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Audi A4 Bluetooth Questions



  • I have a 2008 A4 quatro and need to get a bluetooth device for it to use my Iphone 3g hands free using the buttons on the steering wheele. The manual is not very clear on this.
    Is there a compatible device that I can buy from Audi or other places (prefer)?

  • suziesincysuziesincy Posts: 1
    edited October 2012
    I recently bought a 2009 audi a4 which has the bluetooth stereo enablement built in. I have managed easily to pair it with my mobile phone (samsung galaxy s3) so i can speak on my mobile in phone conversations but how do i go about playing my music through the bluetooth,is it possible? Or do i need to buy a wireless bluetooth fm transmitter and plug it into my cigarette lighter socket to enable me to play my music from my mobile through the car stereo? Can anyone please help- im a novice ??!!! ;-)
  • You will need two things -
    -bluetooth receiver -
    -mmi calbe to plug reciever into audi mmi -

    The one downside is the adapter doesn't haven an auto on or off, so whenever you get in the car you will need to turn it on by holding he button down.

    It does the job for about $60.
  • saratogastevesaratogasteve San Jose, CaPosts: 176
    I have a 2006 A4 Cabriolet that did not come with blue tooth, although it was an option at the time. It looks as if there are microphones near the rear view mirror. I'm thinking of installing an after market Blue tooth radio from either Pioneer or Sony and was wondering if it will connect to the factory microphone that appears to be inside the car already. I was happy to learn that there are decent A4 ready blue tooth stereos for less than $200
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