I plan to go to a junk yard.... should be plenty there from this form list. :)
  • jft26jft26 Posts: 35
    I have a 2006 Pacifica Touring AWD with 41K miles. Lately, occasionally when I start the car up after it sits for a while I see a puff of white smoke coming from the tail pipe. There is nothing evident after the initial start. I have not noticed oil consumption between my 3K mile oil changes. Anyone experiencing the same? Any ideas/insight? Not sure what is causing this issue and if it indicates a serious problem. Thanks for your feedback.
  • alkatalkat Posts: 2
    I have an 07 with a lifetime powertrain warrenty but it gives me no peace of mind. I have 42K and have to add oil several times in between changes.
  • samb5samb5 Posts: 1
    I didnt get a chance to read all of the post on here but I realized a couple months ago that there was a huge oil issue with my 04 just goes through oil way to fast and it even runs a little louder when it is low...and dumby me has no warrenty so I hope nothing goes wrong with the engine. What is everyone thinking the problem is? Also a couple days ago my Fuel needle started bouncing up and down and it will say low fuel then go back to where it was then back down to low fuel again....Anyone heard of this problem?
  • jtg61jtg61 Posts: 43
    I have never heard of this oil consumption problem with the 4.0L engine, only the 3.5L engine. This is worrisome.
  • So I ran for a time with the PCV valve vented over the side. This did not help the oil consumption issue. It did cause this separate issue: when I opened the oil cap to add oil, I noticed emulsified oil accumulated around the oil fill opening. I surmise that the hose over the side was pulling excessive moisture from the outside air and it was mixing with the oil mist - not good.

    I put the hose back to original config and the issue went away.

    As to the oil consumption: I use a measuring cup and add exactly pint at a time when I hit a certain spot on the dipstick. I log the mileage and it looks like I burn a quart roughly every 1200 miles. Chrysler calls a quart every 800 acceptable usage. For most people - if you don't do your own oil change and you don't frequently check the level AND the person who does your oil does not let you know - you wouldn't know that your a quart low.

    When I changed oil on every other car I have owned - I never noticed a low level on a 3400 mile change interval.
  • Still driving my '04. Still going through the oil about a quart every 800 to 1000 miles. Bought it used because it was pretty far up on the list of 'safe' cars. I like the car, but hate the problems. Mine has a problem with the check engine light also. As far as the gas gage, I know mine doesn't work right if the car is not parked on level ground. Imagine that! :confuse:
  • When I went for a oil change the manager advised me to keep a eye on the oil level on my 3.5 Pacifica engine. He stated that this engine is a oil guzzler. There was no way getting around it. No oil leaks or stripped lugs on the pan, just eats oil. Usually I check my oil half way through before getting an oil change or if I am planning a long ride, like over 2 hours in one direction. This seems to have solved my problems of engine knocks or even having low oil prior to returning for a change. I also change my oil every 5000 without any problems. I have had my Pacifica since 2004 and have logged in over 80000 miles without any engine problems. Plugs and a K&N Air Filter seems to do the trick also. Recently my alternator failed and that was replaced by myself for 160. bucks for a rebuilt.
  • We have a 2004 Pacifica 3.5L that overheated without an engine warning light or any other warning indicator activating. The first indication after knocking sound was radiator overheating because of air in the cooling system. Chrysler bled the air and it continued to overheat periodically.

    It turns out the problem was oil pump probably caused by clogging which appearently is common with this engine. Is there any class action against Chrysler or could anyone recommend a good/reasonable attorney specializing in this area of law?
  • I have the same 2004 Pacifica and have 160k miles on it. It has been consuming oil it seems like forever. Due to a slow oil leak, I am being told that the oil pan needs to be replaced and I am not sure I want to spend the $ to fix it. Currently, the gas needle is bouncing up and down. Someone told me that that a bigger drain plug may stop the slow leak.
  • I've had my 2004 since 2005 originally with about 25,000k. Actually it was for my wife and we've had very very little problems out of it. We now have over 120,000miles on it.
    Recently I began to drive it (sold my car-down to one family vehicle now) and noticed the massive amount of oil consumption, from 1 to 2 quarts every 3000miles.
    I never noticed it before, but that is because I/we never opened the hood, always took it to get serviced like clockwork over the years at the GM Dealer. Now post recession, and income totally different, began to check these things out myself.
    It is possible car was always consuming oil for years, but we never noticed because we never looked under the hood.
    Now we are at over 120,000miles and still going strong.
    From the looks of these posts, oil consumption in excess compared to other vehicles is normal. Just keep it at the normal level by adding a quart.
  • qpowerqpower Posts: 34
    edited April 2011
    It's a little more complicated than that...

    You need to understand what's really going on here. I sold out of my Pacifica for this reason.

