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Chrysler Cirrus Starting/Stalling Problems



  • wh1pt3ch said:

    I have the solution to the Millions of vehicles affected by this failure, its not the Transmission pump, input shaft sensor, output shaft sensor, Selector range sensor, valve body, or solenoids. If you are sick of trying to figure out this problem and are mechanically inclined with a volt meter and basic tools i can help by sending wire colors and diagrams and ultamately guide you through the systematic process of diagnosing a vehicle and then verifying the part is bad. I wanted to post a diagram but it will not let me. it is in the charging system but not alternator! Its in the PCM and its called the (generator field driver) that provades a ground to other components like the (Automatic shut down relay) its an intermitten problem with the PCM unable to provide a source for ground wich in turn confuses the tcm on what to do putting it in fail safe mode. the curcuit loses ground source for a very short second so a noid light, test light, volt meter will work but an ocylliscope would be best... thats why it will go in fail safe at the most random time! it has to be during gear change operation. HARDEST CAR I HAVE EVER DIAGNOSED! 10 YEARS ASE Master Tech. Im not saying that was the only problem with that discription, but its the most unknow fix for the 95% that never were ... i have not heard one tech talk about this! sad! Need help? Just respond

  • WH1pt3ch I hope you are still available. I am in the second round with my mechanic for this problem and am very confused. He replaced quite a bit the first round but the problem continued. Before I invest more I want to make sure the problem will be resolved. Please contact me for advice.
  • OK so I have a 99 cirrus ran good had lil trouble up hills. So one day  it started stalling then died I tried starting again few minutes later it started and ran fone, well I drove it couple blocks away and on my way back home going up a hill it stalled and quit on me, this time it won't start at all has no spark, had no battery problem cuase I had lights and all, but the battery did did a day or two later, I had crank shaft position sensor put in and still nothing, can anyone please help its my only vehicle for work and I need fixed asap???
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