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Nissan Murano CVT Transmission



  • NOt sure where u r from. In Canada, the '06 Murano tranny has an exended warantee good for 200,000 kilometeres. Should be close in miles.
  • jancojanco Posts: 1
    My family and I were driving from Georgia to Miami in our 2010 Murano when the transmission failed in the St. Augustine area. We had to be towed to the dealship. They gave us a rental car and said it would take about a week to repair the car. Then we will have to drive from our home in Miam to St. Augustine (300) each way to pick it up. our Murano only had 28K miles on it. Now I am not certain if I want it back.
  • jurnijurni Posts: 7
    DJ I am sorry to hear of your troubles with the Murano. I feel your pain. Just glad your family is safe and no one was injured. My tranny went on my 2003 at 42K and once it was fixed it was fine til 110K when everything else started acting up too. I can't say yours will last that long but if you can get out of it I would. don't get me wrong I loved the car but didnt love the problems that came with it. At 134K I finally got rid of it last month cause that sensor/transfer case went again after it was fixed in 2010. I am done with Nissan cause they are not doing anything about this problem that so many of us were having. :sick:
    I am loving :blush: my 2010 Toyota 4runner. My dad has had his 2006 which now has 189K on it, still rolling strong and no major issues at all. I hope to get just as much longevity out of mine as he has his. Good Luck!!!!
  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118
    I totally concur. I also purchased a 4Runner (my 2nd one - I should have never sold the first) to replace my beleaguered Murano.

    If you are having this kind of problem with a relatively new car you should minimize your risk exposure and move to something more reliable.

    Best of luck!
  • jayhawk70jayhawk70 Posts: 56
    edited June 2011
    mikesmurano continues to mislead about Murano drivetrain reliability.

    JD Powers (you know, the folks that actually do statistically valid surveys!) say otherwise at

    Please note that this JD Powers survey of 3 year old Muranos shows that:

    1. Powertrain Quality Mechanical is "Better than most" (4 out of 5 stars)
    2. Powertrain Quality Design is in the "Among the Best" range (4.5 out of 5 stars)

    Are their folks with problems? Sure. But if you follow mikesmurano's advice to "move to something more reliable" you are probably going to find yourself in worse shape, according to the real data.

    The vast majority of Murano owners have very reliable vehicles and don't complain here. They are out enjoying an advanced vehicle that is a great value when compared to other similar crossovers.
  • larry666larry666 Posts: 4
    edited August 2011
    After my cvt trans went out on my '03 Murano is was replaced by the dealer, I'am now experiencing a problem different from the the first one. Now when it accellerates it must reach 3000rpm before it starts moving, then as you go, the rpm's come down to normal. It was at the dealer for 10 days going under numerous testing and data being sent to Nissan. Each time Nissan claims there is nothing wrong with CVT. This started slowly happening after the CVT was replaced 3000 miles ago. It has progressed slowly to the point I beleive there will be more problems ahead. The dealer says they admit there is a problem, but can't figure it out. But they want to milk me more for more testing when the service rep. is there in 10 days. They already have $500+ from me and I don't want to give more! Is anybody had this type of issue? :confuse:
  • Do these tranny's have a torque convertor like a conventional trans? I admit not knowing alot about these cvt's, just seems like a loose convertor to me.
  • jayhawk70,

    Does the JD Power survey, data or other have any information that would be helpful to larry666 in post #612?


    Since returning to conventional transmission oriented vehicles I am actually experiencing nirvana.