    The combustion chamber is burning oil at an accelerated rate and amount compared to the default industry standard today. Everything is made to more exacting tolerance than years past, so the tolerance for excess carbon going through the combustion chamber and into the catalytic converter is a set amount well below what you are now producing. There is a disparity between the engineered values and the actual ones we experience. If Chrysler exposed itself to what is really going on here, it would potentially add up to many hundreds of millions of dollars. Mercedes co-developed this car and engine and they experienced the same types of excess oil consumption and have also had to account for this to owners, who are not as easily shunted aside.

    Eventually, you are going to plug up the catalytic converter with carbon, at the very least, if not have other powertrain wear issues. Plan to sell off this vehicle before it is a steaming pile of junk... I have told you so!

    The amounts of maintenance that will begin to be apparent even if you do keep the oil level up is dramatically higher for this situation than another engine which is tighter and uses less than a quart per oil change (3500-5000 on dino oil/6000-7500 on synthetic).

    You simply do not have the money to fix what is ailing this series of motors. Chrysler is not admitting to their complicity and therefore not crafting a proper solution. Getting a ring job done may not be the end of the problem!

    Good luck,

    I now drive a Kia Sorento (w/a 3.5 V6!) made in Georgia!
  • madmama30madmama30 Posts: 1
    It was very reassuring; as sad as they that may sound; that I was not alone with this issue. I took our 2007 Pacifica in 2 days ago because of smoke billowing from the exhaust pipes. The car had been driving perfectly fine the previous day. There were no warning signs whatsoever that anything was out of the ordinary, no engine lights, nothing. We regularly have the car maintenenced and actually just had the oil changed last month. Yet when I got the car to the dealership, the oil was very low and they called me to let me know that "somehow" oil was getting into the combustion chamber and burning the oil which was causing the smoke to billow from the exhaust pipes. They informed me that the engine would need taken apart piece by piece to pinpoint the exact problem, worse case scenario being the engine needing replaced which would cost me around $5,000. OUch. The car only has 45,000 miles on it and they are wanting me to pay for all of this and want to replace my engine with one that has 51,000 on it. What???? My dealer recomended that I contact Chrysler to see if they could help out with the issue at all seeings how we are Just outside the manufacturer's warranty. Thus far Chrysler is giving me the run-around and the case manager assigned to me seems to be avoiding me. This is our 3rd Chrysler and needless to say, there will be no more for us!!!
  • jeffro2333jeffro2333 Posts: 1

    I own a 2006 Pacifica touring with the oil issues being described. I have 88,000 miles on it now and I am about a quart down every 1000 miles and getting worse. I've been dealing with this issue on a consistent basis for about a year. Took the car to dealer at the time we noticed and they said it was normal though anyone other than Chrysler said it was not. That said, I got fed up and emailed Bob Kidder, the CEO, about a month and a half ago asking for help and stating my issue. I didn't have much expectation but felt the need to be heard. 3 weeks go by and no response so I emailed a follow up and sure enough responses were happening. I got a call from a top care specialist at headquarters in Detroit, who said an engineer will come and look at the issue. That said, a day goes by and a district manager offers me 20 free oil changes, in which I balked at that fix and quite frankly was insulted. That prompted me to email Mr Kidder back with this blog link and call the contact at headquarters to voice my frustration. It was then, things got real interesting. I get a call the next day from the same district manager that offered the oil change stating they now want to look at the car and will do so with a Chrysler engineer. That same day, the top care specialist called me to state the same and that they have had numerous conference calls and meetings on this to determine how they wanted to handle my issue. I thought that whatever I have said clearly has stirred the pot as she stated a lot of eyes up in Detroit are on my issue.

    That said, the car was brought in and a series of tests were completed on the car with the said engineer and the service folks. They said the results of the tests were normal but they gave me an oil change, marked the dipstick, and sealed the oil cap and said come back in 1,000 miles.

    Today was that 1,000 miles and they show me being down a half quart. The service people said they have called Detroit asking for next steps and are awaiting a response. Until then, they said I could pick up the car today though they went through the process of getting us a rental. Seems weird and none of the service people would comment on the results.

    I know many people have the same issues I'm experiencing and I would hope you would keep an eye on my developments as I have caused quite a stir up North. Depending on the outcome, there may be a need to look into a class action opportunity as consumers of this car, it is not right to have to turn in a car with a major defect that the company is unwilling to address. BTW, I'm located in Columbus, Ohio and have been taking the car to Byers Chrysler.
  • rrgrenierrrgrenier Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 Nitro R/T with a 4.0L engine. It consumes 1.5 to 2 litres of oil every 5000km. Dodge has us completing an oil consumption report but claims this is normal. Normal from 45,000km on? I have never had this issue with any of my previous vehicles. Anyone else?
  • emagnusonemagnuson Posts: 1
    I have the same issues. First I was told the people who did my previous oil change did not put oil in it. Shortly after I was told I needed a new oil pan b/c the screws were stripped. Thank god Hogan Tire in Woburn, MA was willing to solder a new screw hole and patch up the bad one otherwise I would have been out $800 too! The oil light has never gone out for me. I did hear that "click click" noise of despair. Now I check it pretty frequently, always finding it low.
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