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2008 Audi Q7

jkauffmanjkauffman Member Posts: 4
edited September 2014 in Audi
Has anybody heard what changes, if any, there will be with the 2008 Q7? I am looking into getting a 4.2 premium with the S-line package.


  • amirs4amirs4 Member Posts: 2
    front parking sensors added , sycamore green gone,new silver ext color
  • rjlaerorjlaero Member Posts: 659
    Some nice changes are on the 08 models.

    The back-up camera is now standard, and it also includes front sensors as well. Also, the 3rd row, bluetooth, power tailgate, and sirius are all standard as well on 3.6 premiums.

    The base 4.2 model is history, and only 4.2 Premiums are available for 2008.
  • tiatphantiatphan Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know when the 08 Q7 is planning to be released and avail? i want one NOW, but I'd rather wait for the 08 to become available.
  • aveghteaveghte Member Posts: 68
    Aren't front parking sensors available in late model year Q7 3.6L builds too?
  • lwolf99lwolf99 Member Posts: 83
    Does anyone know if the 2008 model will have an iPod connection?

    I have been looking at a Mazda CX9 and a Bucik Enclave. Last night, I stopped at the local Audi dealership to checkout a Q7. It was certainly nice, but 3 things turned me off. The 3rd row was smaller/tighter than I was looking for - strike 1. The salesman said they only had 3 vehicles left, not much selection, and that was it - no more coming until the 2008 models sometime in September - strike 2. Then the killer - no iPod connection - strike 3.

    I will not spend $45-60k on a vehicle without an integrated connection for my iPod. The salesman said he did not know if the 2008 model would have an integrated connection. If so, I may be willing to wait for a few months. The 3rd row would still be smaller than the others, but I might be willing to llive with that.
  • hzhaohzhao Member Posts: 28
    Audi Music Interface (AMI), which provide the integration of iPod and other music player is standard on 2008 Q7 4.2 Premium. The MSRP for 2008 Q7 4.2 Premium is $58600. Keep in mind, due to configuration changes, sunroof is no long as standard. Option for Q7 4.2P are: Sunroof-$1850, Air suspension-$2600, Adaptive Cruise-$2100, S-Line(20")-$2000, S-line(21")-$2800. Other misc. options are same as 2007 model.
  • aveghteaveghte Member Posts: 68
    What about options and base price for the 3.6P?

    I thought that 3rd row, ipod, bluetooth and advanced parking with front and rear sensors and rear view camera all were going to be standard with the 3.6 Premium and that the base price was going to be increased to around $50K to reflect these changes.
  • hzhaohzhao Member Posts: 28
    Here are some info on 3.6 & 3.6 Premium:

    - Leather seating surfaces
    - Aluminum decorative inlays
    - 6-disc in-dash CD-changer
    - 18” twin-spoke wheels with 255/55 all-season tires
    - Privacy glass
    - Power driver and front passenger seats with lumbar

    3.6 Premium
    - 18” twin-spoke wheels with 255/55 all-season tires
    - Heated front seats
    - SIRIUS satellite radio
    - Driver information display (trip computer w/ check function)
    - Third row seat (seven-passenger configuration)
    - Power tailgate
    - Bluetooth
    - HomeLink
    - Audi Music Interface
    - Audi parking system advanced with rearview camera (+front sensors)

    Base Price of 3.6 Premium raised from $45,900 to $48,350

    Technology Package for 2008 ($3400)
    Audi side assist
    Advanced Key
    Voice control
    DVD Navigation

    Convenience package for 2008 ($1950)
    Xenon Plus
    Adaptive light
    Automatically dimming/folding exterior mirrors
    Memory for driver's seat
    BOSE Surround Sound

    Winter Package for 2008 ($500)
    heated steering wheel (n/a with wood segment steering wheel option)
    Heated Rear Seats
  • jkauffmanjkauffman Member Posts: 4
    I was at the dealership yesterday reviewing the 2008 info. The ipod connection is standard equipment.
  • aveghteaveghte Member Posts: 68
    Will this be a standalone package?

    Actually a "summer package" with 4-zone climate control and the rear and side sunshades would make sense too. It was strange to see the sunshades as standard with the 4.2L model and not available as an option on the 3.6L model.
  • aveghteaveghte Member Posts: 68
    Also my salesman told me that voice control would be a standalone option for 2008 separate from the technology package.

    Is this true in the 2008 ordering guide?
  • hzhaohzhao Member Posts: 28
    It is part of standard feature for 2008 4.2 Premium. I believe it is part of tech package for 3.6.
  • jkauffmanjkauffman Member Posts: 4
    I have a copy of the 2008 ordering guide (revised version from 5/7). According to this the 4.2 premium has a Techology package option which includes the side assist and Voice Control System. I do not think it is standard. The MSRP is $850
  • crimattcrimatt Member Posts: 21
    Dude, can you send me a copy of that Ordering Guide (4.2 Premium with options)? I'm looking to order a MY08 Q7 and wanted to see how the options stack up. If it's more convenient for you, you can email it to me directly: crimatt@aol.com.

    Thanks in advanced.

  • midnightbluemidnightblue Member Posts: 22
    I'd also much appreciae a copy of the 2008 Q7 Order Guide. Thanks in advance.
  • kerryjthkerryjth Member Posts: 67
    The only major issues I had with my 2007 Q7 were

    1) Drivetrain system which vibrated at 65+MPH

    2) MMI Ssystem - the MMI system was not air sealed to protect from coffee cup spills. (note cupholder is above Shifter where MMI system is - basically an accident waiting to happen)

    Both situations the dealer and AUDI cust service tried to fix it (almost replaced whole drive train and even the tires) BUT basically told me I had to live with it They even charged me $1000 to replace MMI ...

    great car but this audi arrogance is too much ........

    To your question on what's new in '08 - I asked the dealer if these issues were addressed in 08 moel and he said he did not think so - which I take as a NO ....

    good luck... also keep detailed records of all your correspondences wirh Audi ... they seem to get convenient amnesia... : o )

    I wish I couldbe more positive BUT I wish I had known this before I bought my 1st and now LAST audi ....
  • dino2kdino2k Member Posts: 9
    edited May 2011
    Hi, I have an 09 Q7 3.6 premium S line with nav for about 2 1/2 yrs now, no problem so far yet except for the poor brake noise since the beginning. I know this might sound lame but am I the only one that finds this special destination in the nav a pain in the [non-permissible content removed]. Instead of letting you pick a name for a POI, you have to pick those criteria that they give or the address. But what if you dont know the address but you do know the name of the POI. Audi does not give me that option to manually spell out my destination. I found that all those options aren't that useful since its better for us to look for the names because it is easier. I haven't updated my dvd nav system yet but I was wondering if they would have an updated version and more easier friendly nav for people to use. Audi just makes this navigation really difficult for customers to use. Any feedback would be great. Thank you.
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