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Chrysler Pacifica Oil Problems



  • wcneubertwcneubert Posts: 1
    I live in wisconsin and own a 2004 pacifica. I actualy havent been able to drive my car since the middle of february. I had the oil pump go out on me, and there are no 2004 pacifica oil pumps in the usa or canida. I caled chrysler and talked to some one who just put me on a waitting list for the part. I called back to check on how its looking a week ago and as far as I can tell is that chrysler has no plans on making a replacement part for the 2004 pacifica. They even told me streight out that there is NO start production date set on the oil pumps, but they will get ahold of me if they find a used one. I also tryed to talk to several lawers and no one seems to want to go up against chrysler, they all told me to wait because there is nothing that can be done. Im getting pissed now that Im still making payments on a car that I havent driven in 5 months paying insurance on a car that doesnt move and paying $100.00 a week to use a friends car who wants it back very soon, so I will probly loose my job as well. :mad:
  • gregm48gregm48 Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 model Pacifica, manufactured in 11/06. Currently at apprx 50,000 miles it has been consuming 1 quart of oil about every 800 miles. The auto dealer has performed checks every thousand miles for 3000 miles and has performed an oil consumption test the last several months. The oil consumption test indicates that the vehicle is consuming 1 quart of oil every 1000 miles. Chrysler has responded that the manufacturer specification indicate that 1 quart every 1000 miles is acceptable. The dealership says their outside shop is going to try to find the source of the problem.
  • jtg61jtg61 Posts: 43
    I am disheartened to hear that the oil consumption problem extends to the 4.0L in the 2007-08 Pacifica's as well. It is my understanding that the 4.0L engine is basically the same 3.5L engine with a longer stroke. With 6 quarts of oil, you would think that even with 1 quart of oil consumption per month, you would still have 3 quarts at the next 3,000 oil change. It should never run dry with regular service.
  • alkatalkat Posts: 2
    I am also experiencing the same oil issue. What it gets better! I have 50,071 miles on my 2007 and while on my why home from work on Monday evening my check engine light came on. According to the initial dignostic test there is a system fault in the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) sensor. I can not get over that Chrysler is not issueing recalls. Lesson learned I will never purchase another Chrysler.
  • dcgnlmgdcgnlmg Posts: 14
    My wife started this thread, and the last response I could see that she posted was in June of 2008. At that time we were having the engine pulled for the third time (this is the second engine). We had the motor replaced, ensured the check engine light was out, and the differential was properly attached (as this fell apart after the first engine replacement), and went car shopping.

    She went to Honda, Suzuki, Toyota, Saturn, Ford, and Chevrolet. Obviously no Chrysler. She did not find anything she liked as much as the Pacifica. I took her on a date about a week later and she drove the Nissan Pathfinder and fell in love. I was not shocked as I have the Frontier.

    Needless to say, we now have four Nissans and they burn about a quart of oil total every three months among them. That is from the NX2000 that has 274, 000 miles on it. The 300zx has 92, 000 miles, the Frontier has 40,000 miles and her Pathfinder has 54,000 miles with no problems.

    I hate to buy out of the American market, but I can't tolerate substandard products. Best of luck to all the Pacifica owners. My recommendation is to go shopping.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    What you describe is not so much an engine problem as a dealer service problem! After pulling the engine three times someone has to be doing something wrong! It stands to reason two engines is more that bad luck! If Chrysler was making that many bad engines there would be a report to NITSFA. I believe the Dealers service had to be messing up bad...REAL BAD!!!!!

    We have a 2007 Pacifica Touring AWD with 102,000 miles and the engine has been flawless! The oil gets changed between 4,000 and 5,500 miles. The most oil it has ever used is 1 quart when it went 6,200 miles before we could get the oil changed. If your Pacifica was purchased new by you then the Lifetime Power Train Warranty would take care of it. Our PAC was bought 8- 31- 07 new. We have put a lot of miles on the PAC going to the VA Hospital and home. Sometimes as many as 15 trips a month. Each trip is 230 miles round trip.

    We have had 15 new Chrysler made vehicles in our 42 years of marriage. We have had two that had problems. A 1996 Dodge Caravan, and a 2005 Jeep Liberty Diesel. Both of these vehicles Chrysler contacted us and asked us if we wanted Chrysler to buy them back, replace them with the same vehicle or buy something else Chrysler made. The 1996 Caravan we elected an exact replacement. On the Jeep Liberty we chose a 207 Jeep Compass. The Compass was too small so we traded it in for the Pacifica with the Lifetime Power Train Warranty. So we are very pleased with how we have been treated, and the vehicles we have had.

