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Acura TL 2009



  • It seems that the TSX will be receiving the V6 by 2010. Hopefully, it will also receive AWD because I also prefer the styling and size of the TSX to those of the TL.

    I finally saw the TL in person a few days ago. I don't think the styling is terrible, but it could be improved tremendously if Acura toned down the chrome part on the front to look more like the front of the TSX.
  • Has anyone here who has purchased a 2009 TL gotten the cargo nets? I purchased a TL with Tech Package last month and was told that the cargo nets were not yet available. Seems strange to me.
  • toyoman8toyoman8 Posts: 114
    How are the seats in 2009 TL, I drove the TSX and very unconfortable seats perticulary the lumbar support area.
  • ftamftam Posts: 9
    I am a long time lover of Acuras. Have owned the '89 Integra, '94 Legend and still own '06 TL. All were great cars both in terms of looks, performance and quality. I was waiting on the '09 TL for my next purchase. Then I saw it at the dealership and my plans immediately changed. Don't get me wrong, the cars interior is beautiful and it has lots of bells and whistles--SH-AWD should be interesting. That said, to my eye the exterior is just awful. I kept wanting to like it but realized it kept reminding my of a sedan version of the Pontiac Aztek. I still love the look of my wife's '06 TL. Acura blew it on this one and I believe it will cost them sales of their highest volume vehicle. I went out and bought the Infiniti G35X because I realized I would never come to like the look of the '09 TL.
  • toyoman8toyoman8 Posts: 114
    lol, in my dealership they have TSX and TL and both cars have different body kits: maan both of those cars look hot. The body kit consists of rear bumper, ground effects, front bumper and nice rims and they painted the front shiny grille to black. I am telling you it looks hot.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    The true test of whether a car has good styling is if it looks good in base form, not after you're modded it with spoilers, spats, body kits, skirts, aprons, bra, etc, etc.
    The TSX has decent, modern styling, but lets face it, the base TL is a bloated, fugly thing.
    Doesn't it tell you something if your dealer is putting body kits on, and painting the front grill??!. Do you need any more clues to realize that the car is not looking so hot coming out of the factory? Well, you're a salesman, so......
  • aries1aries1 Posts: 11
    I have managed to drive both (each with a tech. package).
    TL is simply unbelievable. Very much more upscale in comparison with my old 07 TL. Totally different drive. I have several "Wow" comments from people. It drives very close to Lexus. It all depends of your taste of course. The screen of navigation system is LCD and is extremely bright no matter what. Very easy to download a phone book and very easy to dial. The main knob is easy to use after 10 minutes of learning. I have a Xzelion coating put on a car so I've received a 09 TSX with tech. package as a loaner. It is very close to the old TL, but you feel the engine noise once in a while. Navigation screen is a complete disaster. If sun is on, the screen is almost 100% unreadable due to a glare. If there is no sun, but just blue sky, you can see back frame and blue sky glare on a screen.
    This is a big turn off of TSX. It has to corrected ASAP.
    So far I love the TL. They have my old car and new car lined up and the difference was quite striking.
    In my opinion, the new TL is simply in a different category (more upscale).
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    They just kill the TL with its exterior design!!
    If you want an amour car, this is it.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    Wow! See that would look really good!! If they painted the grill like wing thing black, on a black car would look really hot. I think if they made the shield grill lower in the front, and shrunk its size, it would appeal better, I think they should have played around with the design of that before setting it there.

    It is similar to the Toyota camry grill, if they lowered the toyota logo down in the grill, and perhaps shrunk the grill a bit, it would look less awkward.

    You know, it is the small details that make a big difference. But, in the TL case, the grill is a big deal. It can really go good or bad when it comes its looks. Seriously, make the wing on the grill smaller, if you look at the pics you'll see what I mean, it would look really hot! With it painted dark, I am sure it looks awesome.

