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Acura TL 2009



  • Hello:
    I have been driving my '09 TL with Tech package for a week. Trade up from an '07. I have to say it is really an awesome and awe-inspiring car. Yes, it's all techno-geeked up, but that's one of the things I really like about it. Second, the Ipod connection is the best in class, period. It really rocks through the 10 speaker 440W system - though fresh ripped CDs right to the hard are at a level of incredible crystal clarity. Third, my car is my mobile office and the cell phone blue tooth telephony system is heaven sent. No more squinting at my Blackberry trying to voice dial a number in bumper traffic going 75! Scrolling through address book so fast, that it makes voice dialing ala the '07 TL feel positively ancient.

    I like that Acura softened up the ride, quieted the cabin somewhat, and switched tires. I only have 750 miles on it and I am already getting 27.5 mpg on the highway and 20+ around town.

    Wishes: 1) Power rear sunshade and manual sides shades (Acura's pretty dumb to hold these back on a $40K vehicle.) 2) Heated & Cooled Ventilated Seats - at least for the front. Acura are you listing?
  • sweendogysweendogy Left lanePosts: 1,294
    congrats on the new TL --and your mpgs are terriffic.. I agree with you on the wishes for this car but let me add a couple more-- rear bias (instead of fwd), better weight distribution (rear bias would help), and the most important thing bring back the old front end -or change it quickly --car not flattering from the front.
  • I agree with you. Not only is it a great car, but its functionality is second to none.

    There is no other luxury car out there that is intriguing as the all new TL.

    For sweendogy, I will do my best to take a picture for you of a 2009 TL with a color-matched grille.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Well, thank you so very much for that completely unbiased endorsement. I'm completely sold on the TL now. Send me your business card so I can put my order for 6, mrsalesman. :sick:
  • Just took deliverie of my 2009 Acura TL Tech in Silver!

    Purchased from Acura of Thousand Oaks in Southern California.

    Did my internet emailing and found them willing to work out a price even thou they would not do it via email I talked to there General Sales Manager JC and he met my numbers.

    I paid 36500.00 plus tax ttl and doc.

    I got the pro pack and emergency kit thrown in for that.

    They are a new dealer and looking to build a client base (at least thats what he said)

    They were easy to do business with and no games to be played.

    I would recomment to friends or family.

  • Thought I had narrowed down to the new 09 Audi A-4 Quattro 2.0 and the 09 TL. Had loved my friends 07 TL both exterior style and interior. Had read Car & Driver raving about the TL as long as you could get past the exterior styling, but thought no they are wrong. Oh my god, when I saw the TL in person I thought, I could not do this for $10grand off sticker. I know looks are subjective, but I went to two Acura dealers today (on Sunday, in Colorado they have to be closed), one dealer must have had 30 new '09 TL's sitting there and only 4 or 5 TSX's. Sorry, but I really believe this new TL is a mistake for Acura.
    Now am between the TSX and the Audi. Love the looks of the TSX, will drive one nest week.
  • To each his own, but I have to say the 09 Audi A4 in person does not look as good as the photos. Outside of the LED eyeliners it's a bit pedestrian as well. I think all auto sales are screeching to halt due to the economy, so it's a bit of bad timing for the 09 TL to debut now....but hopefully that will translate into good deals for those of us who don't mind the exterior.

    Personally, I'm still debating whether the darkers colors (blue, grigio, gray) is a better fit for the grille vs the silver.
  • rnmomrnmom Posts: 32
    My husband and I have a 05 Tl and we went to see the 09. The lease on the 05 is up in Febuary My husband loved the car, he didnt drive yet. Loved that it had a great grill very different then most cars on the road. THe dealer di saw we should wait until Feburary we should get a better lease then. The lease was 3500 down and 36 months 419 a month. WE may look at the new Mazada 6
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    The lighter colors are a better fit for the grill, because the darker colors accentuates the grill, which is the ugliest part of the car. But that aside, Polished Metal with the Taupe interior, for me, is the most attractive combination.
  • lax29lax29 Posts: 42
    Now that's a reasonable price. I had a dealer ask me to make a reasonable offer on a 09 TL TECH and that is the exact price I offered. If they said yes I was going to buy it. But they came back somewhere around 37,600. Going to wait and see. I still get emails from them asking if I had reconsidered. In Maryland, so no chance of going to your dealer.
  • lax29lax29 Posts: 42
    My wife and I both agree on the light color scheme We are leaning toward the white/tan interior. Again the grill is not my fav, but not a deal breaker either. The lighter color does seem to hide it a little more.
  • vaughn4vaughn4 Posts: 106
    I just returned from the Acura dealer for service on my 08 TL-S. Took a look at the 09 TL and could not believe just how hideous this new model is in person. I thought it was bad in the pictures but folks it is worse in person. The sales folks just kept saying "It will grow on you" and I said I don't think so. They didn't argue with me and in fact kind of agreed with me after they realized I wasn't kidding or that I had no intention on even driving it just because of the looks. The folks that designed this car should be taken out to pasture. Same for the Mgmt that approved the design!!! This is one ugly atrocity!