    The fact is if you are happy you might tell four people. If you are unhappy you will tell 20 people.

    I am sorry you two have had such problems, but I would blame the service dep. at the dealer for messing things up.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    vendor neuteal: Who ever informed you that using a quart of oil every 800 miles is seriously in error. Chrysler allows the dealer to preform a sealed oil filler tube, and sealed empty bolt test. If the seal is tampered with in anyway the test is invalid. The service manager has great amount of authority when it comes to making the call to analyze, diaignose, disassemble, remove damaged parts, and replace with new or rebuilt parts and reassemble the engine. There still has to be the ok from the authoritise that may be in the Chrysler warranty chain of command.

    I assume this all to late for your situation, but perhaps others who read this might gain some insight.

  • prissymprissym Posts: 1
    I've had the same problem with my 2004 Crysler piece of crap!! My oil pump went out in Feburary and my car has been at the dealship since then. Crysler is the worst car manufacturer ever! As long as I live I will never buy another product made by that company. I'm typically not the type to wish harm on anyone but that company should have went under along time ago in my opinion! Why do we have to pay for their mistakes...they need to step up to the plate and do what is right and fair for the consumer. I am a middle class class hard working Mom that needs good transpertation and felt like I was making a good choice when I bought the car.....worst mistake I've ever made! :sick: :mad:
  • dcgnlmgdcgnlmg Posts: 14
    I appreciate that you have had great luck with Chrysler. I have had problems with both my 1995 LeBaron (purchased new) and the 2005 Pacifica (purchased new). There were four dealers involved. One in Virginia with the LeBaron. Two dealers in the San Diego area (one of which rebulit the engine) and one in Las Vegas (who replaced the engine while we completed our trip to Yellowstone in a Town and Country).

    I believe that the problem is considerably more associated with the 2005 AWD version from the past 6 years of data collection.

    As I stated, I have had zero problems with Nissan and all of my experiences with the dealer (Mossy has all the local Nissan dealerships) have been fantastic. My Frontier feels like new every-time I drive away with the routine maintenance, my Z is the best, my beater NX is fun (274,000 miles and purring) and my wife loves her Pathfinder. Although my wife and I have been married only 12 years, I look forward to owning my Z and Frontier for the next 30 years. I am sure my wife will probably have a few new vehicles over that time. :)
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Good to hear you ar pleased with what you have. Vehcile problems are such a pain. My wife calls vehciles "a necessary evil". Every time its time for a major repair it always comes at a time we are least able to afford it. Most generally all the vehcile makers make 10% super great cars, and 80% good cars and 10% that are not quite as good. It's just a pick of the draw sometimes. Thanks for you input.

  • mikeg59mikeg59 Posts: 1
    I have 2008 Chysler Town & Country with exactly same problem and Chrysler gives same anser "within tollerance". Well, not within my tollerance. I now have 80,000 km and problem has been there since 50,000. Warranty runs out in 20,000 km. Dealer wants to negotiate to a extended warranty. We will see but i had to threaten to get rid of both my Chryslers to get the point across. Looks like a Honda on the horizon. Has anyone been told what the problem is? Our local mechanic says it is probably in the oil rings. Have tried additives to unstick but to no avail. Worse in summer than winter.
  • crickelscrickels Posts: 4
    I have an 06 Pacifia. My check engine light has been on for about a month. I had it checked at Autozone and they said the code was most likely related to a bad fuel cap. So I replaced the fuel cap. Drove it for about 2 weeks and the check engine light is still on. So I took it to the local Chrysler dealership and they told me it's a large evap leak and it needs a new fuel pump.

    I've read about all the issues other Pacifica owners are having, but I haven't had any stalling or starting issues. Idles just fine, no stalling, stuttering, nothing! Just the check engine light consistantly on. And the ABS light, but that's the least of my worries at the moment. I've had no other problems with the car except this. Any suggestions as to what else this can be??? I really don't think it's the fuel pump! And I refuse to drop $700 if this is not truly the problem!

  • grugergruger Posts: 15
    Go back to Autozone and ask to have the pacifica computer reset, once reseted the engine light should come off, if it comes back on again, do the same thing again, have autozone reset the computer. IT SHOULD BE FREE TO DO THIS! If it comes on a third and fourth time then you have a serious problem. Do NOT REFER to the FIRST ENGINE LIGHT as a problem which might be just be a minor thing as your gas cover not clicking shut correctly which happen to me and I had Sears reset the computer and the engine light never came back on. But reset it 3 to 4 times before doing anything serious, and get 2 to 3 other opinion from different garage's before you really get the right answer to the problem. I recommend Sears but don't go for the extras. :shades:
  • Yep tried that. I've had the light reset 2x's already with no avail. I also removed the air cleaner box and replaced the hoses (found that answer on here as well). That was done yesterday and i had the light reset again. so now I'm just waiting to see if that fixed it or if I have to go to the next step.

