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Kia Sedona Tires/Wheels



  • tbwatertbwater Posts: 4

    I have the 2006 Sedona EX and have a very good solution for you. After studying several options, excluding heavy duty shocks (because Kia is the sole source of their struts and shocks), I found a product that truckers use to stabilize the back of their trucks for pulling trailers. It is called the Timbren SES

    Copy and paste this website to get a sense of it link title

    I had a local Midas dealer order and install them for me. The Midas guy ripped me off on labor charges, but since he had helped me find this solution, I didn't get too agitated.

    The timbren application essentially buffers the car, preventing it from sagging below a certain height. When I first got the install, I noticed a significant improvement in the overall stability of the vehicle and that bore out on the highways as well. Now, if I could only find heavy duty shocks for that thing, I think I'd be over any angst about getting a 4x4, for stability sake.

    Best of luck
  • Thanks for your help!
  • @lavrishevo: How are the Hankook Optimo H727 tires after two more years? Is the 235/65R16 tire diameter close enough to the 225/70R16 size? Thanks.
  • tonys88tonys88 Posts: 1
    Needing to replace suspension, but not sure if my Sedona has only shocks or shocks/struts combo. Can anybody advise? Much thanks!
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