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Nissan Murano CVT Transmission



  • Don't be so sure it's the transmission. We thought the same thing and so did 2 dealers until one started taking the exhaust apart to get at the transmission and found junk falling out of the exhaust and realized the catalytic converters were both burnt out and blown and plugging the exhaust. The engine would rev like mad but wouldn't produce any power.
  • I feel your pain, nothing more frustrating with a car and you can't figure out exactly what the problem is. As much as I wanted it to be something simple (inexpensive) I had to go ahead and replace the transmission. I ordered one (used) from LKQ who is a broker for parts. I "think" I found a good transmission shop which is local, hard to find since not everyone wants to deal with a CVT transmission. I left town for a week came back expecting my Murano to be fixed and when I called the mechanic who installed he said they sent a bad transmission. I'm now waiting to see what LKQ will do to correct the situation.

    I'd have sh*t-canned my Murano had I known I'd have to go through all this to get it back in good running condition. Now, I'll have put about $5K into it for new tires (not cheap, as you all know) tune-up and having some other things fixed. I am hoping to get a working transmission in the next week and if all goes well hold on to the Murano for another year.

    Good luck with your situation, trust me this has been very aggravating for me.

    My best,

  • Wife called me this morning( 2004 Nissan Murano ) was not running right so she pulled over. Went and drove it home a mile away. The car idles fine runs fine until about 2000 rpm and the acceleration is non existant after 30-40 Mph and sounds like some considerable noise coming from intake manifold possibly. Hoping its nothing to do with the tranny.Any thoughts would help please!!
  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118
    edited February 2011
    It is possible that your CAT has disintigrated. When the CAT's on a Murano overheat the ceramics that line the CAT crumble and fall down into the exhaust pipe.

    This will create excessive back pressure and eventually may crack the exhaust manifold. You don't want to run to long on a cracked mainfold because the pistons can suck cold air back into the cylinder which will cause you valves to burn up or your piston rings (major engine repair).

    If it is the tranny making noise, the damage is already done.

    Get it in and have it checked.

    Luck to you! BTW, if you get it fixed get rid of the car.
  • I havent heard any noise from the tranny so I was guessing it was the cat but the problem is that the Murano seems to have 3 of them. I appreciate the response and I'd much rather the cat be the problem over the tranny but definitely want to unload the car after I fix it after reading all these complaints!and thanx for your evaluation much appreciated.
  • I have a 2003 Nissan Murano and if I would have searched on reviews, I would have never bought a NIssan and never will again. They have CVT "transmissions" which means they are good on gas but if one goes bad you cannot repair with parts, you have to buy a whole transmission which I was just given an estimate for by Nissan Michael Jordan in Durham of $4300.00 - I have had to replace two catalitic converters!! piece of crap!! good luck with your problems I'M GOING TO BUY A HONDA OR TOYOTA FROM THIS POINT ON!! The transmission has a warranty of 120,000 miles -- this has been extended once! so that should tell you something there. My car has 125,000 they will not consider replacing mine! I'm pissed...
  • 17inches17inches Posts: 5
    Serial problems with the catalytic converters are typically caused by bad gas or something in the injection control. Worth a check.

    About Honda or Toyota, I owned a 2005 Honda Accord (brand-new) and sold the thing on 2007 because it had unforgivable squeaks, rattles and finishing problems that plagued it from the lot. It had the V6, which is some finicky unit as well (specially the ones fitted with VCM) , which is what made me choose a Toyota Sienna over a Honda Odissey back a few years ago.
  • jesseleejesselee Posts: 3
    Well turns out you were right. The cats are bad well at least one of the 3. Just gonna replace all three not cheap but better than the alternative. found all three cats basically a whole new exhaust for under $750 just gotta fork over money to have someone install it. thanks for your advice it was a savior.
  • rickyqrickyq Posts: 3
    Where did you get your exhaust parts from? I need to replace all 4 o2 sensors all the cats and the y pipe front section
  • Right off of ebay. Type in Nissan murano catalytic converter and there will be many to choose all mine shipped for $715 for all of what you need.
  • I bought a fully loaded 2004 Murano AWD SL in 2008 at 34K miles. I bought an extended warranty. The following items were fixed under warranty:

    a) driver seat frame replaced - comon problem with murano
    b) engine mount replaced
    c) tie rod on right front tire replaced
    d) oil gasket replaced
    e) horn malfunctioned

    Last month Feb 2011, at 102K I paid $300 to replace a seal in engine.

    March 2011 the car made awful noises. I had it towed to dealer. Dealer told me rear differential disintegrated. I kept up with all servicing through dealer. Differential was serviced at 60K. The cost of rear differential is $2300.

    Four days later dealership notified me the transfer case needs to be replaced. The cost is $3500.

    Did I mention the engine is buring oil? Engine is burning 1qt of oil per thusand miles.

    2004 Nissan Murano SL AWD is junk!

    I called Nissan twice to have them help with the issues. These problems happened under warranty 100K. Nissan should stand behind their car. However, Nissan refuses to help.
  • 17inches17inches Posts: 5
    As one should suspect, it is rare that someone will part with a nice 3-year old low-mile loaded SUV without reason.