    I've been told by a chrysler mechanic in Texas that if the light comes back with the same code (low evap leak), I need to have a 'smoke test' done to see if there is a leak elsewhere in the fuel line. The 'gas cap' indicator never went off (where the mileage shows) in all of this. Brand new cap and it's been tightened by 2 different men, so I know it's pretty secure.

    Just so over the lack of answers and problems with this car. Oh yeah, add to the list that it sucks oil like nobody's business. I have to add a quart or 2 between regularly scheduled oil changes. But I stay on top of that so it shouldn't be a problem in the future (hopefully!!)

    I'm so over this car and the problems!!
  • I have been having this problem since I had this vehicle. Everytime I get my oil changed I am back at the mechanic asking why is the oil running out. He said it is a problem with this vehicle. They tried to make me purchase high mileage oil. My car has low mileage so why do I need high mileage oil? This makes no sense. I then always had the check engine problem and had to have the catalytic converter replaced. Now my problem is the abs light illuminating every so often.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    If someone over filled to oil it could have blown a seal at some time. The book calls for 5.5 quarts. Some lazy jerk could have put in 6.5 quarts in a mistake. Have a Chrysler dealer look at it.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Oil consumption cause could be if someone used anything but 10 30 oil. We have 107,200 miles and use 1/2 qt in 5,000 miles. I do not change my oil until we have gone at least 4,500 miles, and at times 5,600 miles on the oil. Recently Chrysler changed Mopar oil from Mobile 10 30 to Penzoil 10 30 oil. But I have been told its made specfically per Mopars formula. I do not like Penzoil, but as long as I have the LifeTime Powertrain warranty and the oil is changed at the dealer I feel that's about all I can ask for. If I did not thave the warranty I would use the Mobile 5000 oil 10 30 oil.

    I have read that using Mobile 1 oil can cause the rings to not seal properly and use oil. Has anyone used Mobile 1 oil with the problem of oil consumption?
  • yes I have been having this missing oil issue evey since I had this lemon 2005 pacifica.Now they are saying we need a new engine so i called cyrsler and they recommend a oil comsumption test be done I told them the car cannot be driven to the dealer nor driven 500 miles after an oil change to see where this oil is going. so now i am having to provide documents on our oil changes because of course they want to put the blame on us so they wont have to pay for anything on thier defective piece of crap car.i i would never recommend this car to anyone. we have had other issues with this car dealing with fuel pumps which had an recall so if anyone has an issue with the fuel the car is stalling gas hand going up and down it is covered under a recall do not let them tell you other wise also had an issue with the gear shaft car only stayed in park position had to have it towed in for that. so there is a list of things
  • My advice is to not bother because no matter what, Chrysler won't back their defective engine. We ended up footing the entire bill of replacing our engine and no matter what we did Chrysler claimed they knew nothing about an oil issue and that there was nothing wrong with the engine. I wish you the best of luck. And at the same time, advise you and everyone who reads this to NEVER BUY ANY CHRYSLER PRODUCT OF ANY KIND, EVER.
  • Oh I agree whole heartedly! I bought this car out of convenience from my parents bc i was in a bind. My dad babied this car, as he does with all his cars. He has never ever had problems with cars. Problems didnt start with this one until 3 months after i boight ot.

    Chryslers are pieces of [non-permissible content removed] and they do not take responsibility for anything! Mine was the fuel pump module. $700 to replace it. I had 2 pending codes that took 2000 miles to clear (catalytic converter and o2 sensor) to clear. I'm sure those will be next on the list to replace.

    Good luck to anyone else that has a lemon like these. It's alot of out of pocket to keep it up. Whatever happened to American cars being quality??
  • Hi. Ive been having the same problem with my 2007, and would like to know of any updates you have on this issue.
  • I worked on a 2006 Pacifica that had the Evap Leak, Fuel Leak CEL's and was able to fix the CEL permanently.

    I located the leak by smelling where the fuel smell was coming from. I just fan the air around the tank and smell for fuel vapors on a hot car. I found this to be the leak after I inspected just about every hose, fuel system part, and connection in the engine bay. If a mechanic is clueless after checking all the engine bay stuff they might do a leak detection test with a fancy smoke machine.