    Looking at it from behind is just as bad. It looks like a big bulky car with little moped tires to boot. This behemoth needs a total redesign IMHO.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I pretty much had the same first impression as you --- the car's bulk, the standard 17" wheels are undersized, the big schnoz of a grill, etc. However, I probably will test-drive the SH-AWD version. If the drive blows me away, AND my dealer gives me a killer deal on my trade, then maybe. If not, then I'll drive my current TL for another year, pass it down to my kids, and look seriously at a 3 or 1 series Bimmer of some form.
  • gry4gry4 Posts: 3
    For the same 41K you can also look at a 2008 Mercedes 350 4-Matic or 2007 BMW 530XI each with under 15K miles. The Mercedes drove like vanilla quiet machine the the 530 presents an interesting choice. Acura has the luxury and the beak, BMW has the performance.
  • gry4gry4 Posts: 3
    By "TL" I mean the SH-AWD with the Tech package
  • Saw the 09 TL in person recently. Have to say it might be the ugliest looking car I have ever seen. Definitely the worst looking lux type sport sedan out there. I agree with what one of the previous posters said about the design team and add they should commit hari-kari if they had any honor. Acura couldn't discount this enough to interest me.
  • 6.7s for both FWD and AWD despite bigger engine. Compared to 5.2s for the 335i, 5.5s for the 535i, and 5.4s for the G35. I am suprised Acura is willing to give up what seems like a substantial amount of performance prowess in the segment. Whether or not it is relevant for day-to-day driving is one thing, but it still serves as a comparison tool in a competitive segment.

    Interesting to note also that Acura reportedly said that the 09 AWD is 0.3s faster than the outgoing Type-S, which would put the the Type-S @ ~7s but that seems awfully slow even for a 5AT type-S.

    Any thoughts?
  • Edmunds only guessed that the AWD version will have the same acceleration due to the added weight; they did not actually test the AWD version, so their estimate could be incorrect. If the AWD version is 0.3 sec faster than the previous Type-S, it would have a 0-60 time around 6 sec.
  • I recently purchased the 09 TL TECH (w/keyless entry & start). I had grown accustomed to carrying a spare key in my wallet for emergency use when traveling. While I'm sure that Roadside Assistance could somehow open your car door if the key fob were lost, how would you be able to 'drive away' if the keys were lost out of town?
  • Road & Track just did their full test of TL SHAWD and posted 6.3s but also noted that the FWD TL was only 0.1s off, thereby confirming Insideline's findings.

    Anyway, I test drove the SHAWD today and compared to my FWD test drive a couple of months ago I did not feel any noticeable accel gains at any speed. This is not a deal-breaker but certainly disappointing. Performance-wise this places the TL at the bottom of the pack (A4 2.0T, ES350), but I was hoping the new "advanced" TL should drift toward the middle instead.....
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    But I have a feeling Acura's objective with the bigger motor in the AWD model is simply to compensate for the added weight, rather than to offer a high-performance alternative. In your test drive, did you notice that AWD eliminated torque steer?
  • Those numbers aren't spectacular, but they're still almost half a second better than Edmunds's figures. With rumors of a V6 being added to the lighter TSX, I wonder if Acura would dare make the TSX faster than the more expensive TL.
  • RE: Torque-steer. For the AWD there is a hint of it when you push it hard, but then you can feel the AWD kick in to compensate while you are on the throttle. In general the reviews out there sums up the AWD pretty well. I did not push the FWD that hard last time, so I cannot say how bad the Torque-steer was.