    How about you? How many miles does your Murano CVT have now?
  • jurnijurni Posts: 7
    @Larry666 I did have the same problem with my '03 Murano :mad: in March 2010 with about 108K miles on it. Nissan Service dept changed the sensor ($1100) and some other things and it lasted about 12K miles and it began happening again :sick: as I was coming home from work one day in Feb. 2011. I got rid of it in May and purchased a toyota 4runner. I really liked the Murano but too many problems that Nissan claims they can't figure out. My money is not that long to keep putting my car in the shop for Nissan to say, "we can't seem to find the problem" . Good luck and if you read the entire thread you will see there are many Murano owners who had problems with the tranny (CVT).
  • @jurni, It has 99,880 miles on it currently. As you, my wife and I like the vehicle but I'm waiting for something like the transfer case to go out and I really don't want that to happen. The warranty is good for a 120k for the engine and trans., but if something else fails I'm screwed. I don't know wether to get rid of it now or wait. :confuse:
  • Really... nissan is a decent vehicle for the money... cvt is new technology such I agree sucks and could have waited instead of jeopardizing their customers and testing them... I will not buy a cvt if any car was equipped with it. But their old conventional transmission is great I have owned nissan all my life and have had a great experience with them until cvt transmission came out but at least they are moving forward and trying new things and advancing to give a better smoother ride they just don't seem to be testing their equipment enough before selling it and providing a bad experience to the customer such will then push them away from purchasing another nissan like yourself, last time I checked there is no other car maker that is perfect even though I wish there was! Anyway give nissan another chance try their conventional auto trans its just that much better... what car do you own now? Im sure you never had a problem with it but if you start a forum stating that you have im sure you will get just as many as there are on this one??? Who knows maybe wont know until its tried.
  • beyensbeyens Posts: 1
    I would get rid of the Murano , as I am going to get rid of our 03 Murano as soon as the drive train issues are repaired. I've already replace the Nissan now I just have to send it in for the repairs , then off it goes, problem solved.
  • mmmmdmmmmd Posts: 3
    I bought a new 2007 murano. With only 9000miles the CVT failed. It was replaced at dealer's expense. At 3.5years, just at 60,000 It smelled like something was burning. It was diagnosed as a leaking transfer case. I paid to have it fixed since it was just out of warranty. Now not 2 months later, the transfer case is bad and needs to be replaced. Of course they will not acknowledge that it may have been bad along with the CVT or damaged the first time the CVT was changed or replaced incorrectly when the seals were changed.

    I have not heard back from the manager...of course.

    Would a laywer be helpful?
  • I think a lawyer raises the bar too quickly - IMO. I would check the Nissan web site for contact information and ask for the area manager that covers service for your state / geographical area. They make rounds to the various dealerships and you can talk with them directly about your issue. A few simple words without temper may go a long way in getting $ back from Nissan. Mentioning your intention to the dealer may grease the skids as well since with 2 months past seems a feeble defense on their part versus the goodwill received.

