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Suzuki Verona Real World MPG

patpat Member Posts: 10,421
What sort of mileage are you getting in the real world with your Verona? Share the numbers here.


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    veronaownerveronaowner Member Posts: 88
    The throttle body on my 04 Suzuki was changed about six months ago and the computer was rebooted and now I get 24.5 MPG. The MPG was about 20 before that. The car has about 23000 miles.
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    bobberbobber Member Posts: 5
    I have a 04 Verona with a tadd over 50000. I live in Mich and drove to OK, and back. I got a good 27 mpg.
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    flea3flea3 Member Posts: 1
    For trips we average about 30 to 31 mph. In town it is in the mid to low 20's. The car has been misfiring lately under load. I changed the spark plugs and hope this will help.
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    alienpathalienpath Member Posts: 15
    My 05 Verona was purchased new, off the showroom floor. However, it gets a tremendous 13mpg in the city. Yes, you saw that correctly. I am not a lead foot and our car only has 35,5++ miles on it. It was regularly maintained by the local Suzuki dealer until recently. It now goes to the Chevy dealer as I no longer trust the Suzuki dealership, as they are unable to keep a service manager for more than 2-3 months.

    My highway mileage was 24mpg until I replaced the air filter with a K&N. Now I'm up to 29mpg highway, where it should have been all along.

    Since Suzuki could not find anything wrong with it I decided to test a couple of things on my own. I took it to a mile stretch of road that is slightly down hill. Starting at the speed limit of 30, I took it out of gear (neutral) and it'd pick up almost 10mph. Going back up the hill and returning to the same starting point and speed, this time in gear (D), the car would slow down and three times in this stretch I was required to apply gas to pick the speed back up to 30-31mph.

    Conclusion? My Verona is geared wrong. I'm sure this is something Suzuki would happily fix, now that the car is out of warranty. :lemon:
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