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BMW X5 4.8 vs Porsche Cayenne S

kabbalahkabbalah Member Posts: 58
edited March 2014 in BMW
I was wondering what other opinions were on these 2 V8 comparisons. I am coming off lease on my 2nd V8 sport pkg X5 and I drove both the new X5 4.8 sport and the Cayenne S a couple of days ago. I really liked the new Cayenne. It felt a lot more sportier and the steering feel was exceptional. It felt much lighter than the X5, although the BMW is very solid feeling. Not that I didn't like the bimmer but perhaps after 2 in a row i'm in need of a change. I think that dollar for dollar the BMW gives you a lot more for the money. A loaded X5 runs around $75k while a $75 Cayenne is not a sfully loaded as I like. The residuals are the same, but BMW has a better money factor, and they are easier to get at a discount. Tough decision since the last 2 X5's have been great vehicles. Cayenne is definitely more fun.


  • oniaconiac Member Posts: 13
    Looks like you & I are on the same boat xcept for that I"m looking at the base engines. In my area, both Porsches & BMW dealers are giving $2-2.5k off these cars. There are more S's on the lot than the v6's so I presume that they'll give more disount on the v8's plus there's more mark-up on the v8's. BMW will be a better bang for the buck bec every little thing w/ the Porsche is an option that you have to pay for.
  • kabbalahkabbalah Member Posts: 58
    I'm in Atlanta & there are only 2 Porsche dealers here. I used to live in Los Angeles up until almost 2 years ago where there were a multitude of Porsche dealers and it was easier to negotiate a discount. I'm considering looking at contacting dealers in Florida to see if I can do better. As for the BMW, if I decide to go that route I will order a vehicle thru whoever gives me the best deal and pick the car up in South Carolina. I'm going out again today to look and compare both vehicles. I think I'm going to try both 6 cyl also just to see the difference. I just can't seem to configure a Cayenne S that will work for me under $78k sticker. I think it's too much money, but I like it better. At that price range, I'm getting into 911 areas. I've had a couple of those 15 years ago and maybe I should consider getting a 911 and a cheap SUV. I still have 3 months remaining on my lease so I have a little time. I also looked at and drove both the Q7 and MDX. The Q7 is ugly and alhough I like Audi products and have owned an A8 in the past, it just doesn't do anything for me. As for the MDX, it is not in the same league as the Bimmer & Porsche but at $45k it's a heck of a deal.
  • ms09ms09 Member Posts: 112
    Has any 1 driven the x5 4.8 2007. and the new cayenne S and the turbo.. which of these is the most stable comfortable quiet ride car in high speed???

    And which has the best handing in these 3 cars???
  • kabbalahkabbalah Member Posts: 58
    I drove both the X5 4.8 and the Cayenne S twice last week. Never drove the Turbo. I drove them both at highway speeds 70mph+. Here is my evaluation. As for stability, I would rank them both equally. In the comfort catagory, I think they are also fairly equal in the ones that I drove. There is however a couple of seat options in both vehicles which I have not tried. In the Cayenne there is a sport seat option, and in the X5 there is a ventilated comfort seat option. Porsche options get very complicated even with seats. Full leather, smooth leather, soft look, natural leather etc etc. In terms of quiet, X5 is the winner, but the Cayenne has a wonderful exhaust roar and is a blast to drive. I would also give the Porsche a slight edge in handling but not by much. I don't think most drivers would be able to really tell. BMW velt very very solid, while Porsce felt a little loser. Not tail happy like my old 911 but a bit more playfull than the X5. I thought that the X5 felt a little more refined but not as much fun to drive. I did however like the X5 gagetry more. Better nav system, better electronic controls etc. X5 has panoramic moon roof, which you can get as an option on the Cayenne. Tiny little moonroof is standard. The cayenne interior especially in the 2 tone Havanna/sand color and wood packages are georgious. BMW needs to improve on that. It is a very difficult choice between both vehicles as you can't go wrong with either. My own personal problem is finding a cayenne S for under $78 grand that I can live with for 3 years. The Bimmer works out to about $73k with more gadgets, an easier to discount price, lower money factor, and free service. Stack all that up to fun, fun, fun and it's a tough comparison. By the way, I also tried the V6 cayenne just out of curiosity. It's by far a lot better than the 3 liter X5. I'm sure I would have loved the Turbo, but at that price I'd rather have another 911 cab, not a truck.
  • ms09ms09 Member Posts: 112
    So ur saying that they're both abt the same and hard to choose 1.

    But u like the cayenne better that is the reason ur going for the cayenne right?.

    As for as the looks they're both great well every1 has
    different opinions on the looks.

    I have notice that the x5 is not as noticeable as the cayenne is,after all porsche will always be a porsche, i think the name says it all.

    Can any1 tell me the main difference between a naturally aspirated engine and a turbo i know turbo r fast but another difference???

    for example the cayenne S and the Cayenne turbo.

    S is naturally aspirated and turbo its a twin

    I have heard that naturally aspirated engine are better in the long run.???

    What tires are better for the x5 18in or the 19in? for performance handing etc etc.

    also for the cayenne's what the better 1. 18in 19in
  • ms09ms09 Member Posts: 112
    Is there night view assist in the x5 or cayenne i think not but just wanna make sure
  • kabbalahkabbalah Member Posts: 58
    They are both great vehicles. You can't go wrong with either. A turbo spins a little turbine rotor which pumps in a lot more air into the engine boosting the output. I'm not technical but that's basically how it works. Turbos used to have more problems. I think they have improved quite a bit over the years. The only concern is that they are expensive if they need repairs. I wouldn't lease/own a turbo vehicle past the manufacturers warranty period.
  • ms09ms09 Member Posts: 112
    That means take the more expensive turbo and u might end up getting more trouble more problems later on.ok.
  • ms09ms09 Member Posts: 112
    Hi has any1 got a new cayenne S or turbo or a new x5 4.8

    Plz post ur experience here.
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