    With the cushion of those R18/65 tires, the combination from #a through #d somehow indicates this car has hit the mother of all potholes at the hands of the previous owner. Engine mounts and tie rods don't simply malfunction after 3-4 years.

    You state the car is burning through oil, that it had an oil gasket replaced and then an engine seal. I am somehow suspecting the previous owner missed a couple of oil a lot...

    You state Nissan refuses to help, but as long as you are sharing the situation, what is their assessment of the situation and why do they refuse to cover the repairs?
  • rickyqrickyq Posts: 3
    Which oil gasket was replaced? The oil burning is common mine started when it was at 97k still had warrenty but dealer brush it off until it ran out of warranty. Next will be your wheel bearings another common problem the exhaust o2 sensors and cat, noisy fuel pressure regulator. :cry:
  • The previous owner leased the car. Due to low mileage the dealership allowed me to buy an extended warranty. I can't speak for previous owner. However I performed maintenance at dealer on regular basis. I had car from 34K to currently at 103K.

    Nissan says the car is out of warranty and will not help repair. However, this car did not just go bad at 103K. The problems happened within the warranty and just manifested themselves at this point. The issue is the 2004 Murano AWD SL is poorly manufactured. This a $30,000 car. Does it make any sense that major components on the car fail at 100K miles? I expected to get at least 200K.

    My only recourse is to trade it in, accept whatever I get and walk away from it. I can't speak for other Nissan's. However the problems I experienced with the Murano; from the driver seat to rear differential and transfer case needing repair are strong indications that the 2004 model year is unreliable.
  • jurnijurni Posts: 7
    Thank you!!!!! I thought it was just me. Your post put it all in prospective for me. My 2003 Murano At about 122,000 miles (January 2010) I had the same problem and a problem with the transfer case. :sick: Both replaced/fixed $5k later. Now 8 years & 135,000 the same issue, again. I am going to look for a new car this weekend. I guess I wore her out but I thought Nissan was one that would last with me but I guess not.
  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118
    edited March 2011
    I don't think you wore her out. It has been my observation and experience that Nissan builds "JUNK"!

    I have a Toyota 4Runner with 255,000 miles now and just had the transmission fluid changed and checked over. No problems! It still has the original transmission and torque converter.

    I also have a Acura TL with 120,000 miles. Original tranny. No issues.

    I also have a 2002 Chrysler TC van. 178,000 miles on a rebuilt tranny at 90K. No issues.

    I also have a 1972 Cutlass Supreme auto tranny (original) 155K miles - No issues.

    Yep. It's Nissan!
  • allykatallykat Posts: 3
    Traded in my Murano today!!! Free at last worst car ever!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Getting rid of your Murano is the only time you will be happy to take a beating. It truly does make life good again. It's been a year since we got rid of ours. No more transfer case/cvt worries!

    Too bad because otherwise I really enjoyed my Murano. Never again.
  • Agreed we got rid of ours too, buying that vehicle was like investing with Bernie Madoff. I still can't beleive Nissan has not reimbursed for the transfer case. I really thought once they extended the warranty and reimbursed for the transmission they would do the same with the transfer case.

    What a bad investment that Murano was. I agree I did like driving it, just didn't like forking out $4,500 when the vehicle only had 68,000 miles on it and was a $35K vehicle!
  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118
    Congratulations! You are finally free from the Murano curse!

    I initially liked my Murano also. It drove well for the first year.

    It was all downhill after that.

    Never going back - No more Nissans!

    We should have a party!
  • Hi. My name is Susan and I need help. Here goes the story.. about 2 weeks ago I had my oil changed and tranny flushed by the dealer. no more than 20ml driving the what I thought was the tranny went. So I called the dealler and told them about the noise I heard and told them the car wasn't drivable, they told me to drive it in anyway. got about a down the road I wouldn't drive the "MO" anymore...the noise was so bad. Well the dealer sends a tow truck bring it to the dealler..They tell me they are replacing the tranny under warranty. I"m like oh good..

    Well now a week later and after a couple of phone calls from them last week saying what other repairs should be oil pan is starting to rust..Like the mechanic who changed the oil should of said something then when he did the full service point check that was suppose to be done. Well anyway now that the tranny is back in they are saying that, that was not the problme it's the TRANSFER CASE...What????!!!!!!! how the hell can the machanic not know what the hell to look for.