    RE: Accel #'s. I'm just a bit surprised that the SHAWD had such nominal gains over the FWD (both Insideline and R&T stated such in their new reviews). While the 0-60 was lower by 0.4s comparing the FWD(insideline) to the AWD(R&T), the 1/4mi was only differed by 0.1s. Slalom and lateral accel #'s are marginally better than the FWD with base tires, and essentially the same as the TL-S 6MT. So it's really hard to figure out how much is the AWD vs the 19" summer tires.

    Essentially, Acura is expecting us to pay $3K+ for minization of torque steer and a more sporty handling feel that translates into small gains on the test track. I'm not sure if this will win over previous BMW/infinti owners, and am not sure if it helps that much to retain previous TL owners. The AWD performance "gain" comes at the price of slightly worse MPG, heavier weight, and smaller trunk space.

    Now I find myself drifting back to the base TL and having to decide if the performance inferiority to say the Infiniti G37 is worth the slightly better interior package and rear seating space. Although one may argue that G37's Navi is just as good if not better (lane assist, 3D buildings, etc).

    RE: the TSX V6, I'm not sure how much better the 0-60 might be due to torque-steer limitations in the FWD set-up. Perhaps 1/4mi and 50-70 numbers might be improved.
  • My father's 05 TL has significant torque steer. I wonder if the magnitude of torque steer is different on the 09.

    This is a matter of personal situation, but I would prefer the SH-AWD system for winter driving. RWD is obviously out of the question for me, but I have even had some "entertaining" experiences with FWD during the winter, so AWD would be a huge plus. Additionally, the SH-AWD model comes with 18" wheels and a slightly stiffer suspension.
  • I am totally surprised that you mention you felt Torque steer on the AWD version.I tested the car last Saturday in the pouring rain and experienced ZERO torque steer.Luckily for me my sales associate is about my age (early thirties) or even younger.I told him from the get go that I am going to push the car hard from the stoplights and hard in the corners, he said "GO for it." The AWD felt totally solid in all aspects even the brakes are a MAJOR improvement over my 2003 type S and this was in the rain.The shift points were right on the money, paddle shifters worked like a beauty.The leather is top notched but I did not like the two tone scheme in the test car.Also the big fat steering wheel was not of my taste.The five star wheels I could live without but its not that bad compared to the FWD version.I am waiting to see the HPT version to pass judgement.Overall, the car felt quick all over the REV band and the suspension felt tight but a little harsh for the weak at heart.
    The tech toys were satisfying to use if you can find them on the dash.
  • It was very slight (I think due to the initial FWD-bias as you apply and reapply throttle), but it is so minimal it should no longer be a knock against Acura. Where SHAWD will fail (I think) to win over enthusiasts will be its pedestrian raw power, lack of gears, and it's heft. I suspect the enthusiast will not be able to overlook the fact that it is that much slower than the G37 and 335.

    I am not a diehard enthusiast so the TL is still in the running, but it's harder to justify the SHAWD over the TL at this point ($, MPG, weight, cargo space). Ultimately, the TL buyer will still be the previous group that value interior refinement over absolute performance. However, its advantage over the G37/335 there is not great enough to sway AT-driving enthusiasts that I thought was the reason for creating the TL SHAWD.

    I walked away from my SHAWD and G35 test drives unconvinced that the SHAWD is a compelling competitor for the enthusiast's wallet.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    " would you be able to 'drive away' if the keys were lost out of town?"

    I guess you can't, but wouldn't you be in the same predicament if it had a regular ignitiaon and you lost the key?
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Has anyone noticed if the navigation screen suffers from the same reflection/glare problem as the one in the new TSX? It seems to have the same basic design --- the actual nav screen is set behind a outer plastic screen, which picks up the reflection from the surrounding dash surfaces.
  • Spare key in wallet with the regular key ignition. That's not an option for the keyless system?
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    The regular key is not that small. It would fit, but I have a tough enough time closing my wallet now as it is. Also, would the chip inside the key interfere with the magnetic strips on your credit cards?
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