    I purchased my 2007 Nissan Murano used - but given the notes here I have the wrap around extra cost warranty that covers specifically transfer cases and seals. I hope I never need to use it, but I would rather lose the cash from non-use than cover the repairs (and hassle you describe) out of pocket. Best wishes and good luck in your repairs.
  • mmmmdmmmmd Posts: 3
    After two calls to the manager, and explaining the situation, the disappointment, bad luck, etc., the dealership has agreed to replace the transfer case free of charge. Still am looking to dump the car. I just can't trust the drivetrain any longer, and I want out while the car still has significant resale value. Sad, but I really like the car.
  • Hi - I understand completely and agree with your direction. I think it is a great car, but if the drivetrain on mine goes kaput (even under warranty) the day it is replaced is the day I trade it off. No percentage in "hoping" for the best. Life is too short to be sitting waiting in the service area for a fix.
  • robwirobwi Posts: 2
    Hesitation... I have a 2003 Murano. Mileage 98,000. After driving on the highway for at least an hour, the car hesitates after a stop. I hit stop and go traffic when traveling through a city. Every time I started, the car hesitated for 4 to 5 seconds while the engine revved. Then it jumped forward. Then, driving at highway speeds again, I could feel slippage in speed. my check engine light was on.
    Brought it to the Nissan dealer from whom it was purchased. They WERE able to reproduce problem. Error code: Bank One and Bank two intake control solenoids. They checked this condition, and found them to be working properly. They are denying that it is the CVT, and instead saying that it looks like the engine. After reading this forum and Edmunds, I now believe that it is the CVT. Thanks everybody, I will post again with more info.
  • kiwigalkiwigal Posts: 8
    Gosh lucky you.. I had to do my transfer case assembly "twice" within six months of each other... thousands of dollars.. silly me had a "friend" do it for me the first time to try and save money and it worked great for 6 months then literally blew up inside and then I went to my fabulous mechanics in Berkeley, Oceanworks, and paid the same amount anyway and got a replacement case and so far so good but boy I'm paranoid about it. I check that fluid level all the time.. the first time it went was because there was a leak that NO-ONE detected until too late and of course this all started about 2K after warranty ran out.. At least Nissan has extended the CVT warranty to 120K I think... I got a letter from them and an application to reimbursement but I am going to write to them anyway and so if there is any kind of warranty extension done because of these CVT, transfer case assembly etc. problems that seem rampant I may get some of my $$$ back PLUS unless you write to them how do they know the extent of problems. I don't use the Nissan dealer to fix my car although I use a reputable licensed repair shop so I am going to write a letter...
  • mikev4mikev4 Posts: 11
    I took my car to Colonial Nissan with CVT problem (according to my mechanic oil was leaking from the inside of transmission). They came out with different version of problem that was not covered by warranty.
  • Bank One and Two both went out? Sounds like a blown fuse. The intake control fuse isn't listed in your owner's manual. In fact, none of them are! I guess you have to go one by one.
  • Hi, i have an 05 Murano SL with 140K miles on it. Last week I learned that the engine was trashed after running with low/no oil - my teenage son drove it for several weeks and didn't pick up on the signs, but that's a different story.

    The local Nissan dealer says they can replace the engine with a used (59K miles) engine for ~$5500. On the surface this seems OK because if I can get a couple more years it would be worth it compared to having to buy a new car.

    The question is should I worry about the CVT transmission at this point? I know these have had bad press over the years but I have had it service regularly at the dealer every 30K miles with the last service having been done at 120K miles.

    My other choice is to get rid of the car but I know I won't get anything for it.

    Any opinions on the longevity of the transmission? Is there something I can do to find out what state it's in?
  • I would think you are on borrowed time. That's alot of $$ to put into a car with that many miles and years. But it is cheaper than a newer car. How lucky do you feel

    I had a 6yo pathfinder with 103K miles that blew an engine. 5k to repair. Transmission was starting to act funny at that time. I gave it to $3500 tax write off. beat trade in.

    My murano needed a trans at 9K miles(covered) ; transfer case leak repair at 60K ($300) and 2 months later a new transfer case (covered under threat of lawyer). Also power steering need stuffed, another ($400). My car is not 4yo and has 69K miles. I was just offered 11K at trade-in. Similar cars were listing at 18-22K in used lots.

    Funny, they offered me a used Honda CRV with similar miles and year for 18K. So way smaller car, less features... My murano +$8K = small used CRV. Insulting.

    I believe the extended CVT coverage expired at 120K miles.

    I don't think this helps much, but transfer case and trans are very expensive ($4k each) and may not even be covered with extended warranties. My vote would be to dump it, uness you can get a warranty.

    Next car for me is a Honda or Toyota.

    Best of luck.
  • CVT coverage was extended my Nissan to 120K but your way passed that! They sent a letter out over a year ago and a form that you could fill out if you had to have yours repaired so you could get reimbursed. Unfortunately they haven't done a recall or extended warranty on the transfer case assembly; mine blew once because of an undetected oil leak and I got it repaired by a "friend" and that blew up 6 months later and I had my amazing mechanics fix it this time... long story but very expensive. Maybe get your transmission checked really well before putting engine in... Personally I love my Murano; I like the look, I like the comfort and except for the transfer assembly issue I haven't had too much trouble....
  • Hi,

    I have this loud clunking sound driving forward and back. I also have 140,000 miles on my '03 Nissan Murano. Nissan dealership said I need to replace my transfer case. Now that I saw this website it seems like this has been a problem with Muranos but unfortunately not on their recall list. I had 100,000 miles warranty..bought my car brand new. I've had so much issues with this car when I'm diligently doing all the maintenance as recommended. One thing that surprises me too is that the check engine light did not go off when the fluid is apparently low/now drained per Nissan. I'm really frustrated that Nissan is asking $4000.00 to get this transfer case fixed. I don't know what to do at this point since kelly blue book value is only $4500.00 now.