    ok before this gets to long...How can I get nissan or the dealer to cover the cost. I am not about to shell out 1700.00 for their incompantance
  • Thanks so much to the General Manager at my dealer, He is making things right. Should be getting the Mo back today
  • mew012mew012 Posts: 2
    I have a 2010 Nissan Murano SL NEW. This car leaked from they night I brought it home from the dealership. It smelled of oil inside the cabin, and they tried to tell me it is was nothing. Two weeks in they changed the right axel seal , or so they said. Still has a leak. Went in for an oil change last week @ 8,000 miles, and said check the leak. Well now they tell me it's the transfer case and has to be replaced. :cry: I am driving to Florida at the end of the week, so I hope they have it repaired by then, I don't think it would be safe to drive that far without the repair. I had been driving Subaru's since 1998, and switched to Nissan. BIG mistake! Can't wait until i am out of my lease!
  • kcjim888kcjim888 Posts: 6
    My wife is in love with a Murano. It seems like a good size to step down from the 2000 Odyssey we have used to 175k miles. And we are in process to get a 2007 one - probably middle of next week from a Nissan dealer - so called "Certified" with 31k miles. The Odys were known for transmission issues, but when we got ours (used in 2003 with 45k on the clock) the first thing we did was add a tranny cooler (for towing) but we got an aftermarket one that was about 3x the size of the over priced Honda part. No tranny issues for us at all and we put about 125k on with the cooler in place. SO back to the Murano... I have read this thread, but nothing stuck out as a root cause (granted could have missed it) other than "bad design". If it is heat as a potential culprit, perhaps due to that "bad design", I am thinking a repeat of the additional tranny cooler may be what the doctor ordered for the Murano. I may do it anyway - but wanted to get advice from the forum. If that made any sense - probably would not hurt.
  • kiwigalkiwigal Posts: 8
    I had to get my Transfer Case Assembly rebuilt just after the warranty ran out! We discovered the catalytic converter (one of them) was bad at the same time.. Unfortunately a friend (well he was a friend) whom I believe is a very good mechanic -- he is a mechanic by trade did it for me to help me save some money and it only lasted 6 months and the thing blew up again so I am attributing the second time to some kind of error made the first time. However, Nissan did extend the warranty on their transmissions up to 120K and sent a form out with the letter offering to reimburse for any transmission work done if the car was under 120K; BUT I have never heard anything about transfer case/CVT recalls and I see a LOT of complaints about them... my mechanic suggested I just write to them and let them know otherwise how are they really going to know there are problems if we don't complain... any suggestions...
  • ihatenissanihatenissan Posts: 10
    I would agree with your friend. I actually completed the Nissan claim form issued for the transmission even though it was the transfer case. They contacted my husband and said it was on file and if they decide to do anything about the transfer case, they have our information. I would suggest doing the same thing. I also issued a complaint with the National traffic safety board, I think that's what it is called.
  • kiwigalkiwigal Posts: 8
    Thank you... I will do the same including writing a letter to the National Traffic Safety Board...
  • bkendbkend Posts: 3
    I bought a2003 Murano in '08 and it drove fine until last fall. On the interstate it felt like I put the car in low gear. It almost threw me into the steering wheel. Since then it will surge, rev up the rpm's or just lose power and sit there. This has happened at least a dozen times over the last 8-9 months. Never once has there been a code or a light come on telling me what the problem may be. I got online and read these forums and see that there are many cvt problems with Muranos. I take it to the dealer and tell him what is happening and about all the problems others are having. He tells me the warranty has been extended to 120,000 miles and mine has 118,500. But after him having the car for a week and checking it out, he says he can't duplicate it and without a code he can't work on it. I notify Nissan about the problem and file a complaint. I got an email saying thank you. Today, I almost ran over my wife and granddaughter as i was pulling up to pick them up in front of a store the car lunged and rpm's revved up. I had to slam on the brakes and put it in park to get it to stop. The engine continued to race. Again, no codes. 100 yards before we get home, the car loses power and creeps into the driveway, and finally with these codes: slip, vcd off,service engine soon, ABS. I turned the car off and tried to restart. It wont even turn over. nothing, nada, zip, zero. 128,000 miles and my car is stuck in the driveway. How nice it would have been if the codes would have shown up the first 24 times it happened. What a piece of crap!! Can't wait to see what this is going to cost me! Any chance Nissan will replace free of charge since I took it up there before with the same problem????
  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118
    edited May 2011

    Your problem is not unusual. I had many of the same symptoms ocurring in the same mileage range.

    Another lady (I read about from an NTSB report) had the same problem and her car, acting almost demon possessed, drove up the back of a slant bed tow truck at high speed, flipped over landing on the roof and the engine continued to race and the transmission was engaged.

    I would file a complaint with the NTSB. These frickin cars are dangerous!

    Is there a way to return the car to the dealer? Does your state have any lemon law provisions?

    I will try to locate the NTSB file number of the case above and post it here.

    Thank God your family did not get hurt ( :mad: ).
  • bkendbkend Posts: 3
    I got my Murano towed to the dealership and they called and told me it was the IPDM. Intelligence Power Distribution Module. I doubted this was the problem but probably a side effect of the real problem. A new IPDM cost me $820 with tax and labor. The car ran like a charm for the first 50 miles and then it started doing the exact same thing as before. (see message 571) What do I do now. I know the CVT transmission is the root cause. And it will cost me an extra $4,000 if I am lucky!! Mikes Murano, did you ever find the NHSB number for the other murano complaint?
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