    I really like the futuristic approach on the cars though, I will give them that, I would totally own one in Black with the chrome rims, tinted windows. Perhaps get the grill painted black. Of course professionally, tastefully done.... oh no, there is spray paint on sale at Wal-Mart. lol...hmmm.. :)

    I prefer the looks of the TSX! I think that car would look good in RED.
  • jeffxpjeffxp Posts: 33
    Just wait awhile....It'll grab you...more and more as time goes by....You'll be back to the dealership...

    The way it rides is beautiful, powerful, luxurious and the sound systems is a couple of steps above the last generation.

    But then again, that's why we have choices, if you like Infinity this time around that's fine too....enjoy your ride. :shades: JXP
  • jeffxpjeffxp Posts: 33
    Nice, I agree with your observations. Another aspect to point out is: As soon as you start to initiate a corner the suspension grabs the road feeling even more secure; I don't know how they accomplished this and I wish I had a picture to show you the linkage near the rear tires. There's days I like to slumber home and the new TL coddles you home. Put the gear shifter into sport mode using the paddle shifters and the suspension seems to tighten up ( I wonder if it has to do with the transmission either advancing the vehicle or slowing the car down when you let off the accelerator) when you want to race around, nice.

    In my '04 TL the sport ride was nice at first, but after awhile I wished the suspension was a little more forgiving and the '09 TL took care of that, perfect blend of sport and luxury.

    ipod, flash and hard drive integration are easy to use and once you get used to them you wonder how you lived without them.

    The second day I was coming home from the gym and through my bag in the trunk and couldn't close the door, the trunk wouldn't lock and kept popping back open with an audible alert (I thought oh no is it broken), but finally I realized the key fob was in my gym bag, nice...won't let you lock your keys in the trunk.
    Then I was able to program how the doors unlock when I touch the drivers door, nice.

    I could go on and on with all the new features, okay.... just one more before I go. The computer system wants you to keep your eyes on the road and will tell you the selection you've just made so you don't have to constantly take your eyes off the road to view the NAV screen, nice. Push button start requires one tap, you don't hold down the button, the on board computer makes sure the vehicle starts. I placed a CD in and it automatically download to the hard drive, a function you can modify if you wish, nice.

    HID lighting has been modified, now the HID lamp operates as low beam only. The beam operates farther, especially to the left and right lighting up corners, much brighter field of view, nice.
  • gvkgvk Posts: 7
    Strange, many still keep comparing TL to BMW 3, IS, G35 & A4 e.t.c. Maybe it was ok to do so with the previous TL vs.those four mostly, even though it was not right at all if we wanted to be consistent and compare actually "oranges" to oranges and apples to apples"... and now the new TL is "way" out of such comparability, but they still do it !? :) Even the previous TL was more comparable to BMW 5 ruther than BMW 3, and now the new TL is just exactly where it should be i.e. in the BMW 5 range.. and they still don't get it, hello !!! :) Given the way Acura make cars, I think Acura is not actually striving to "exactly match" their cars to any of the competitors, they just have some diffrent philosophy..
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    The TL comparable to the 5-series? I happen to have a 2004 6-speed TL, but I'd need to eat a lot of mushrooms before I could hallucinate that comparison.

    The 5 series is the pinnacle of mid size, full luxury sport sedan. The TL is a FWD mear luxury sport sedan that, in spite of it's excess obesity for 2009, doesn't have much more interior space than the new 3 series. They are a lot closer now than when I bought in 2004.

    I'm obviously not a TL hater or I wouldn't be driving one. But I know the difference between a FWD sporty sedan and a serious sports sedan. In pure driving dynamics, the automatic only, FWD TL for 2009 has more in common with Buick than BMW.
  • golfrskigolfrski Posts: 262
    TL compared to BMW 3 series and 5 series (interior space). The specifications published speak for themselves. Apprears BMW has interestingly enough NOT published some key interior specs.... the rest put the TL in line with the 5 Series not the 3 overall in the front and rear leg, shoulder and hip areas.

