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Dodge Ram Fuel System



  • :confuse: Hi, I own a 1995 dodge ram 2wd v8,5.2 .Now i'm working on replacing the brake lines/fuel lines.I need help on the correct fuel line size ??????/3/8,1/4,5/16????????.If anyone knows the correct size off a 1995 dodge ram please let me know....Thank You...Oh and one more thing i need to know the right fuel adapter size, the one that connects to the fuel pump...Please anyone..........
  • I have a 1994 Dodge 1500 with a 5.2/318. My wife went out the other morning and truck would not start at all. Checked the coil ( GOT A SHOCKING EXPERENCE) It's has juice. Checked #one plug wire and it went through the cycle. Plug sparked three times real good then the spark kinda faded off to where I barely seen the spark. I should note that the other morning it would not even hit using eather. any help would be appreciated.Thanks ken
  • Did anyone else get hit with the new Redesign Fuel filter that Dodge has done.Went to have my oil changed and wanted to replace the fuel filter and they said that they no longer carry that filter I would have to replace the cartridge and all for 125.00 BUCKS,well I did it but called the headquarters and told them it was crap that I had to pay for their REDESIGN,they gave us no other option and they ...... AGREED,so now I'm getting a refund from them,so if you get caught buy this call and complain :shades:
  • You only have to buy the entire thing once. After you have the new design installed you can buy just the filter again.
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