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Lexus RX 350 Rattles



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    #34 Lease Mazda cx5 by dcfak Nov 14, 2013 (10:56 am)
    Whats the cheapest monthly lease I could expect to get on the 2014 Mazda cx5 touring model with moon roof Bose add on and tow package, no leather seats or navigation. Leasing 36 or 48 months with 1200 miles per month? Can this be done at $230 per month no money down in NC?
    Small World Mr. DcFak ; as I was talking to an owner / mgr. at lexus of cherry hill in mt laurel who drives a mazda cx 5. he told me the lease is probable , as he pays about the $ 230 / month for 36 months on his mazda . he finds it quieter than his rx . his lease though is for 18 k miles per year ( more than your 1200 miles a month ... to note : I believe leases are quoted as miles per year not per month ).... give him a call to check out your mazda deal .
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