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Suzuki Forenza Real World MPG

patpat Member Posts: 10,421
edited April 2014 in Suzuki
How is the fuel economy in your Forenza? Compare notes here.


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    shadowfox5953shadowfox5953 Member Posts: 1
    My fuel eco depends on how i drive, mine is a stick.when i first got it, i had been driving like a slow grandma because it was my first stick shift car. so i was getting around 28 mpg city but now that i'm more experienced and lead footed i can get around 22-24 city. so the sticker on the window means nothing because i should have been getting 22 mpg all along, o guess that shows how we drive can make a difference.
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    ddinoddino Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 manual transmission Forenza and I'm getting close to 30 mpg. My driving is about 55-65% on the freeway/highway. When I calculate my mpg when I fill-up the tank, I almost always get 29.xxx or 30.xxx mpg.

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    blackjesusblackjesus Member Posts: 3
    well at the moment it seems like i get way less than i suppose to in like three days i have to fill dat [non-permissible content removed] up again but i heard i might be using a different grade of gas from previous owner which could be causing it so i got to call them up and see wats good.... and wat grade gas do u guys use 87, 89, or 93?? mine is an 06 sedan
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    39thstreet39thstreet Member Posts: 1
    I only got 13.5 MPG in the city. It is an automatic. So I used the lemon law against the dealer.
    The Suzuki factory rep test drove my car while I was sitting next to him. He got 44.57 MPG in the city on a 20 mile test drive. He got 35.9 MPG highway on a 30 mile test drive. Their lawyer was also in the car.
    After the test drive they had their service department put the findings on a service ticket.
    We had a hearing before the State Attorney General's Office.
    I lost because the fine print in the EPA estimate was within the legal range which can be as low as 12 MPG & still be OK.
    I have driven like my dead grandma & can only get 16 MPG on a good day.
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    carthellcarthell Member Posts: 130
    When this model was presented as a Daewoo Leganza near the beginning of this decade, I noticed that the (more optimistic than now) EPA rating of the vehicle was truck-like, and was either near or at the bottom of the scale when compared to the (limited) selection of vehicles in the same class. The rating hasn't improved, unfortunately.

    In general, Suzuki needs to take a good look at its engines to make them more efficient.
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    concrete1717concrete1717 Member Posts: 29
    Perhaps you could elaborate upon the MPG which the factory rep obtained. For instance, comment upon the higher city MPG than highway MPG, which I believe is unusual. Also, did you notice any driving techniques utilized by the factory rep which accounts for the greater MPG than you can obtain?
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    tedzissoutedzissou Member Posts: 1
    On a recent trip from Minneapolis to Chicago, I calculated my mileage at
    32mpg HWY at 65-70 mph with the AC on much of the time. I tend to drive conservatively in cars that don't offer much performance. I do like the Forenza from a bang for the buck standpoint. Comfort, brakes, and handling are decent too. I recently drove rental 2.5L Rabbit and got terrible mileage.. I just could not drive that car conservatively, it was too much fun. I also drove a Suzuki Grand Vitara; lots of road noise, noisy differential, crappy mileage. Our Forester is much better.
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    8str8rollin8str8rollin Member Posts: 9
    Well since this is a Daewoo and not a Suzuki, it's a sure thing that Suzuki won't be looking at this Daewoo/Holden engine. Suzuki bought back it's stock from GM, and Suzuki will no longer sell Daewoo's rebadged with a Suzuki emblem on it.
    As far as actual Suzuki engines, many of their vehicles (not rebadges, but actual Suzuki built and engineered) are amoungst the most fuel efficient in the catagory.

    Anyone remember the "Geo" Metro (Suzuki Swift) XFI which got 53 city, 58hwy?
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