    I need help! If Nissan will take care of repairs then I'll keep the car. I just don't have that money right now to pay $4000.00.

    Any advise?
  • I had to do mine twice... the first time there was a leak but it went "undetected" by everyone! Drive through oil change places didn't check the dip stick for the transfer case (there is a completely seperate dip stick to check by-the-way under the hood). I never saw any kind of fluid on the ground and didn't detect a problem myself until I got noise. I blamed myself for that one because I was using drive-through oil change places as I didn't like the local dealer repair shop. By the time I realized something was terribly wrong there was no fluid in there at all and there was so much play in the drive shaft that we knew parts were really messed up.

    I took it to a very skilled mechanic friend of mine trying to save money and did all the buying of the parts myself and he fixed it but he dropped the whole engine to do it as he didnt' have the equipment the dealer does (they don't have to do that) and so I still paid out nearly $3K. 6 months later it literally blew apart and this time I did go to a shop recommended to me whom I still use to this day and they got a "refurbished" assembly from Nissan and installed it for under $3K. My transfer case wouldn't hold fluid at the end ... if you could get an independent shop to maybe see if yours will still hold fluid you may be able to drive for a bit while you try and deal with Nissan directly. I definitely think you should contact Nissan about it, as I did, and let them know. There are tons and tons of people complaining about this on this site and others and when I went to the dealer to get all my parts they were quite aware of this problem and also suggested I write to Nissan and complain. There must have been a lot of complaints about the transmission because they extended that warranty to 120K and sent out a letter and form telling people if they had replaced/fixed their transmission they could get a refund -- they should be doing the same thing with the transfer case assembly but unless we complain I don't think that is going to happen....
  • I have a 2010 Nissan Murano with 40'000 miles. The CVT just went out on it. Nissan is replacing it with a new one. It seems like everything I've read seems to indicate that once you replace the transmission, you will have problems from there on out. Has anyone had theirs replaced and had no more problems?
  • I have become extremely frustrated with my 2003 murano. My transmission has failed 3 times. the first time was at 49,000 miles (failed transmissionhad it repaired and at 54,000 had the transmission replaced and now at 169, 000 (failed transmission) (currently siting at nissan dealership) . I refuse to pay $4,000, especially since I am now unemployed . Each time the car stopped in the middle of the highway or on a major street. Each time puting my young son and I in danger.

    the last transmission did not even last 120,000 miles.
    I need help desperately.

    I purchased the car new, I am the only owner of this car. what a big mess.
  • jurnijurni Posts: 7
    I really feel your frustration (@kitten2001). The only suggestion I have is try to get rid of it and buy something else. It is really sad that the murano can not last more than 120K. :mad:

    I know it is easier said than done especially with the holidays coming around and the economy really sucks too but purchasing something else (toyota, lexus, honda) may be your best bet.
  • I have an '03 Murano with 158K miles on it. All of my "transmission problems" have been nothing more than a leak in the air flow system from the filter to the engine. In other words, nothing about the transmission has caused me any grief. You're right to be concerned. My tranny, per this blog, shouldn't still be working. I've defied the logic of "30k miles is too few to change the fluid in the transmission" and change it every 25k miles, even if the book states to change it at 30k. This may be one reason my 1985 Nissan Maxima wagon has 356.5k miles and still running strong!
  • Based on the terrible service experience at my local nissan dealer, I would hazard a guess that some customers who pay for cvt tranny fluid changes are not getting them. I draw this conclusion from what I read on this thread. Either do it yourself, or purchase the fluid and have a trusted friend or service station do it while you watch. RR70
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