    Interior TL 3 Series 5 Series

    Front Headroom 38.4 in. 38.5 in. 39.1 in.
    Rear Headroom 36.7 in. 37.5 in. 38.1 in.
    Front Shoulder Room 58.1 in. 55.4 in. 57.3 in.
    Rear Shoulder Room 56.2 in. 55.1 in. 57.2 in.
    Front Hip Room 55.7 in. Not Published Not Published
    Rear Hip Room 54.8 in. Not Published Not Published
    Front Leg Room 42.5 in. 41.5 in. 41.5 in.
    Rear Leg Room 36.2 in. 34.6 in. 36 in.
    Maximum Luggage Capacity 13.1 cu. ft. 12 cu. ft. 14 cu. ft.
    Maximum Seating 5 5 5
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I was giving gvk more credit than assuming his comparison was only based upon size. If that's your only metric, I'm sure you can find many more direct comparsons from Kia , Ford and GM.

    The 2004 TL, with a 6-speed manual, sport suspension and Brembo brake equiped model option, had at least some semblence of comparison to the TYPE of car the BMW 330i was at the time. But now, the bloated TL, with an automatic only transmission and even less sporty suspension and balance, is not in the same category as the BMW 335i. From a size standpoint, compare it to a Lexus ES350, Nissan Maxima or Toyota Avalon if you want, but comparing it to a 5 series for that reason isn't much better than comparing a Prius to a 911.
  • golfrskigolfrski Posts: 262
    I wasn't replying to a post about Kia, Ford or GM but you are probably correct. All I can say is I took my "bloated" 09 TL SHAWD with 18" wheels, sport suspension, Brembo brakes- out the first weekend I had it along with my buddy in his 08 A6 and my cousin in his new 335i (stick)on a nice winding road w/ great 1/2 mile straights and not only smoked em off the line, but left them counting the digits on my license plate as my car stuck to the corners like a beetle on fly paper... Say what you want, its a valid and respected opinion but , I respectfully disagree IMHO.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I had understood exactly where you were coming from. And I agree that Acura appears to be no longer chasing the 3-series (with the TL). The SH-AWD TL does seem to be targeted at the 5-series. Maybe not the 550, or certainly not the M5, but most certainly the 535ix. So, yeah, I think your comparison is valid. You gotta know, there are some members around here that are only interested in chest-thumping.
  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444
    This thing has too much "chin": just look at that overhang preceding the front wheels. Is that a cow catcher?
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Yeah, I agree. I thought they could have tried harder to shave a couple of inches off of the front and an inch or so off the back. It would have improved the side profile view, and also resulted in tidier exterior dimensions. At over 195", it is just too long for a mid-size sedan.
  • gvkgvk Posts: 7
    Well, you cannot compare "Oscar De La Hoya" with "Mike Tyson".. both are incredible athletes, but in different weight/size categories.. and as you know, each gram counts when matching the boxers.. same here, TL and BMW 3 are in different weight/size range (each inch and pound counts), and the "weight/size" is one of the most critical properties to be based on when comparing cars.. Seemingly insignificant difference in size/weight does matter, I hope you agree with me. If it doesn't matter to you then what's the difference between BMW 3 and BMW 5 series? They seem to be pretty close in size/weight, do they? In this sense you're right, TL is more comparable to some Buick, but so is BMW 5.. Besides, FWD and RWD are two entirely diffrerent drivetrain principles.. each being good for different driving needs/habbits.. given this, TL (being FWD) is compared to BMW 3, but cannot be compared to BWM 5 (both being RWD).. doesn't make mcuh sense to me at all, there is no logic.. I guess that's just the BMW/Mercedes magic :) By the way, don't get me wrong, my wife drives BMW 535 2008, so I have an idea what it is.. and I drive TL-S 2007.. to me they look more comparable (if at all) than when my car is parked next to my friend's BMW 335 2007.. anyway, just wanted to be objective and have no intention to argue simply because I cannot say what's better apple or orange.. cheers!
  • Does anyone know if i buy the new TL at a NJ dealer and register it in NY where I live, will it still be covered by the NY lemon Law? The Ny dealer says it won't and the NJ dealer says of course it will! what a shocker!!
  • cut and copied from lord knows where: (google NY lemon law)