    The Dealer is about right on the $700 price tag. this particular model has issues with the design of the fuel tank pump unit that is mounted on top of the fuel tank. There is a small white plastic elbow nipple on top of the jet pump assembly. This elbow is put under stress and eventually cracks causing check engine lights. You will clearly see the stress caused by a rubber hose designed to be too short. Add to that some flexing of the fuel tank while driving and you've got yourself a recipe for a cracked plastic elbow bend.

    In order to access this area you need to remove the fuel tank which isn't an easy task for most DIYers though it can be done.

    To remove the fuel tank you need to first remove the exhaust which is pretty straight forward though the unit is one piece and long and heavy. Both the exhaust and tank will be easier to move and handle with proper supports or a helper. There are only two brackets and like 4 bolts holding the tank in place, then there are a few connections and hoses. Even with the vehicle off, there was fuel in the fuel lines so have a container available to catch the fuel that comes out of the fuel line when you disconnect it.

    For a generic brand replacement part for the jet pump installed in the top of the fuel tank you can pay around $150. You can't just buy the plastic elbow because it's cast into the entire pump assembly. I know that the dealer might put in an OEM unit and it could be double that or more for parts. I would not suggest plastic welding or jerry rigging to fix the crack.

    So that's $300 minimum for parts.

    Then add an hour for their diagnostics, and another 2 hours to remove and replace the fuel tank and install filter. If they charge you over $100 an hour in labor then it can add up to $700 fairly easy.

    You should get a much better deal at a private mechanic, especially if you point out to them what the problem is so they don't spin their wheels trying to diagnose where the leak is.

    The DIY cost would be around $150-$200 depending on the part you buy.

    Most mechanics will give you a new gas cap first because that will cause the same issues as the leak nipple on top of the fuel tank.
  • That's exactly what my mechanic told me. He fixed it for $600. Haven't has 1 problem since then. It was a cracked nipple in the fuel pump module. They diagnosed it within an hour and I had it back the next day because they had to order the part.

    I haven't had near the problems that others have had. I have a abs monitor light on. But my mechanic already told me that it's a bad sensor that he can fix for fairly cheap.

    Good luck!
  • I have a 2007 Nitro 4.0 R/T with a little over 50,000 miles and am experiencing the same problem with using about a quart and a half between oil changes. From what I have researched it seems to be a common problem with this particular engine. It sounds like Chrysler is giving people the run around about fixing the problem which tells me they are trying to cover something up. I haven't took mine to the dealer yet and I do have the lifetime powertrain warranty so I am interested in what kind off B.S. explanation they will give me.
  • jflake10jflake10 Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 Pacifica 3.8 FWD with 104350 miles. This was my sales car in 2008 [New] and when I retired in 2010 I purchased it for a great price. I have changed the oil/service at 5000 miles [company policy] until I purchased then stated every 3000 miles. I have used high mileage oil since 80000 [moved to AL]. Made a long trip to CO then with no excessive oil use. At 90000 at every oil change the service man would tell me it was low one quart. At 100000 it was burning 1 1/2 quarts every 700-800 miles, I have been adding the extra. I have changed out the Evap filter, the PVC valve with no change.
    No transmission issues [had one service where they filtered the fluid] @70000.
    Have replaced 3 motor mounts [two rear,one front left].
    Big issue is the oil loss.
    I hope to find out the solution to the oil burning. Just put in a quart of Lucas Oil Stabilizer. Not sure that will help but several others suggested I try this idea.
    I want to drive the car until 150000 and the cost of the oil is minor [now that I know the issue] Thanks for suggestions. :D
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    The 3.8 has been a strong push rod engine. This engine has a timing chain so no need to worry about that. The 1 qt every 1,400 60 1,600 is still in factory specs. So just drive it and check the oil more often tomake sure it's full. I doubt using high mileage oil is worth it or even needs it.

    My advice is drive it and enjoy it.
  • I have a 2007 Pac with 109K and it has used a bout a quart every 1000 mi. But, big deal. Other than both rear wheel bearings(that is a vendor issue since resolved) brakes and tires, my Pac will be with me for a long while. I have not found anything out there yet for the price, quality and ride that mine has. And the only option on this one is the wheel package. It has has never let me down, and done everything I've asked of it. I haul a double snowmobile trailer all winter, and have never had an issue. I traded an identical 2005 Pac for this one to get the unlimited warranty and got better gas milage and greaseable ball joints for the exchange. Just sayin, these are great vehicles and wish they were still being made.
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