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Mitsubishi Lancer Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I bought a 2009 Lancer GTS CVT Sun and Sound / Nav for $22000 OTD (with $1500 rebate)
  • yfengyfeng Posts: 1
    Thanks for your post, Could you tell me the detail about the dealer in PA. Actually, I am looking for a new 2010 lancer DE with 5speed manual
  • Not bad for sun/sound/nav. We had a 20K OTD for a 2009 Sportback, less sun/sound/nav, before leaping for a 2009 Outlander XLS sun/sound/luxury for 27K OTD (added 1.2K for 10/100 bumper-to-bumper). I'd recommend our salesperson and dealer, Barb Rabiega at Lancaster Motors (Lancaster, PA), call 717-569-6467.

    At the dealer website, I see (4) DE, but not sure if any are MT
  • I would strongly suggest that you speak with Younger Mitsubishi (Hagerstown, MD). Talk to the Sales Manager directly. He's a very nice guy and is certainly willing to negotiate. They would even deliver to you if you're within a reasonable distance from them (perhaps 2-4 hours). They have a lot of DE's in stock. Let me know if I can be of any further help. I bought 2 lancers last year (2009 ES Sport CVT and 2010 ES CVT). Hope this helps.
  • bmws50b30bmws50b30 Posts: 4
    hi everyone. I'm about to buy a Lancer and the best price the dealer could give me is $13,700 with the A/C power package. This price is after the 1500 rebate and 1000 loyalty rebate. all i have to add is taxes and registration. is this a good price? Also, how does the sales tax work? Do they tax the 13,700 or the price before the rebates? the sales guy said I have to pay taxes on the price before the rebates. thanks for the help.
  • bmws50b30bmws50b30 Posts: 4
    DO NOT buy from this dealer. They are crooks and will give you the run around. They will add other services to your contract and confuse you with it. They will also rush you on signing so you don't get the chance to question the other charges. They will accept your offers and then add charges without telling you. Beware! Go some place else.
  • rdh7rdh7 Posts: 1
    I bought a 2008 mitsubishi GTS lancer 2yrs ago and notice a few problems. First, the paint had scratches. Then the dealer tried to fix the problem that the paint is like that. Secondly, the tires (Dunlop Sp5000) starts balding after 30k. Usually the front tires. Most dealer will not correct if you miss your first maintenance care. Just beware when purchasing a 2008-2009 Mitsubishi GTS lancer, you will replace the tires often.
  • i have a 2010 mitsubishi es manuel drive. i have about 7000 miles on it, about 4000 highway miles. I brought it and now regret it because i want a g35 now. Please contact me if you are interested. This car is super clean, black paint with nice rims.
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