    The law covers both new and used cars, including "demos," which satisfy the following four conditions:

    The car was covered by the manufacturer's new car warranty at the time of original delivery; and
    The car was purchased, leased or transferred within the earlier of the first 18,000 miles or two years from the date of original delivery; and
    The car either: (a) was purchased, leased or transferred in New York, or (b) is presently registered in New York; and
    The car is primarily used for personal purposes. Some examples of cars that are covered by the new car lemon law are:
    a new car purchased or leased from a New Jersey dealer and registered in New York; a year-old, demonstrator car with less than 18,000 miles purchased from a New York dealer and registered in New Jersey;
    a used car with less than 18,000 miles and less than 2-years old, purchased from a Connecticut dealer and registered in New York;
    a used car with less than 18,000 miles and less than 2-years old, received as a gift from a friend and registered in New York.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    You've had 5 TL's in the last 5 years?! That means you have bought several within the same model generation. May I ask why?
  • Keith,

    I noticed you are from ATL. Having purchased 5 TL's, I assume you have a bit of experience with local dealers. Any positive-negative comments? I'm in the Delk-Cobb Pkwy area often for work. Thanks.
  • sweendogysweendogy Left lanePosts: 1,294
    GOLFSKI-- You sure your buddys cars were started?? Car and driver has under 5 seconds to 60 on the BEEMER--TL is over a second longer.
  • lax29lax29 Posts: 42
    Has anyone ever put one of these on their car? Been reading and hear that a lot of people use them. When I do decide to take the plunge and purchase the white 09 TL, was thinking about using one. My 04 TL as taken a beating on the frt bumper.
  • keithlkeithl Posts: 106
    I have dealt with most of the Acura dealers in Metro ATL. I woudl say the worst by far is Nalley on Cobb parkway. Just bad sales people and hard to geta good deal. Jackson Acura is where I bought the last 3, the first 2 I got at Acura Carland. Acura Carlan has gone throuh owner changes and thus is not that great any more. Ed Voyles Acura is decent, but just never got the best deals there either. Jackson ou have to work to get a good deal, but you will get a good deal and I over the last 2 years now knwo the owner and most of the senior sales staff. Not only did I buy 3 TLs there, but I brought my buddy there to get one and we bought my girl friends daughter a used car there. Ask for Chege and tell him I sent you. Let me know if you buy from him.
  • keithlkeithl Posts: 106
    I bought 5 becaue i love the car. I owned a 04 for 22 months and wanted to geta 06 with Nav. Drove that for 8 months then thought I wanted to drive something more economical, drove something else for a while then got an 07 TL. In Agust 07 I wanted a G35, but every time I drove one I missed my TL so i got a Type-S. March 08 I really thought about a G35 again, sold the TL but missed it and got another 08 Type-S. I get really good deals on the buy, fully finance the car and sell for what I owe at the time. So if resale value and my note equal I can usually sell quick.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Wow, that's a lot of buying and selling! You're essentially renting your cars. But, hey, if you can afford it.... :shades:
  • jqelcojqelco Posts: 1
    After test drove both 09 TL and 09 G37 coupe on Friday 1/16, I decided to go with the TL. Got white color 09 TL w/Tech package on Sat 1/17.

    All I can say about the car is I love it love it love it! But I wish the nav is still touch screen though. Love the live weather and traffic report! You can even save pictures as wall paper on your nav screen! The car is awesome! Best decision I ever made.
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