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Chevrolet Malibu Clunks and Noises



  • After reading through this forum it sounds like i have the same problem. Very minor clunk when pulling in/out of driveway or sitting idle and making very small left/right turns in the wheel. Dealership said it needed a new ISS and left outer tie rod. Ive had the tie rod replaced, and the clunk is still there. My main concern is safety. Although its annoying, I can deal with the clunk as long as its nothing thas going to cause a safety issue. Asking for a little insight.

    Thanks so much.
  • I have a 2009 LT (only 40K miles). I had rattle noise in front end for several years, more noticeable at slower speeds and cold weather. Took it to Chevy dealer 3 months ago, and they replaced front sway bar links ($125 + $140 labor). Helped a little, but noise is back now (Dec - cold!). Took it to dealer today. Service Tech said this is a known issue. One hour later, FREE service receipt said: "inspect front suspension, found boots loose on front struts. Realign and reinstall strut boots. Note struts will get noisier when cold due to design."
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    edited December 2015
    Hello, just thought I'd share my experiences with this car, which I love mostly because it is such an adorable piece of crap. I have a 2005 Malibu Maxx. I bought it back in 2012 from a used dealer with over 100k on it. The salesman even used the 'a lady wanted to come back and look at the car the next day and it was gone' line on me and I still bought this piece of junk. Here's the short list of things I've replaced in no particular order: tie rod, starter, radiator, struts, power steering pump, and alternator. Here's a list of peculiar behaviors, also in no particular order: if I gas it too hard (I have the V6, so I have to be careful to keep the awesome power under control), the front end literally bounces. It's very jarring and unusual, but also very funny and exhilarating as you bounce out into oncoming traffic. Next item, dinging. My car will ding at random intervals for no appreciable reason. There are two distinct dinging noises, too. One comes from under the dashboard instrumentation, the other emanates from the vicinity of the passenger floorboard. Sometimes, despite having an essentially brand new ignition system, the car sometimes will not start unless I step on the gas pedal. It will start to crank, then sputter. Once I give it the gas (and resultantly have to announce my married and thus unavailable status to all the newly intrigued men and women in the vicinity), it will rev really loudly and remain running with a pleasant gasoline-rich aroma pervading the cockpit. Also, for a short list of small things, the keyless remotes broke into small pieces for no reason, the plastic knob for the interior dimmer broke off suddenly, the pneumatic hissy-tubes on the hatch don't work, and the seat folding handle is gone. I have to use pliers to drop the back seat. All in all, this car sucks, but I got it cheap and I'm not afraid to transport a wet dog, mulch, or raw sewage in it if I need to. I don't worry about people dinging it in parking lots; one day a friend and I were saying goodbye in a parking lot when a guy opened his door into my car so hard it rocked on the springs. I laughed and laughed at the crease he put in the edge of the door on his Cadillac. I'm currently ignoring three unique recalls on this vehicle, as well. Despite it all, I love this car. The seat warmers work, even if the rear window wiper doesn't and it gets me to and from work. Also, there's the added bonus of not ever needing to lock it under any circumstances. It's not like anyone mistakes me for having either money or good taste, so there's little chance it will be broken into, especially since it's been broken into three times already.
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